The following guidelines were placed in order to have everybody on the same page when talking about a game entity, making the wiki easier to follow.

Gaming TermsEdit

  • If you can think of better alternatives, avoid using gaming terms such as "spawn" or "map" within articles in order to maintain coherence towards the story. Pages involving more technical content such as Blazons or Game Controls and Options are an exception to this.

Entity NamesEdit

Since the game is purely graphical, none of the NPC's have official names. The following are the "standard" names we'll use on this wiki. (Note: All the names are subject to change if decided so.)

In general the subject entity of an article needs to be written in bold for the first time it is mentioned. Other entities need to be written with links to their own pages when they are first mentioned, especially if at the start of the article and sections (It's unnecessary to create a link for every mention of an entity.)

The Player and the MonarchEdit

  • Always use "Monarch" instead of "King" or "Queen", unless specifically referring to gender differences.
  • Never use "you" or "I", and try to avoid using "the player". In many cases, "the Monarch" or "a monarch" can be used instead. ("The player" may be acceptable on more technical pages, such as Blazons and all pages on the Category:Strategy.)

Non-Player Characters (NPC's)Edit

  • "Subjects" shall refer to the workforce of the Kingdom, all derivatives of the vagrants, the constructive, productive and military people hired by the Monarch. This also includes vagrants as a potential workforce. Other terms such as "townsfolk", "townspeople", "citizens", etc. are also acceptable.
  • "Vagrants" shall refer to the wanderers living in the forest, dressed in brown or black rags. Other acceptable names include "vagabonds", "homeless", "wanderers", "hobos", "beggars", "lost souls".
  • The knights' recruited archers (sporting the Kingdom's colors) are called "soldier archers".
  • Archers who spend their time hunting rabbits and deer on foot are called "hunter archers".
  • The unique subjects are "the Merchant", "the Banker" (or less commonly "the Financier"), and "the Hermits" (while generally speaking, one can say "a hermit"). The three hermits are called "the Ballista Hermit" (less commonly "Hermit of Tide"), "the Bakery Hermit" (or "Hermit of Baking"), and "the Knight Hermit" (or "Hermit of Valor").
  • The creatures that attack the Kingdom are collectively called "the Greed". Among the Greed, the small running creatures are "greedlings", while the flying creatures are "floaters", and the large ones are "breeders".


  • "The Kingdom" may refer to the general idea of the Monarch's lands, or it may more realistically refer to the extent of the walls. Lands beyond the walls are called "the wilderness", consisting of "plains" where rabbits spawn and "forests" where deer spawn.
  • A game level/map may be referred to as a "world", while "island" is more preferable when referring to a map in Kingdom: New Lands.
  • "Town center" is the name for the large, upgradable structure in the center of the Kingdom, as well as the area immediately around it, with the tool vendors.
    • "Starting camp" is appropriate when referring to the first few stages of development, consisting of tents.
    • "Lodge", "town hall" or etc. are appropriate when referring to the fourth and fifth stages of development, when a wooden structure appears.
    • "Keep" is preferable over "castle" when referring to the final (stone/iron) stages of the town center; however both names are acceptable. (A castle is a much taller, more heavily fortified building.)
  • In both directions, the "outer wall" is the farthest wall from the center, with a lantern and a banner by it.

Tools and ObjectsEdit

  • The tools farmers use are "scythes". Sickles are a different, handheld farming tool. "Sithe" is an archaic spelling, not to be used anywhere on the wiki other than with regards to the Statue of Sithe.
  • The "Blazon" is the kingdom's crest, or symbolic image. See Blazons. "Crest" is an acceptable alternative.


  • Any unique entity in the game ought to receive capitalization. In example, capitalize "the Monarch", "the Kingdom", "the Merchant", "the Banker", and "the Hermits" as proper nouns. Meanwhile, referring to general variants of the characters as improper nouns, like with "a monarch" or "a hermit", the terms can be kept in lowercase.
  • "The Greed" is capitalized as the name of the faction while individual creatures, the greedlings, floaters, and breeders are not.
  • Any ordinary subject, item, structure, or concept is not subjected to special capitalization.