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This is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

The unicorn is a rare mount with an economic ability.

It runs faster than the original horse on open land and has the same stamina.

Cherry tree[]

Sakura tree in Trade Routes

The unicorn's habitat is located deep in the forest. It can be recognized by a large tree with blossoms and mushrooms on the ground, along with a magic-like chiming sound in the background.

While in New Lands the unicorn itself can be spotted right away along with its tree, in Two Crowns it remains invisible until the Monarch unlocks it.


New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – The unicorn is unlocked on the fifth island, after which it can be found on any island. For details on how the unlocking process works, see Signpost.

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – In the regular campaign the unicorn is always on the fifth island on Europe, Shogun and Dead Lands settings. The Monarch must pay four gems at the tree to make its magic inhabitant appear, and twelve coins at the mount to ride it. In the Trade Routes challenge island, which takes place in the Dead Lands setting, it can be found on the summer island (the second land), and it costs six coins to make it appear, and twelve coins to ride.

Pooping coins[]

Unicorn poop.gif

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – The unicorn poops out three coins every time it grazes—and it can graze every fifteen seconds (disregard the frequency on the edited GIF).

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – The unicorn can graze at any time, but will only produce coins after a flashing animation much like that of the warhorse has occurred. This happens roughly every 45 seconds, which means you're able to produce a maximum of 16 coins in a full day-night cycle.

Usually, just by letting it on grass, the unicorn can produce coins at a good frequency, without the need of walking, or actively making it tired between one grazing and another.

In Trade Routes, the sinister unicorn doesn't need fresh grass to "graze". In fact, if it's not moving, nothing can prevent it from lowering its head and dragging energy from any type of soil. But instead of three, it will only deliver two coins at a time.


A kirin followed by a griffin in Shogun.

Lead your soldiers to battle atop the mythological Kirin.Raw Fury on the Two Crowns Steam Store page

As seen in the infobox gallery on the top of this page:

  • The unicorn in Europe has a whitish coat and a light yellow (or golden) mane.
  • In Shogun it is a kirin, the Japanese unicorn-like variant of the legendary Chinese quilin.[1] It has similar colors, but it's much taller, and has a flying mane, and a backwards curving horn.
  • In Dead Lands (Trade Routes) it's a robust dark puple unicorn with a pink and purple horn.

Tutorial video[]


The Unicorn (Two Crowns)

The video does not cover the unicorn in the challenge island. For that, check the Trade Routes tutorial.


On April 2021, the unicorn was used as the main mount of the speedrun world record for the five islands in New Lands. It was found on the seaside of the first island, and was kept during the entire run until the departure from the fifth and last island.[2]


Back in 2016, when Monarchs could only ride regular horses, a sneak-peek of the unicorn was shown at the very end of the release trailler of Kingdom: New Lands.[3]

Date       Game Platf Version
Apr 20, 2021 TC16 All 1.1.9
NEW: Introduced with a new skin and ability in Trade Routes.
Nov 3, 2020 TC16 All 1.1.5
FIX: Pooped coins no longer act weird in multiplayer.
Feb 4, 2019 TC16 All 1.0.2
FIX: Kirin no longer turns into unicorn when switching islands in Shogun.
Dec 19, 2018 TC16 All 1.0.1
BALANCE: Reduced use cost from 15 to 12 coins.
Dec 11, 2018 TC16 All 1.0.0
NEW: Kirin form was introduced in Shogun.
Aug 9, 2016 New Lands All 1.0.0
NEW: Introduced.

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  1. From Japanese 麒麟 (hiragana きりん, katakana キリン, rōmaji kirin) • From Mandarin and Middle Chinese, the original etymology, 麒麟 ( qí + lín, pinyin qílín) • Variant obsolete forms: 麒麐, 騏驎 or simply 驎.
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