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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

The Stable Hermit is a hermit that turns a fully upgraded mill house farm into a stable to keep the mounts around it. The Monarch(s) can then switch mounts from the stable for a cost of only three coins no matter the change. However, it may destroy some crop fields under the building, potentially reducing the farm overall productivity and leaving a couple farmers unemployed. All mounts freed with gems and coins during a reign will be drawn here even if they were left on other islands. If the Monarch loses their Crown the animals in the stable will all disappear and will have to be unlocked again.


In Shogun this Hermit is a small black haired woman with bright pink clothing and bun hat.

In Dead Lands use to pull out of their pouch a tiny little screaming mandrake.[1]

The Stable hermit in Europe has a little pet as well.[1]

In Norse Lands, this hermit has a raven perched on their shoulder.

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