The town center[1] is the Kingdom main structure, whith which the Monarch founds and manages most of the Kingdom. Upon the start of a new Kingdom, the Monarch comes across two vagrants around an unlit campfire and a few building outlines. Once the price to light the campfire at the center is paid, the Kingdom is founded and base construction can begin.

After the campfire is ignited, the outlined buildings are automatically upgraded into tool vendors. Nearing the end of the first night, the campfire can be upgraded to the next tier, a full camp with tents. There are a total of six tiers in Classic and New Lands; and seven in Two Crowns. Most upgrades bring bonuses for the Kingdom.

In New Lands and Two Crowns a ghost guides the Monarch through these starting tasks. The pictures show the medieval variants of the buildings. The shogun versions look quite different.


Tier Cost Attributes
classicIcon Classic & newlandsIcon NewLands twocrownsTwoCrowns
0. Unlit Campfire
Town Center 0
This is the start location for the town.
1. Campfire
Town Center 1
classicIcon Classic 1 coinIcon Coin
newlandsIcon NewLands 3 coinIcon Coin
3 coinIcon Coin Unlocks hammer and bow vendors.

classicIcon Classic – Unlocks the tax chest rewarding 5 coinIcon Coin daily.

2. Village Tents
Town Center 2
3 coinIcon Coin 6 coinIcon Coin classicIcon ClassicTax chest rewards increase to 6 coinIcon Coin.
3. Wooden Fortifications
Town Center 3
6 coinIcon Coin 9 coinIcon Coin Unlocks scythe vendor.

Innermost spikes walls are built for free.

4. Town Hall
Town Center 4
7 coinIcon Coin 12 coinIcon Coin classicIcon ClassicTax chest rewards increase to 7 coinIcon Coin.

classicIcon Classic & newlandsIcon NewLands – Unlocks the siege workshop (catapults).
newlandsIcon NewLands & twocrownsTwoCrowns – Unlocks the banker.

5. Stone Fortifications
Town Center 5
8 coinIcon Coin 15 coinIcon Coin Requires: stone technology.

Innermost walls are upgraded to stone for free.
Innermost wooden watchtowers are built for free.
classicIcon ClassicTax chest rewards decrease to 4 coinIcon Coin.
twocrownsTwoCrowns – Unlocks pikemen and siege workshops (catapults).

6. Castle Keep
Town Center 6
9 coinIcon Coin 18 coinIcon Coin classicIcon Classictax chest rewards decrease to 1 coinIcon Coin.

classicIcon Classic & newlandsIcon NewLands – Unlocks shields for knights.
twocrownsTwoCrowns – Unlocks shields for squires and fire barrels for catapults.

7. Iron Castle
Town Center 7
20 coinIcon Coin twocrownsTwoCrowns only
Requires: iron technology.
Unlocks the forge (bomb and knight swords).
Innermost walls are upgraded to iron for free.
classicIcon Classic = Kingdom: Classic newlandsIcon NewLands = Kingdom: New Lands twocrownsTwoCrowns = Kingdom: Two Crowns

Tax ChestEdit

For the trunk spawning in the ruins, see Treasure Chest.
classicIcon Classic Kingdom: Classic only.

At the beginning of every day, the monarch can collect the taxes from the chest. Passing by the box, galloping or walking, triggers its opening and the coins drop on the ground. The chest disappears just after this, to repeat the same sequence the next day.

The tax chest is unlocked when the Monarch lights the campfire and the amount of gold gained from the chest goes down as the camp upgrades, reaching only 1 coin at the maximum level.


classicIcon Classic Kingdom: Classic: The stone fortifications, while giving you many upgrades for free, also drastically reduces the daily income of coins. The longer you can go with the town hall, the farther ahead you'll be.

newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands and twocrownsTwoCrowns Kingdom: Two Crowns: It is a good idea to not build or upgrade the innermost walls and just get the stone- and iron technology (if available) first; and then upgrade the town center.


Date Game Update Change(s)
Dec 19, 2017 Icon NewLands 1.2.8 The cost to lit the campfire was increased from 1 to 3 coins.
11 April, 2016 Icon Classic 1.2.0 The ability to customize blazons at the village tents was removed.[2]


  1. Also known as the starting camp, base, town hall, castle, or keep.
  2. Dev says "Turns out we remove this feature", 22 Nov 2016, on a Steam forum; and "Does that option never appear, even past level 2?", one year later, on another Steam forum.
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