This is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

The unicorn is a rare mount that poops out three coins every time it grazes—and it can graze every fifteen seconds. The unicorn runs faster than the original horse on open land and has the same stamina.

Its habitat can be recognized by a large tree with blossoms and mushrooms on the ground, along with a magic-like chiming sound in the background.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – The unicorn is unlocked on the fifth island, after which it can be found on any island.

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – It's always on the fifth island, it costs four gems to unlock and twelve coins to ride it. Its Shogun campaign variant is a kirin.[1]

The Unicorn (Two Crowns)

The Unicorn (Two Crowns)


  1. From Japanese 麒麟 (hiragana きりん, katakana キリン, rōmaji kirin) • From Mandarin and Middle Chinese, the original etymology, 麒麟 ( qí + lín, pinyin qílín) • Variant obsolete forms: 麒麐, 騏驎 or simply 驎.
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