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Desko is a template used to make a content only visible for desktop users.

The content inside it will not render for mobile users.

It is generally used along with Template:Mobo.



Problematic charactersEdit

Note that it accepts any other template or parser function inside it, but to build tables with wiki text, you'll need to replace some characters that break the code with their equivalent auxiliary template.

The problematic characters that need to be replaced are: the equal sign = and the vertical bar |.

A simple table structure will look like this (the used templates are linked):

{{(!}} class{{=}}"article-table" style{{=}}"width:100%;"
{{!}} cell 1
{{!}} cell 2
{{!}} cell 3


This template depends on the template type rules, that makes notices invisible on mobile.
See the articles and the templates currently using this template.
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