Tools are items used to assign a job to villagers.

Most tools are purchased in the kingdom from vendors behind their stands.
They then show up on a rack in front, storing up to 4.

If villagers see any unheld tool nearby, be it on a rack or the ground, they run to pick it up.
However they will not get too close to a Greed or exit the outer wall to do so, this may cause them to flicker back and forth for a time.
Unheld tools are also free to be picked up by greedlings and taken away. This often happens to tools purchased outside of the walls.

When tooled, villagers have the respective job and carry out only the corresponding tasks.

If subjects are hit, they first drop their tool (if any) turning back to villager, then their coin turning back to vagrant.
Except squires/knights, pikemen and ninjas who work differently.

Vendors cannot be hit and ignore the Greed, like the banker and the merchant.

Exceptions to the above rules :

  • In Classic Classic, the Merchant randomly fills the rack for either Bows, Hammers or Scythes.
  • The catapults work differently.
  • In Two Crowns Two Crowns, the bomb work differently.


The bow vendor appears just to the right of the town's center.

Bows promote villagers to archers :

They hold up to 11 coins.


The hammer vendor appears just to the left of the town's center.

Hammers promote villagers to builders :

They hold up to 2 coins.


The scythe vendor appears just outside an innermost wall :
Classic Classic & New Lands New Lands: to the right.
Two Crowns Two Crowns: random side, with a wall further.

Scythes promote villagers to a farmers, tending a single field on farms.

They hold up to 14 coins.


The siege workshop(s) appear(s) :
Classic Classic & New Lands New Lands: just outside the innermost wall to the left.
Two Crowns Two Crowns: nearest inside each outermost wall.

Only 1 catapult can exist per side.
Classic Classic & New Lands New Lands: each half of the workshop buys the catapult for the corresponding side.
Two Crowns Two Crowns: each workshop buys the catapult for its side.

Once bought, 2 builders come to build it, then push it to the outer wall, then exclusively man it (in Two Crowns Two Crowns, also repair nearby walls).

Catapults launch boulders doing strong area damage.

Fire barrels Edit

Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns only.

Workshops also sell fire barrels.

Builders roll them one at a time to the catapult, where they are piled.
The pile shows up to 6, but the stored number seems unlimited.

They are expended as projectiles first, regardless of the attack.

They deal extra area damage over itme, similar to the lizard's attack.


The town center, once upgraded to Castle Keep, allows to buy up to 2 shields per aisle, hung to the wall.
Two Crowns Two Crowns: Each knight tower allows to buy one more shield.

Shields promote villagers to :
Classic Classic & New Lands New Lands: directly knights.
Two Crowns Two Crowns: squires, upgradeable to knights. (or respectively ronins and samurais in Shogun)

The shield on the wall is then replaced by a banner.
They seem to have random combinations of the kingdom's 2 colors, one side having only solid and the other only bicolor.

Squires/knights operate on the side their shield was bought, unless otherwise stated.
Those from the boat are split evenly, with odd numbers favoring the boat side.

Squires/knights :

  • Defend their outer wall by default.
  • Can be sent to assault portals.
  • Escort the bomb.

If hit, squires/knights first drop their coins one by one, then turn back to villager with their shield disappearing.
This tears their banner, and allows to buy a replacement shield (not on knight towers).

Squires hold up to 5 coins.
Knights hold up to 7 coins in Classic Classic & New Lands New Lands, and 11 coins in Two Crowns Two Crowns.
Both use them for protection and don't give them back.


Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns in Europe biome only.

A pike vendor appears nearest inside each outermost wall.

Pikes promote villagers to Pikemen :

  • Fishing at day.
  • Defending their outer wall at night.

If hit, their weapon disappear instead of dropping.

Pikes have limited uses, after which they break and the pikeman turns back to villager.

Pikemen don't hold coins. Any held before are presumed lost.

Ninjatos Edit

Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns in Shogun biome only.

A dojo appears nearest inside each outermost wall.

Ninjatos appear on the rack with a harp sound.

Ninjatos promote villagers to Ninjas :

  • Fishing at day.
  • Ambushing their side's Greeds in the forest at night.
  • Going to their dojo to change gear every time.

If hit, in a puff of smoke they disappear and reappear by their dojo as villagers, with their weapon gone.

They don't hold coins. Any held before are presumed lost.

Mounts can't graze on the small patch of grass under the sitting sensei.


Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns only.

The forge (or smithy) appears anywhere inside the walls.

It sells swords and the bomb.

In Europe it resembles an ancient greek kiln with a rusty iron roof.
In Shogun it looks different.


Swords promote squires/ronin to knights/samurai.
It attracts all of them (except those in a cave assault), but first come first served.

They work the same, but can hold more coins and can benefit from the Statue of Knights.

In Europe the swords uniquely appear in a pillar of light on four ground mounds with an eery sound, in a likely allusion to Excalibur.
In Shogun the katanas appear on the rack with a harp sound, unlike other tools except Ninjatos.


The bomb triggers an assault on the The Cave.

It is pushed by builders.

Placement Edit

When conditions are met vendors appear and are automatically built in a short time.

This always requires a certain town center upgrade level, and for it to be finished building.
Additional conditions (if any) and where depend on the game.

Classic Classic: Fixed position, just inside or outside the innermost walls position.

New Lands New Lands: (nearly ?) same as Classic.

Two Crowns Two Crowns: It's convoluted...

Hammer, Bow and Shields like in Classic.

Other vendors also require:

  • A back wall like that of the required town center (wood, stone or metal tech level).
  • Enough free space.

They then appear in a random suitable spot.
So building too long a wall in one go may appear them pretty far, but also selectively cutting trees may control where they appear.

If the back wall drops, they disappear. Weapons on their rack (if any) then drop to the ground.
They reappear on any suitable spot, and the same one if the same back wall rises again.

If there are not enough free spots, vendor priority is:

  1. Hammer and Bow necessarily first by design.
  2. Scythe.
  3. Pike/Dojo, then Workshop.
    These (and only these) move further out as new spots are freed.
    The inner one moves first, flipping their relative order every time.
  4. Forge.

Unfortunately the process can get confused by back walls mismatching and dropping/rising at the same time.
These bugs happened :

  • A vendor fails to appear, it happens particularly with the Forge.
    A back wall change fixes it, the simplest being to reload the game as this causes all back walls to re-rise.
  • A workshop spawns on the wrong side, it's catapult oriented for the right side but working fine on the wrong side.
  • The Forge has been said to wait for a vagrant or merchant camp to disappear, but this was probably a misunderstanding or is now fixed.
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