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Archers attacking a greed nest.

The Cave[1] is the greed home base on each island. It is accessed through the cliff portal.

Destroying the cave secures that island and stops the greed spawning on it, even if there are still standing portals there.

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"Forward" or "front" means towards the cliff portal, then cave end.

In two player mode, the forward-most monarch is used.

As of this writing, facts were checked on PC version 1.0.4.


Requirements to enter the Cave :

  1. Unlock the iron technology, in order to
    1. upgrade the town center to iron castle and
    2. build an iron wall with sufficient free space,
  2. both of which allow for the forge to pop,
  3. at which to buy the bomb ;
  4. reach the cliff portal with it, then
  5. pay 5 coins to the bomb and finally
  6. walk into the portal.

And then to destroy it :

  1. Advance the bomb up to the Hive.
  2. Pay 5 coins to it.
  3. Get out in time.


Building the bomb triggers a cave assault :

  1. Two squires or knights (with their soldiers) become monarch escort.
    They are chosen from far dock side first, then closest ones to the bomb.

    They move right before the Monarch and follow forward or backward, but never go or stay behind the bomb.
  2. builders come to push the bomb, up to the first 3 to reach it. The more the faster, up to about walking speed.

    If the forge is opposite the cliff, they first push it up to the town center.
    Afterwards or otherwise they push it up to behind the Monarch and his escort, advancing together.

    They only push forwards and abandon it only if they are hit, or it is destroyed or lit.
  3. The proximity greedlings spawning of the cliff portal is suspended. (but not the other waves !)
  4. If there is an ongoing assault on the cliff portal, it is cancelled.

If Greeds ever attack the bomb, it is destroyed (without causing any damage) and the assault ends.

A new bomb can then be built to start over.

Approaching Edit

The Monarch must then lead the group to reach the cliff.
This is best done by beforehand destroying portals along the way, and timing leaving cover to avoid attack waves on the way. If the cliff is too far, the Monarch might have to build further walls or wait for a truce after a blood moon.

But if the waves are still weak enough, it is entirely possible to fight waves and/or portals along the way.

  • If squires or knights are left cliff-side, they can be sent on a regular portal attack, and the monarch advance with them to have more troops together. Be aware that :
    • They will go back after the first portal is destroyed.
    • The counter-attack is strong, and might spawn on the way.
  • The Griffin or Lizard are great help for this.
  • Backing a bit at the right time can do a lot, by pulling the squires/knights away from trouble while their soldiers still cover them.
  • As a last resort, dropping coins can thin too big a group of greedlings.

Entering Edit

Once very near the cliff portal, the builders stop pushing the bomb.
The monarch must then spend 5 coins on it to be able to enter the portal, and the whole escort and bomb follows.
In 2 players mode, both players must enter together.

The portal's state does not matter, including being destroyed.

The monarch can exit anytime. This saves the escort, but ends the assault and the bomb is lost.

Time Edit

When inside the cave, the day/night cycle is suspended : The sun/moon do not move, and days do not pass.

However time itself still passes outside :

  • If any part of the escort is late, it eventually rejoins in the Cave.
  • If deer follow the Monarch, they follow inside too.
  • Coins disappear or are picked up.
  • Vagrants pop.
  • Archers hunt or defend.
  • People and greeds move and act as usual.
  • etc.

This can be abused by purposely waiting day time to enter then staying long inside, to have more ressources when exiting.

Conversely, a far dock-side wave can overrun the kingdom and reach the Monarch while in the Cave.

Greed NestsEdit

Inside greed realm - spawners

A greed nest being destroyed.

Inside the cave there first are nests, which constantly spawn greedlings when nearby and can be destroyed, much like a small portal.

As they are damaged they lose "legs", until they collapse.

Island Nests
1st 1
2nd 2
3rd 3
4th 4
5th 5

The HiveEdit


Archers attacking greedlings from the spawing pool and the bomb in front of the hive, waiting for the ignition.

Near the end is the hive, the heart of the Cave. It does not attack.

Right behind it, at the very end, is a pool guarding it by spawning greedlings once the last nest falls.

Both cannot be directly attacked, instead the bomb is set on them.


Once the bomb reaches the Hive, it stops and its eyes glow.

The monarch must then spend 5 coins on it to light it, which causes :

  • The screen to shake.
  • The pool to unleash a last, much stronger wave of greedlings.
  • The builders to run for the exit.
  • The squires/knights to walk for the exit.
    This typically causes them to be hit all the way back to vagrants, unless the Monarch exits before or stays to help them.

Exiting Edit

The Monarch has only a short time (15 to 30 seconds, depending on the island) to escape the cave.
It is best to recover full mount stamina before lighting the fuse, and doing so from the bomb's edge, but even then slower mounts may not make it.
In 2 player mode, if one Monarch exits both survive.

Reaching the exit in time causes premature explosion right at that moment, for fake tension.

After the explosion the surviving Monarch(s) appear in front of the cliff portal, along with the 3 builders, a random part of the escort in whatever state they were in at the time of the explosion, as well as any gems, hermits or the dog that were lost to the greed on that island.

A small sequence plays displaying various game stats, then gameplay resumes.

The cliff portal is now permanently destroyed and can not be entered again.
The remaining greeds (if any) retreat back into the nearest portal (or cliff portal if none), and no more ever spawn on the island.

If the Monarch(s) dies, the island remains nonetheless secured for its successor.


  1. Also called greed dimension or greed realm.
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