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A wave on day CLII in Two Crowns.

Waves are groups of Greed unleashed from a portal. They can be composed of a solo greedling; a mildly strong pack of assorted Greed; or even a seemingly never-ending stream of monsters.

With the exception of floaters, all greed as a whole target the Monarch—so it is advised to hide behind the protection of walls during a wave. Waves will destroy and plunder the obstacles in their path, until the greed get what they want: the Crown.

The Greed will always attack the Kingdom in waves.

There are three types of waves: nightly waves, counterattack waves, and Blood Moons.

Nightly wave[]

Every night, active portals send out a number of greed. As the Kingdom progresses, the attacks become more and more powerful, eventually including floaters as well as breeders. Every day at noon, portal activity shuffles to keep the Kingdom on its toes.

Counterattack wave[]

In Classic[]

Classic Kingdom: Classic – When a portal is destroyed, an immediate swarm of greedlings, floaters, and breeders pours forth from the closing portal. The knights and their archers can often perish, especially if they lack the blessing from the Statue of Archery. These waves get more massive the more portals have been destroyed, and can level an unprepared Kingdom. Being a long way from the outer wall may result in the attack troops being destroyed.

In New Lands and Two Crowns[]

Caught outside!
There is a bug in the current version of Two Crowns (1.1.9) that makes retaliation waves occur under the regular sunlight, without disrupting the day-night cycle. Citizens are then cought outside of the walls, unaware of the the attack. If you find yourself locked with this issue, you can drop a comment on Steam or on Reddit, and report the bug to the Raw Fury support desk describing in detail what's happening, and provide screenshots/video and a copy of your save file.

When a portal is destroyed, the sky is blacked out as if by solar eclipse, and the next Moon appears red. These are indicators that the Greed are preparing a counterattack. Unlike in Kingdom Classic, the Monarch troops here will always have enough time to run back to safety, no matter how far they are from the walls. With a deep rumbling/grinding sound, a random portal spawns dozens of greedlings and possibly floaters or breeders to attack the Kingdom. The solar eclipse remains until the counterattack is dealt with, at which time the normal day-night-cycle resumes from where it should be. Time still passes, so the sun can be just setting when the shadowy sky lifts. The sound of bells indicates that the Kingdom is safe again. The difficulty of retaliation waves depends on what island the monarch is on and how many portals have been destroyed there. It may also be tied to portal location, i.e. its proximity to the edge of the map.

Skull Island Skull Island (New Lands) – There is a final counterattack after destroying the cliff portals. Resisting to this assault is the win condition for this island.

Blood Moon[]

See Blood Moon.