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The warhorse[1] is a mount found in an abandoned battlefield with the remains of a fallen warrior (dressed in the colours of the previous kingdom's coat of arms). This mount is the second slowest, just a bit faster than the lizard, however it's endurance is matched only by the draft horse.

At about every fifteen seconds, making the horse gallop activates a protective spell that lasts for about twelve seconds. Its armour glows along with a limited number (around twenty) of nearby subjects (villagers, builders, farmers, archers, squires and knights). They receive a temporary buff to their defences. This spell though doesn't increase the defenses of archers and builders against floaters, when they're on top of towers.

In New Lands[edit | edit source]

New Lands.png

This section is about Kingdom: New Lands.

This mount is unlocked on the fourth island but can then be encountered on any island. It has noticeably more stamina than the original horse (and slightly more than the black horse), but has the same speed.

In Two Crowns[edit | edit source]

Two Crowns.png

This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

The warhorse is slower here, and the special ability cooldown is longer, letting subjects exposed for some seconds between the spell castings. He's always on the third island and costs two gems to unlock and eight coins to ride it. With a few tweaks, it is the default horse on Plague Island.

Note about nerf[edit | edit source]

The changes related to the speed and the ability cooldown may have been unintentionally implemented, as the game director said he “never touched the warhorse”.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Gordon Van Dyke on Steam. 27 April 2020.

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