This page's content pertains solely to Kingdom: New Lands and Kingdom: Two Crowns.
Kingdom portal

The Kingdom's own teleporter can be built on the remains of a small portal for:

  • 5 coins in New Lands
  • 8 coins in Two Crowns

This action creates a scaffold requiring up to two builders to raise the new teleporter.

The portals' remains do not vanish with time and can be interacted with the moment the Monarch feels it is safe to do so.

Once completed, it appears circular and made of gray stones, with a translucent swirling material inside, where the Monarch can spend:

  • 1 coins in New Lands
  • 2 coins in Two Crowns

to enter spy mode, featuring a reduced view and allowing to :

  • fast spy regions using right and left directions.
    When nearing max time the view flashes faster and faster, until spy mode is cancelled.
  • teleport to spied location using down direction.

Using a teleporter, no matter how, makes it unusable for the next few minutes while it recharges.

Permanent Teleportation LinkEdit

After teleporting, crackly purple lightning remain at the exit location while the teleporter recharges.

If this location is not obstructed, a teleporter can be built on the lightning, establishing a permanent teleportation link between it and the source teleporter.

Using either one instantly teleports to the other.

Permanent links can only be established once per portal and cannot be undone.

This is incredibly useful in mid to late-game stages as continual movement between the left and right sides of the kingdom becomes time consuming.

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