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The villager is an unarmed subject of the Monarch's Kingdom who has not yet been assigned a role.

The villager's clothing of choice appears to be plain robes of various colors.


Villagers can be acquired by recruiting vagrants from vagrant camps. This is done by tossing a coin to the vagrant. Once recruited, the new villager will walk to the town center and remain idle, wandering aimlessly, until assigned a job.

Avoid recruiting villagers from camps that are farther away, or do so when it is very early in the morning to give them time to enter your kingdom before nightfall.


Villagers are one of the most crucial elements of the game, as they can be assigned to become either an archer, a builder, a farmer, a knight, a pikeman, or a ninja if they pick up any of the corresponding tools: a bow, hammer, scythe, shield, pike, katana or sword.

When attacked, villagers will drop the gold coin that had been originally given them and turn back into a vagrant.


Vagrant +1 Coin_icon Villager + bow     (2 Coin_icon) Archer
+ hammer     (3 Coin_icon) Builder
+ scythe     (4 Coin_icon)
  (5 Coin_icon in Classic)
+ shield     (6 Coin_icon) Knight
  (4 Coin_icon in 16?format=original) Squire + sword (12 Coin_icon in 16?format=original) Knight
+ pike  
+ ninjato  
  (2 Coin_icon in 16?format=original) Pikeman
townsfolk w/ assigned professions

Classic Kingdom: Classic
16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns

Holding coins[]

Villagers can only hold up to two extra coins at a time for their personal protection.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – all subjects, including villagers and builders, will pick up more coins than what they can hold. Those coins grabed beyond their holding capacity are lost as soon as they're picked up, as townspeople will never drop them back. Villagers and builders, as subjects with the lower holding capacity, are therefore those used to "destroying" more coins.

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