Store Tool / weapon Classic New Lands 16?format=original
Hammer vendor Hammer 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Scythe vendor Scythe 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Personal weapons
Bow vendor Bow 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Keep facade Shield 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Knight tower Extra shield 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Forge Sword 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Pike vendor Pike 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Dojo Ninjato 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Structural weapons
Catapult workshop Catapult 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Bomb banner Bomb 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original

Tools and weapons are items purchased with coins from shops and used to assign jobs to subjects, generally villagers.

These items can be grouped in:

  • Equipment (tools and personal weapons)
  • Structural weapons.

General behavior[edit | edit source]

The following characteristics should be valid for all types of tools and weapons.

Stores[edit | edit source]

All tools and weapons can only be purchased by the Monarch at their respective shops.

All stores have a few requirements and a expected place to appear at. When the conditions are met the store vendors show up and their shop is automatically and instantly built.

Classic Kingdom: Classic & New Lands New Lands – All shops require a certain upgrade level of the town center, and have a specific place around it to appear in all lands.

Requirements and locations of shops in Classic and New Lands
Shop Requirement Location
Hammer stand Campfire At the left of the town center
Bow stand Campfire At the right of the town center
Scythe stand Wooden fortifications At the right of the innermost walls
Catapult workshop Town hall At the left of the innermost walls.
Keep facade (shields) Stone technologyCastle keep The keep sides
Knight tower (extra shield) Knight Hermit Full upgraded archer towers

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – The hammer and bow stands, and the hanging places for the shields work like in the previous titles, with the same requirements and pre-established locations, that do not conflict with those of other shops. All other stores additionally require:

  • A back wall at the level of the required tech (wood, stone or iron)

  • Enough free space. If the free space available isn't enough for all the unlocked shops to appear, some buildings will have priority over the others:
    1. scythe rack
    2. pike stand or dojo
    3. catapult workshop
    4. forge.

All stores tend to appear as near to the town center as possible, following the priorities listed above, except the pike stand, the dojo and the workshop: these will appear as close to the outer walls as possible—always observing the priorities above—and they do move further out as new spots are freed and vice versa.

This process may get confusing with back walls dropping and rising, causing buildings with low priority to not appear. Reloading the game causes all back walls to re-rise, which may solve the issue.

Requirements and locations of shops in Two Crowns
Shop Requirement Location
Hammer stand Campfire At the left of the town center
Bow stand Campfire At the right of the town center
Scythe stand Wooden fortifications + wooden wall Just outside the innermost walls
Pike stand/dojo, workshop Stone fortifications + stone wall Near the outer wall on both sides
Fire barrels add-on Castle keep Workshop
Keep facade (shields) Castle keep The keep sides
Knight tower (extra shield) Knight Hermit Full upgraded archer towers
Forge Iron keep + iron wall Any large free space inside the walls
Bomb banner Iron keep One of the iron keep sides

Vendors[edit | edit source]

Some stores are occupied by a vendor—the forge by a smith, and the dojo by a sensei. Those are all non-playble characters with whom there is no possible interaction. Much like the Banker and the Merchant, they have no speeches, and cannot be attacked by the Greed.

Storing[edit | edit source]

All shops have a type of rack where up to four items can be exposed, waiting for a subject to pick them.

Interaction[edit | edit source]

The Monarch cannot directly interact with any tool or weapon. And greedlings are the only type of greed who can do it. They can steal tools and weapons from the shops and from the ground if a subject drop them while being attacked.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Equipping aka hiring[edit | edit source]

New villagers (recently recruited vagrants or subjects who just lost their equipment) head towards the town center and, if they don't find any tool or weapon on their way, they seek a random shop to wander around it. If villagers see any unheld tool or weapon nearby, be it on a rack or on the ground, they run to pick it up.

When equipped, villagers have a specific job along with a typical appearence, and carry out only the tasks related to that job. The following diagram shows the hiring process:

Vagrant +1 Coin_icon Villager + bow     (2 Coin_icon) Archer
+ hammer     (3 Coin_icon) Builder
+ scythe     (4 Coin_icon)
  (5 Coin_icon in Classic)
+ shield     (6 Coin_icon) Knight
  (4 Coin_icon in 16?format=original) Squire + sword (12 Coin_icon in 16?format=original) Knight
+ pike  
+ ninjato  
  (2 Coin_icon in 16?format=original) Pikeman
townsfolk w/ assigned professions

Classic Kingdom: Classic
16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns

Losing equipment[edit | edit source]

If subjects are hit by the Greed, they drop:

  1. any extra coin they're holding

  2. their equipment, turning back to be villagers

  3. their last coin turning back to be vagrants.

The following sessions are parts of articles that have been gathered to offer a general view on the purchase conditions of all tools and weapons available in Kingdom. For further details see their respective main article.


Hammer[edit | edit source]

The hammer vendor is required to hire builders. It is unlocked at the town center first tier, the campfire. Once unlocked, it appears just to the left of the town's central campfire.

