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This is a strategy page for Kingdom Two Crowns.

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As of the 2021 Conquest Update, attacking Greed portals is no longer as straightforward, because their portal defense waves get stronger over time.

Tips are ordered from the more basic at the top to the more advanced at the bottom. All tips are compatible with each other, unless otherwise stated; and all have advantages and disadvantages.


For general information on attacking portals, see: Destroying portals.

Portals can be destroyed principally by sending out attack squads lead by squires or knights (or their equivalents like samurai), but hiring knights requires at minimum having a stone keep at the town center, from which one can hire squires.

From the outer wall of the Kingdom, portal attacks can be launched against small portals, dock portals, and cliff portals. However, permanently defeating the Greed on an island requires entering a cliff portal with a bomb. To do so, small portals along the way must be destroyed, but the cliff portal itself does not need to be destroyed. However, you can choose to destroy it and during the 3 days it takes for the portal to reform, you can bring the bomb into the cave without worrying about being attacked on the way.

While an army lead by squires is sufficient at first, there are three main reasons to strengthen your attack armies:

Passive work[]

The following tips do not require the Monarch to accompany the attacking army.

  • Build your outer walls further out, so that your army spends less time on the way to portals before nightfall.
  • Send multiple squads at once from the outer wall, by paying at the banner several times.
  • Activate statues
    • Statue of Archery greatly increases archers' accuracy.
    • Statue of Knights greatly increases the resilience of knights (and no longer gives them the problematic leap attack).
  • Upgrade squires to knights for them to have more health and perhaps making them better at blocking and countering enemy attacks.
    • Supply them with coins as extra health.
  • Build knight towers to get even more squads, although how many squads you need depends on your goals. Generally, 2-3 squads per side are sufficient until the very late-game.
  • Build stables to access offense-assisting mounts, via help from the Stable Hermit. This is useful because you may want to switch mounts quickly, depending on your situation.

Active work[]

The following tips require the Monarch to accompany the attacking army to the portal/cave being attacked. This of course makes things more risky, but increases the chance of victory.

  • Create a coin buffer. When the coast is clear, you can drop a few coins a little ahead of your squad leaders. This tends to make greedlings take the coins and run off instead of attacking your army.
  • Continue supplying your knights. Again when the coast is clear, make sure to drop some coins by your squad leaders, because they do not always pick back up the coins they drop while holding back the enemy.
  • Use mounts to defend troops from behind the frontline (safer). Several mounts have abilities that can boost your soldiers, or block/repel enemies. If you keep them at a stable, you can switch to them when heading out for an attack. Mounts you can use this way include:
  • Use mounts to attack enemies and portals yourself (risky). Several mounts have offensive abilities that can damage enemies, or even portals. However, you need to cross the frontline to use these abilities, at the risk of being targeted yourself. If you have a dog with you, it is likely to get captured during this strategy. Mounts you can use this way include:
  • Dead Lands: Use the Monarchs' special abilities in combat. Details (and spoilers) can be found on the respective page.
  • Norse Lands: Use the weapons of the gods. The weapons are unlocked by solving the puzzles of the Stones of Power. Details (and spoilers) can be found on the respective page.

Preparing for the retaliation[]

Once a portal is destroyed (except for destroying a cave from the inside), a counterattack from the Greed is to be expected. You can prepare for this before heading out on your offensive or as soon you destroy a portal.

  • Don't attack if you don't think your defenses can survive the next Blood Moon, because a counterattack wave has roughly the same difficulty.
  • Have stables ready to switch to a new mount, because you may prefer a mount with defensive abilities when protecting walls rather than attacking portals.
  • Buy some fire barrels before heading out. While the retaliation may come from either side, it will be much tougher than a regular nightly wave. Hence it would be wise to temporarily boost your catapults.
  • Have horns ready on your walls. The Horn Hermit can assist you in building the horns that can call your forces to the side being attacked during the counterattack wave.
  • Listen to your dog, who will bark at the direction of the counterattack wave. You can then position yourself, buy more barrels, and similarly make preparations during those crucial few seconds of preparation time.