This page examines the unanswered questions in Kingdom: Classic, Kingdom: New Lands & Kingdom: Two Crowns. Please note that the theories on this page are only speculation.

The Ghost's Death Edit

The Ghost's Death is an interesting question which may never be answered. The Ghost was a former Monarch who died before the events of the game. While the most likely reason why they died is because The Greed destroyed their kingdom and either killed them or left them to die of natural causes (old age, starvation, etc.) they could have been killed by an assassin, rebellion or some other death that involved direct input from another person or a group of people. Evidence to support this idea is the remains of an old battlefield near the Armoured Horse which may have been a battle fought between two human armies.

The Greed's MotivesEdit

The motives of The Greed are unknown and they seem to attack you without reason. While they might just want to steal from you it could be that they are trying to maintain control of the land you're building your kingdom in and you the Monarch are leading a rebellion/war or finishing the rebellion/war your ancestors or the previous Monarch started. If this is true it means whenever your kingdom is destroyed by The Greed and you lose your crown all hope is lost for your subjects and The Greed maintain their complete control until another Monarch tries to resist The Greed.

Who Are The Hermits?Edit

The Hermits are very mysterious characters in Kingdom: New Lands. Instead of living in Vagrant Camps they live in houses in the woods. When The Greed attack the Hermits they actually pick them up and take them to the portal where they are presumably killed (see Are Abducted Townspeople Killed?) The Hermits are obviously quite important otherwise why would The Greed abduct them? The ballista Hermit might have invented the ballista or have been an architect who learned how to design the ballista. The Baker Hermit was probably a cook or a baker. The Knight Hermit was a knight.

The possible answers lie here:

Living a secluded life deep in the forest, but like everyone in Kingdom they can be seduced by some coin.

The Ballista Hermit has spent most of its life researching projectile weaponry. Ask nicely and it might help you upgrade some of your towers to a powerful Ballista Tower!

The Baker Hermit was always concerned with the little people. Upgrading one of your towers to a Bakery will attract the less fortunate to come and feed on a nice loaf of bread.

Last but not least, the Knight Hermit. Being a former knight, he's seen his fair share of battles. He's done fighting, but he will help you out with training new recruits!

In Kingdom: Two Crowns however Hermits are rescued upon the destruction of The Cave, so we can only presume that The Greed for whatever reason see fit to not simply kill the Hermits but instead imprison them temporarily (as they are free again upon a new rein arriving).

Are Abducted Townspeople Killed? Edit

This is one of the more disturbing theories on this list so if you are easily upset this wiki advises you don't view this theory for your own good. This theory for what happens to abducted townspeople is sadly the most likely thing that happens to them. Reasons to support this theory are 1. What use would The Greed have for the townspeople alive? 2. Some of the Greedlings have skull masks. It might be that the abducted townspeople are killed and their skeletons (or at least their skulls) are used to make things like the skull masks.

On the other hand: 1. Why would the Greedlings first kidnap people to later kill them and not just kill them in the first place? 2. The Greed prefers coins over people, as when they've got the opportunity to grab a coin, they turn around, instead of carrying on the attack to the walls and the townspeople. So it's possession, they value higher than abducting people.

It is possible that the greed use humans in some way to produce more goo, almost as a form of biomass, though this brings into question why Hermits can be rescued, and why only villagers (not vagrants, animals, or the Monarch(s)) are taken and only by Floaters.

What Are The Statues And Who Made Them? Edit

This theory will talk about the Statues and not the Architecture Shrine. The Statues are obviously magic but what exactly are they. One theory is that they are Statues of very well known people or of gods that exist in the in game universe. If so the Archer statue might be a god that represents hunting, accuracy and Marksmanship. The Builder statue would represent creativity and architecture. The Farmer statue would represent life, nature and growth. The Knight statue would represent honour, strength, courage, swordsmanship, chivalry and vigour. The Hourglass statue may represent time and death. It could be a previous monarch ordered the statues to be built to honour the gods and the gods blessed the statues with their power.

The possible answer lies here:

It didn't seem fair that only archers and builders got to have their own statue. So, using the already existing statues as reference, I made two new statues, one for the farmers and one for the knights. While I was at it, I also redid the pillars and activation effect.

We wanted to make all the statues reflect a female deity. As most Kingdom characters seem male, they needed some female guidance.

Where Do The Portals Go?Edit

The Portals are where The Greed come from cannot be accessed by the Monarch to go where The Greed go (except for Two Crowns Two Crowns). The Portal likely leads to alternate universe (AU) or just another part of the of the Kingdom world. If it is an AU then we can expect it to be dark, rocky and have Portals there that link up with the ones where your Kingdom is. This raises multiple questions 1. If you destroy a Portal will a Portal in the AU be destroyed or just be disabled. 2. If a Portal is destroyed or disabled is it unusable, can it be linked with a new or already existing Portal, how many Portals can link up to one Portal and can Portals be recycled by The Greed. 3. Who controls/rules The Greed. 4. How many Greed are there in total. 5. How did The Greed get into the world the first time. 6. Do The Greed possess magic.

In Two Crowns Two Crowns, it is likely that the Portals go to The Cave where The Greed are made and sent to attack the Monarch. If you manage to destroy the cave, no Portal will spawn any Greedlings any longer.

Is The Crown Magic? Edit

This is one of the more unconventional theories on this list but it has pretty solid evidence. When you lose all your coins and your crown is knocked off you will see it float up and down and glow beautifully. The reason why The Greed are attacking you might be because the crown you have is magic and can do something they want.

Taking into account the Kingdom Two Crowns mechanic of constructing a new crown for the Co-op partner it my be a better question to ask if the gold of the Gold coins themselves may be magic instead, or potentially even the Monarch and their lineage.

Is The Monarch Carrying Out The Will Of The Gods? Edit

This is another unconventional theory but would explain a few things about the game. If the Monarch was carrying out the will of the gods to rebuild the kingdom and vanquish The Greed it would explain why their crown might be magic. The Greed could also be ancient enemies of the gods (Or at least who ever rules The Greed) and that's why the gods want you to get rid of them.

It can be argued that this is also why the swords produced by the Forge seem to have a holy light shed upon them until picked up by a Knight.

Do Kingdom: Classic, Kingdom: New Land & Kingdom: Two Crowns Take Place In The Same Universe? Edit

It is hard to tell if this is true or not because either way we have no evidence to support the theory but If they did take place in the same universe the greed have different strategy's of attacking. it is still unknown if the games take place in the same universe it is probable but unknown.

If we were to assume this is true, each game would likely be along the same timeline but at seperate points, as games progress in technology with the Kingdom: Classic being the first before New lands whereupon technology has progressed some with the advent of the Hermits knowing what amounts to lost arts, then Two Crowns where technology has progressed further to the point of having a true offense against the Greed in the form of the Bomb.

Who Is The Good One? Edit

The normal psychological way of approaching things is, to regard yourself (playing as king or queen) as the "good" person, and the others as "bad". Turning this around, leads to a quite unconventional theory: The King/Queen is the bad person, ordering their subjects to cut down all the beautiful trees, destroying all that natural environment. The greed just tries to keep this at bay, by stealing the tools of townspeople, their money and demoting them to Vagrants, which live in peace with the nature. You may notice the Greedlings peaceful attitude, as they run by the vagrants without doing them any harm, and abduct townspeople instead of killing them. So "greedlings" is the wrong term for them, they are just "wood spirits" protecting nature.

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