A hammer can be purchased there for three coins each. Up to four hammers can be waiting on the tool rack at a time. When a villager picks up a hammer, he is assigned to being a builder.

Builder or worker is a non-combat subject who help the Monarch to build, repair and expand the Kingdom.

Builders can be used to accomplish multiple types of tasks. They are mostly used to build new buildings and upgrade them. They can also repair damaged buildings, such as walls after an attack by monsters, can cut down trees and can build teleportation portals on destroyed portals. Builders will also man and operate catapults and ballista towers, ensuring that they work properly to eliminate large groups of enemies at a time.

Scythe[edit | edit source]

The scythe vendor is required to hire farmers. It is unlocked at the town center third tier, the wooden fortifications.

Once unlocked, it appears just outside the innermost wall (on the right side in Classic and New Lands).

In Two Crowns the Monarch has to set up at least one more wooden wall beyond the inner most wall for the vendor and his stall to show up.

A scythe can be purchased there for for five coins each in Classic and four coins in New Lands and Two Crowns. Up to four scythes can be waiting on the tool rack at a time. If a villager picks up a scythe, he is assigned to being a farmer.

Farmer is a subject who generates a reliable income for the Kingdom by working on a farm.

During the winter in Two Crowns they also help the economy by foraging berry bushes.

They seem to wear a bandana and they carry a backpack.

Personal weapons

Bow[edit | edit source]

The bow vendor is required to hire archers. It is unlocked at the town center first tier, the campfire. Once unlocked, it appears just to the right of the town's central campfire.

A bow can be purchased there for two coins each. Up to four bows can be waiting on the weapon stand at a time. If a villager picks up a bow, he is assigned to being an archer.

Archer or bowman is a subject who will hunt animals to collect coins during the day and defend the base from enemies at night. They are the most basic combat units in the Kingdom and are critical to any base's defense.

Shield[edit | edit source]

Can't buy shields!
There is a hard bug in the current version of Two Crowns (1.1.9) that prevents the player from hiring squires/knights. If you find yourself locked with this issue, please drop a comment on this Steam thread, and report the bug to the Raw Fury support desk, describing in detail what's happening, and provide screenshots/video and a copy of your save file.

A shield is required to hire a squad leader. It is unlocked at the town center sixth tier, the castle keep. Unlike other weapons and tools, there is not a shop or vendor to sell shields.

A shield can be purchased at the castle facade side for six coins each, and will hang on there until a villager takes it up to become a squad leader, after which each shield is replaced by a similarly colored banner, indicating that the troop leader still has his shield.

If, without extra coins, he gets hit, unlike archers with their bows, his shield simply disappears when he turns back to being a villager. His banner will appear torn to shreds, indicating that the owner of that shield has fallen in battle, and a new shield can be bought there.

Up to four shields can be waiting on there at a time, two on each side. Kingdoms can normally hire up to four squad leaders per land.

Squad leaders operate on the side their shield was bought. If they go onboard for a next island, they will split evenly after disembarking, with odd numbers favoring the dock side.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – A shield is not enough to make a knight. Paying a shield to a villager turns him into a knight's or samurai's apprentice. That apprentice, called squire in Europe and ronin in Shogun, is able to perform all the tasks his master can do, but he has a much weaker defense.

Classic & New Lands Vagrant +1 Coin_icon Villager + shield (6 Coin_icon) Knight
16?format=original (4 Coin_icon) Squire / ronin

More shields[edit | edit source]

This section is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

It's possible to increase the number of squad leaders on an island by:

  • bringing up to three of them on the boat from another island (see Boat § Leaving the island for details), or
  • by purchasing extra shields from knight towers.

Knight tower[edit | edit source]

The knight tower is an un-operated building that allows a villager to become:

  • a knight at the cost of six coins in New Lands; or
  • a squire/ronin at the cost of four coins in Two Crowns
    which can later be upgraded to a knight/samurai at the forge.

The knights hired at this tower will guard the outermost walls of that side of the Kingdom and follow the same routine of the knights hired at the castle keep. The only difference is that shields on towers cannot be repurchased if the fighter loses their shield.

This special upgrade requires the Knight Hermit to build.

Alternative use:
A knight tower, like any other special tower upgrade, may be useful to simply free the archer(s) on guard; in which case, there is no need to pay for the shield on it.

Balance notes:

  • Extra knights doesn't necessarily mean extra defense, as knights themselves generally do not attack the Greed while guarding the walls. Archers do.
  • Extra knights generally means less economic revenue, as each knight requires three hunter archers to become soldiers.
  • Only three knights can board the ship to follow the Monarch onto the next island; this number can be easily reached without the use of any knight tower.
  • Small portals, especially if not too far from the kingdom borders, can be effortlessly destroyed by the two squire/knights hired at the castle.
  • Three knights though are advisable when going for the dock portal, as it is more resistant. And most of the time a third knight, as already mentioned, can be obtained without resorting to knight towers.

