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This is about Kingdom: New Lands.

For the Dead Lands starter horse, see: Standard horse.

The undead horse[1] is a special mount only available during the Halloween event. Equipped with infinite stamina, it is a highly desirable steed for any ruler who ain't afraid of no ghosts. However, this massive advantage comes at a cost: the Monarch riding the undead horse is transformed into a semi-transparent ghost, unable to switch to other mounts until the Crown is stolen.

The undead horse doesn't have to be unlocked and it may appear in any island, except the first, always in front of a haunted house, standing next to a noose. It's possible to encounter multiple undead horses during the event on different islands.

While the horse is only available during a limited time period, it can be kept indefinitely after the event ends, as long as Monarch doesn't lose the Crown.


Date       Game Platf Version
Dec 19, 2017 New Lands Steam Logo 1.2.8
The undead horse is no longer available on the first island. To find one the Monarch has to travel at least once, to any other island.
Dec 21, 2016 New Lands Steam Logo 1.2.0

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  1. Also known as cursed horse, creepy horse, spooky horse, nightmare horse, zombie horse, skeleton horse or the bonemare.