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A wave on day CLII in Two Crowns.

Waves are groups of Greed unleashed from a portal. They can be composed of a solo greedling; a mildly strong pack of assorted Greed; or even a seemingly never-ending stream of monsters.

With the exception of floaters, all greed as a whole target the Monarch—so it is advised to hide behind the protection of walls during a wave. Waves will destroy and plunder the obstacles in their path, until the greed get what they want: the Crown.

The Greed will always attack the Kingdom in waves. There are four types of waves:

Timed waves[]

Nightly waves and Blood Moons are timely launched to reach the Kingdom at midnight. So depending on the distance between the active portal launching the wave and the targeted outer wall, the timed wave can be released sooner or later.

If the portal is very close to the wall, the wave is released later, possibly even after the sunset.

If the portal is too far from the wall, the wave is released sooner, earlier in the afternoon.

The closer the portal, the later the wave is released. The farther the portal, the sooner the wave is released.

Implications and strategy[]

This distance directly influences on the amount of the daytime that stretch of land should be considered a dangerous zone. That can heavily impact the daily Monarch's activities on that area such as recharging statues in Classic and in New Lands, using teleporters, and recruiting people from vagrant camps.

So keeping a "good" distance between walls and portals is an important part of the challenge. They should be far enough from each other to allow archers to hunt, and close enough so timed waves do not spoil the entire area for half of the daytime. For that, Monarchs will have to deal with the random location of buildable spots, that make the "good" distance not always possible.

One-sided waves[]

Counterattack waves and Blood Moons use to concentrate their aggression on side of the Kingdom.

Except for the counterattacks in Kingdom: Classic, these types of waves come from a random side. Any active portal may unleash the monsters. However there are a couple of tactics to predict where the assault is coming from. For Blood Moons, for example, players may use a scouting tactic.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands & TC16 Two Crowns – When a one-sided wave is released a rumbling sound can be heard all over the land. Dogs not only can hear it, but they recognize where the threat is coming from. After hearing it, they start staring and barking towards the direction the sound came from. By paying attention to this dogs' behavior, players may identify which side of the Kingdom is about to be attacked.

Aside from these tactics, there's only one way to know the side the wave is coming from: if all the portals on the other side have been destroyed. Otherwise, if there are active portals on both sides, a one-sided wave can come from any side.

Nightly wave[]

Every night, active portals send out a number of greed. As the Kingdom progresses, the attacks become more and more powerful, eventually including floaters as well as breeders. Every day at noon, portal activity shuffles to keep the Kingdom on its toes.

Counterattack wave[]

Classic Kingdom: Classic – When a portal is destroyed, an immediate swarm of greedlings, floaters, and breeders pours forth from the closing portal. The knights and their archers can often perish, especially if they lack the blessing from the Statue of Archery. These waves get more massive the more portals have been destroyed, and can level an unprepared Kingdom. Being a long way from the outer wall may result in the attack troops being destroyed.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands & TC16 Two Crowns – When a portal is destroyed, the sky is blacked out as if by solar eclipse, and the next Moon appears red. These are indicators that the Greed are preparing a counterattack. Unlike in Kingdom Classic, the Monarch troops here will always have enough time to run back to safety, no matter how far they are from the walls. With a deep rumbling/grinding sound, a random portal spawns dozens of greedlings and possibly floaters or breeders to attack the Kingdom. The solar eclipse remains until the counterattack is dealt with, at which time the normal day-night-cycle resumes from where it should be. Time still passes, so the sun can be just setting when the shadowy sky lifts. The sound of bells indicates that the Kingdom is safe again. The difficulty of retaliation waves depends on what island the monarch is on and how many portals have been destroyed there. It may also be tied to portal location, i.e. its proximity to the edge of the map.

Skull Island Skull Island (New Lands) – There is a final counterattack after destroying the cliff portals. Resisting to this assault is the win condition for this island.

Defense wave[]

Attacking any Greed portal causes defense waves to emerge continuously until the portal is destroyed or the attackers are defeated.

In Classic and New Lands, the defense consists only of groups of handfuls of greedlings.

In Two Crowns, as of the Conquest Update, the Greed steadily ramp up their defensive strength over time. Consequently, the Monarch will need to prepare stronger offensive armies over time by preparing and sending more attack squads which may be upgraded in various ways.

Blood Moon[]

See Blood Moon.


Date       Game Platf Version
Nov 16, 2021 TC16 All 1.1.12
FIX: Issue where retaliation waves would clear incorrectly, leaving the Kingdom vulnerable and without defenses at the end of the wave.
BALANCE: Retaliation waves are not as punishing as fast, to allow Rulers more portal destruction action before being accidentally overwhelmed.
BALANCE: Portal defense waves grow smoothly over time and become much more difficult sooner.
Apr 20, 2021 TC16 All 1.1.9
BUG: Retaliation waves occur under the regular sunlight, without disrupting the day-night cycle. Citizens are then caught outside of the walls, unaware of the attack.[1][2][3]


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