Sword[edit | edit source]

#Forge · #Blacksmith · #Smithy · #Sword · #Katana

This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

The forge (or smithy) is required to turn an apprentice squad leader into a master. It is unlocked at the town center last tier, the iron keep and it requires a large enough empty space protected by an iron wall, that is, with an iron back wall (see picture). For this the Kingdom needs the iron technology, found on the fourth island. The forge may appear on the sea side or on the cliff side of the island.

A sword or katana can be purchased there for twelve coins each. Once this is done, the sword attracts all apprentice warriors on the island, except those in a cave assault; the first reaching the weapon becomes a master.

Up to four swords or katanas can be waiting on the weapon stand at a time. In Europe, a squire will take up a sword and become a knight. While in Shogun, a ronin will take up a katana to become a samurai.

Europe Vagrant +1 Coin_icon Villager + shield (4 Coin_icon) Squire + sword (12 Coin_icon) Knight
Shogun Ronin Samurai

As a knight or samurai the warrior can hold more coins and can benefit from the Statue of Knights (only really useful in Kingdom: New Lands).

Pike[edit | edit source]

Two Crowns.png

Kingdom Two Crowns in Europe biome only.

#Pike · #Spear

The pike vendor is required to hire pikemen. This vendor requires a stone or iron back wall on his sector. There can be two of them on a Kingdom, one on each side. The first one generally appears after two stone walls have been built on each side of the town (four walls total). With the expansion of the Kingdom, the pike stand changes its location to be as near the outer wall as possible, always requiring a stone or iron wall behind it.

A pike can be purchased there for two coins each. Up to four pikes can be waiting on the weapon stand at a time. If a villager picks up a pike, he is assigned to being a pikeman.

Like knights and ninjas, a pikeman will protect the side of the town where he has been hired.

Each pike can be used for fishing or stabbing greed a limited amount of times, after which the weapon breaks and the pikeman returns to be a common villager. The fish they catch during the day more than pays for one pike, making them economical.

A pikeman in Europe, like a ninja in Shogun, is a temporary military and productive subject.

He fishes on the riverside during the day and helps defending the walls at night.

A pikeman cannot travel with the Monarch when leaving the island.

Ninjato[edit | edit source]

The dojo is required to hire ninjas. It is unlocked at the town center fifth tier, the stone fortifications. Once unlocked, it appears toward the outer wall, usually before the siege workshop. There can be one dojo per side of the kingdom; and the ninjas trained on one side will perform all their activities on that side.

A ninja kit (fishing pole, shurikens, ninjato and uniform) can be purchased at the banner with a shuriken for two coins each. Up to four ninjatos—each one representing a ninja kit—can be waiting on the weapon stand at a time. If a villager picks up a ninjato, he is assigned to being a ninja.

Ninja or shinobi is a military and economic subject, hired at a dojo in Shogun, that:

  • fish during the day, and
  • ambush the Greed in the bamboo during nighttime.

If there is no bamboo near the castle wall, ninjas will fight close range or low range outside of the wall until they get hit or lose their weapons.

Structural weapons[edit | edit source]

Catapult[edit | edit source]

The siege workshop is required to build catapults. It is unlocked at the town hall in Classic and New Lands and at the stone fortifications in Two Crowns.

Classic Kingdom: Classic & New Lands New Lands – The siege workshop appears on the left side of the town center. The building consists of a left half and right half and giving six coins to either side orders a catapult to be built for that respective side.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – There is one workshop to the left and one to the right, always near each outer wall, and they only appear if stone walls have expanded enough to protect their respective sectors.

A catapult can be purchased there for six coins. Only one catapult per side can be purchased. Once bought, up to two builders come to build it, then push it to the outer wall, then exclusively man it.

Catapult is a defensive military structure operated by builders, which launch large boulders at enemies to do area-of-effect damage. Catapults are strong against tightly-packed hordes of greedlings. They are also able to kill floaters in one hit as well as deal heavy damage to breeders. However, it suffers from a lack of accuracy much like archers without the statue blessing.

Fire barrel[edit | edit source]


This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

Fire barrels in action.

Fire barrel is an extra non-free ammunition available at the siege workshop once the castle keep has been reached on that island.

A single fire barrel can be purchased for five coins. The pile of barrels shows up to six, but the stored number seems to be unlimited.

Once bought, workers roll them one by one towards the catapult near the outer wall on the side they were bought. At the borders they are once more stacked up to be fired into the first wave of Greed causing the ground to catch fire for a few seconds, and do rapid damage over time to any Greed that touches it (similar to the lizard's attack).

Fire barrels are good to be used on Blood Moons or whenever dealing with breeders and crown stealers.

Bomb[edit | edit source]

The bomb triggers an assault on the cave.

It is pushed by builders.

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