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The Statue of Building is a builder statue which increases the maximum hit points of all defensive fortifications.


More precisely, the blessing of building allows builders to apply an extra coat of protection to each wall in the Kingdom. That extra coat increases the amount of damage the wall can take by approximately eighty percent of its maximum initial hit points. And they do that as if they were repairing or rebuilding the wall.

The blessing of building worths nothing if the Kingdom has no builders to apply the extra defense onto the walls, or if the Greed attacks the walls before the builders have time to do their job.

The added hit points remain after the shrine becomes inactive but reactivation is needed to restore them after the wall takes damage. The bonus applies to all walls standing and walls constructed while the buff is active, even walls that were destroyed after the buff was last activated.

Offering & effect duration[]

A six-coin offering in Classic and an eight-coin offering in New Lands gives or extends the duration of the buff by a day, for a maximum duration of three days if twenty-four coins are paid all at once.

Visual cue[]

Wall Buff.jpg

A hammer will appear on an activated Statue of Building.

Each wall that has the blessing applied by a builder, will start glistening.

Norse Lands[]

In Norse Lands, the statue has a different appearance.

Statue of Building (Norse Lands).jpg

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