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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

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Stats board is part of a cutscene triggered when the cave on one of the five islands of the campaign is destroyed. It's a brown panel that shows the stats for the Kingdom on that island.

Cutscene sequence[]

The full cutscene includes the following sequence of events:

  1. cave explosion
  2. reappearance of items stolen by the Greed on that island
  3. game quote: The monarch has secured the kingdom.
  4. game autosaves
  5. stats board

This sequence is triggered no matter if the Monarch(s) manage(s) to make out of the cave before the explosion or not. If not, one last glorious quote reads: No Crown, No King/Queen.


All the stats shown in the board are the numbers for the Kingdom on that specific island only, counting all the times the Monarch and their heirs, if any, have landed there. The only exception is "Reigns" that's related to the entire campaign. The stats are the following:

First board
Days played The number of days passed, or how many times the morning bell has rang.
Greed killed The total of monsters killed.
Reigns The number of Monarchs in the royal line of succession. Each time the Monarch loses the Crown in solo play or both Monarchs lose their Crowns in co-op, a new reign begins. There is an achievement that requires all lands to be cleared "in a single reign".
Coins spent The amount of coins gathered by the Monarch(s) and spent in any type of action, like paying, recruiting, etc.[1]
Sessions played The number of times the same campaign save slot has been loaded, or, more specificaly, the number of times Monarchs have appeared with their mounts on the black screen while the current or next island is loaded, including each time they travel.
Second board
Subjects hired The second board lists the amount of archers, farmers, knights, workers, pikemen (in Europe and Dead Lands) ninjas (in Shogun), and berserkers (in Norse Lands) hired by the Monarch(s).

The logs appear one after the other in a plain and calm animation that lasts for fifty seconds, during which everything freezes, including the Monarch.


Date       Platf Version
Nov 16, 2021 All 1.1.13
Made de boards skippable on PC and consoles (mobile players are still forced to wait).[2]
Fixed the statistics about ninjas on the board in Shogun, adapting the text to read "ninjas trained".[3][4]

Introduced the counting for berserkers in Norse Lands, as "workers berserked".
Dec 11, 2018 All 1.0.0

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  1. It's uncertain if the following coins count:
    • coins voluntarily dropped on the ground and taken by greedlings
    • coins that drop when attacked by the Greed, and end up being stolen or falling into the river
    • coins that drop when the pouch is full, and end up falling in the water.
  2. The unskippable stats screen has been reported as a minor annoyance for some players. E.g. 1 and 2.
  3. No pikemen, can't hire them, they don't exist. ChristopherOdd on Youtube. 31 December 2018.
  4. Pikemen don't exist over here, so... Linus on Youtube. 3 January 2019.