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Archers attacking a greed nest.

The Cave[1] is the greed home base on each island. It's accessed through the cliff portal.

Destroying the cave secures that island and stops the greed spawning on it, even if there are still active portals there.

Requirements for enteringEdit

To enter the Cave, the Kingdom must have:

Greed NestsEdit

Inside greed realm - spawners

A greed nest being destroyed.

Inside the cave there are a number of nests, which constantly spawn greedlings and can be destroyed like a small portal. The number of greed nests depends on the island on which they're located:

Island Nests
1st 1
2nd 2
3rd 3
4th 4
5th 5

The HiveEdit


Archers attacking greedlings from the spawing pool and the bomb in front of the hive, waiting for the ignition.

The hive is the heart of the Cave and is found at its end. It can only be destroyed by the bomb. The hive itself does not spawn any monsters, but it is guarded by an spawning pool right behind it. The pool, like the hive, can only be destroyed with the bomb.


Once the bomb is built, two knights and their archers will gather around the Monarch and the entire group will begin following him/her. The more builders are pushing the bomb (up to three), the faster it will move. Be careful in timing the assault, as the bomb will only be moved forward, and attacking greed will destroy an unprotected one, if they lay hand on it. Only the knights and their archers march back with the Monarch, if he/she decides to do so.

Once the group arrives at the cliff portal, 5 coins must be paid at the bomb, to enter. The troops will continue clearing the way until they reach the hive, where 5 additional coins will activate the bomb count down detonation.

Once the bomb is lit, the Monarch has only a short time (15 to 30 seconds, depending on the island) to escape the cave and survive the bomb's collateral effect. Make sure your mount have full stamina before lighting the fuse, and then sprint as quickly as possible towards the exit.

The surviving Monarch(s) appear in front of the cliff portal, which is now permanently destroyed; along with a few of the assault group, and the rest of it as vagrants, as well as any gems, hermits or the dog that were lost to the greed on that island.


  1. Also called greed dimension or greed realm.