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All edits are subject to review and can possibly be rolled back, but all edits are immediate.

General Guidelines

  • Maintain proper grammar and spelling
  • Always portray information as accurately as possible.
    • If information is nonexistent but you have something to add, and maybe it's not 100% certain, leave a comment on the article. An admin or moderator will notice.
  • Avoid profane language and slang.
  • Try to consistently follow the Kingdom Wiki Language Guidelines so as to maintain some standard nomenclature across the wiki.

Language Guidelines

See Wiki Editing – Language Guidelines for information on topics like the names chosen for game elements, as well as style preferences for articles.

Redirecting Pages


Templates are only really usable while editing in source mode ([]), but they open a lot of possibilities for the standard wiki editor.


Icons should serve an wiki purpose and not merely be decorative. They should provide additional useful information on the article subject, serve as visual cues that aid the reader's comprehension, or improve navigation. Icons should not be added only because they look good: one reader's harmless decoration may be another reader's distraction.

Appropriate use
Icons may be helpful in certain situations:

  • inside infoboxes, replacing words to reduce some sentences length (see e.g.);
  • on hatnotes, along with the important links they recommend (see e.g.);
  • at the very begining of a paragraph to mark the transition to a specific context (mostly with the games versions; see good e.g. 1, good e.g. 2 and bad e.g.);
    • The only exception happens when the paragraph describes two games at a time. In this case the second icon is not "at the very beginning" (see e.g.).
    • Note that the transition to describe another game version should always start a new paragraph.
    • There may be rarer situations where the game name is only been cited in a paragraph for which the game is not the main container (e.g.: "To download the Skull Island DLC, one must own Kingdom: New Lands.") For these situations, it is enough to use the italic markup only and/or the link. Using icons here is unnecessary.

Inappropriate use
Do not put icons in headings (editing in source mode: ==This is a Heading==). Doing so can break links to sections and cause other problems. Using only text on headings is the way to go (see e.g.).

Icons should not be used in prose in the article body, as in:

"Vagrants can be recruited by dropping a single Coin icon nearby."
This breaks up the continuity of the text, distracting the reader (see e.g.).

Do not re-purpose icons to represent something else, as in:

"Crown Stealer / Damage: Attacks directly the Monarch's New Lands."
The symbol of New Lands is a crown, but it should not be used to represent the in-game object.

List of icons

Code Result Description
{{KC}} Classic Marks information only applying to Kingdom: Classic.
{{Kingdom Classic}} Classic Kingdom: Classic
{{KNL}} New Lands Marks information only applying to Kingdom: New Lands.
{{Kingdom New Lands}} New Lands Kingdom: New Lands
{{SkI}} Skull Island Marks information only applying to Skull Island.
{{Skull Island}} Skull Island Skull Island
{{KTC}} Two Crowns Marks information only applying to Kingdom: Two Crowns.
{{Kingdom Two Crowns}} Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns
{{Coin}} Coin icon To replace the word coins inside infoboxes and tables.
{{Gem}} Gem icon To replace the word gems inside infoboxes and tables.

Notice Boards

These are large notices to be inserted usually at the very beginning of articles. For reading on its usage, see Template:Notice/doc.

Typing Results in...
{{C page}}
KingdomClassic K This page pertains solely to Kingdom: Classic.
{{NL page}}
New Lands This page pertains solely to Kingdom: New Lands.
{{TC page}}
Two Crowns This page pertains solely to Kingdom: Two Crowns.
{{NL TC page}}
This page's content pertains solely to Kingdom: New Lands and Kingdom: Two Crowns.
Builder 60 Needs Attention

This article is in need of attention, major editing, or there are missing sections. Anyone is allowed to do this.

Advanced: Modifying Templates

To assist you in breaking down and understanding certain templates, give these articles a read: Parser Functions and Magic Words

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