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Hello and welcome to the wiki![]

I'm a wiki admin. You can leave a message for me here on my wall. I invite all newly joining readers and editors to check out our community page.

I am a Kingdom fan who got into the series with New Lands in late 2017. I joined the wiki early in January, 2018 when I saw there was a little something I can add in, and things snowballed from there. I took a break when Two Crowns was released to enjoy the game spoiler-free and was semi-active until 2021, when I came back to work with our epic admin SapadorCastelo to overhaul the wiki categorization and navigation. Nowadays you can find me occasionally tweaking articles here and there or writing strategy guides.

For my key to the wiki badge in 2018, I'd like to thank the research paper I'd been regularly escaping from all week, while denying myself the right to play New Lands "until the paper is done".

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