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Blog posts Personal points of view about the game or the wiki.
Forums Collection of wikitext based pages used to discuss topics related to the wiki.
Polls A hub where users can vote on all polls currently being used on the wiki.
Strategy Pages with a variety of tips on how to improve the Monarch's performance.
Theories A collection of speculations about the lore of Kingdom.



o you think you can edit? Well of course you can! This wiki is editable by absolutely anybody! Grab a pen and get writing! (No, don't.. don't actually grab a pen and write on your computer. It's a metaphor.) Hit the edit button on any page, and you can make your own changes to articles!

If you see erroneous information, fix it. If you see a typo, fix it. If you have enormous swathes of information to add, go right ahead. You can also check out the to-do list to see how else you can help out.

All edits are subject to review and can possibly be rolled back, but all edits are immediate.

That being said, it'd be great if everybody who edits has a username on Fandom; that way we can put a name to all the editors! You don't want to be known as forever, do you?

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Tutorials & guidesve
Style guide rules, tips, and mechanics for editing on this wiki (including guidance for templates and polls)
Entity names gaming terms, naming articles, sections and redirects
Screenshots how to take a screenshot and upload it to the wiki
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Wiki tasks/to do list

ve Feel free to look into the following:

Additions and changes needed for the Conquest Update and Norse Lands:

News from admins

SirFendi SirFendi 7 November 2021

Norse Lands Incoming

As shared in the news on Steam, Kingdom: Two Crowns Norse Lands is coming out on November 16th in the Conquest Update. A demo for the new campaign setting is already out, and can be found from this Steam…

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SapadorCastelo SapadorCastelo 27 August 2021


We're finally back to having a meta-template to build navboxes for articles.

Back in 2018, we used to have two meta-templates for navboxes and two masterNavboxes. At that time I made a few suggestions…

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