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Vagrant camp is a environment structure that spawns and supports up to two vagrants.

Existing condition[]

They can only exist in the forest, and if the camp has a buffer of a single tree on either side, it can remain in existence—even if walls are built beyond it. If either tree is cut down, the area is zoned as plains and the camp will disappear.

Accommodation capacity[]

After a vagrant is recruited away, it takes about half a day to respawn (12 in game hours since last recruit). Camps continue to spawn homeless people as long as there are fewer than two.

If a recruited citizen gets attacked and loses their coin, they will gather again by the nearest camp. The camps though behave differently towards these arriving extra vagrants, depending on the game:

Classic Kingdom: Classic – Vagrant camps do not support extra wanderers. Any third beggar arriving at a camp area disappears immediately.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands & 16?format=original Two Crowns – Vagrant camps tolerate extra wanderers. This can make some camps appear with extra beggars, although these do remain lost, not attached to the camp, possibly slowly wandering a bit far from that area.


For the fixes related to the invisible/unrecruitable vagrants, see: subject's history.

Date       Game Platf Version
Dec 21, 2015 Classic Steam Logo 1.1.0
Fixed vagrant camp selection issue.
Nov 22, 2015 Classic Steam Logo 1.0.4
Fixed vagrant camp exploit.
Oct 21, 2015 Classic Steam Logo 1.0.0