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A unactivated Statue of Building in Kingdom: Classic.

A statue is an ancient moss-covered abandoned shrine that reward the Kingdom with a specific blessing once the Monarch has made an offering of a single coin to them.

General behavior[]

Statues are always found in the forest. Unlike vagrant camps, they will remain if the surrounding trees are cut down.

Activating the shrines changes their shape slightly, and clears them from algae and moss, and adds visual cues on the blessed objects.

             Statue Offering (Coin_icon) Blessing Unlock
Classic New Lands 16?format=original New Lands 16?format=original
Map S Archer.png Statue of Archery 5 4 10 Increases all archers' accuracy 1st island
Signpost map
1st island
3 Gem_icon
Map S Builder.png Statue of Building 6 8 9 Increases the hit points of walls 2nd island
Signpost map
3rd island
3 Gem_icon
Map S Farmer.png Statue of Scythe 4 7 Increases the number ofsupported farm plots 3rd island
Signpost map
2nd island
1 Gem_icon
Map S Knight.png Statue of Knights 8 8 Depends on the game 4th island
Signpost map
5th island
2 Gem_icon
Hourglass Statue 8 8 Delays the scheduled defeat for 1 day Found on Skull Islands
(New Lands · Two Crowns)
Classic = Kingdom: Classic New Lands = New Lands 16?format=original = Two Crowns

In Classic[]

Tip for Classic and New Lands
Reactivating any of the statues before the previous buff expires not only refreshes the duration of the previous buff, but also extends the duration for the day.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – Two types of statues will always be found on each land; usually one on each side of the Kingdom. The blessings received are temporary, lasting for one to three days according to the amount of gold offered. Once the buff is expended, the lights on the pillars next to the statue will slowly dim and fade. All statues are available from the beginning.

In New Lands[]

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – There are four types of statues, each one unlocked on a specific island. After a statue has been unlocked, it can be found on any future island, except on the fifth, that has no statue at all, and the Skull Island, that has some restrictions and features its own statue. The blessings have the same duration as in Classic.

In Two Crowns[]


Statues (Two Crowns)

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – Each type of statue is tied to an island (for example, the Statue of Archery will always be found on the first island). Statues are unlocked with gems and activated with coins. Once activated, the blessing remains for all islands on that campaign until the Monarch loses the Crown (or the Crowns in co-op), after which only the offering of coins will be required to reactivate statues.

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