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Sleipnir is a mount unlocked on the 3rd island of the Norse Lands campaign.

In the Norse mythology, it is the eight-legged horse ridden by Odin. According to the myth, Sleipnir is the child of Loki and Svaðilfari and is described to be the best of all horses.

In Norse Lands, Sleipnir's supposedly eight legs could be seen when sprinting, and leaves behind a trail of sparks and fire in it's way.


Knockback Charge[]

Trigger for the special ability
PC 1st P L.Shift while standing still
2nd Player G
Mobile Swipe up
N. Switch ZL or ZR
Xbox Right trigger
PS4 L2 or R2

The main ability of the Sleipnir is to charge forward, knocking back any greedlings, crushers and breeders in its way. This ability can be extremely useful during Blood Moon as the knockback could be used to buy time for the monarch's power to recharge and the archers to deal damage without the wall in the risk of falling down.

Fire trail[]

The secondary ability is that using it's ability to charge also leaves behind a trail of fire. This in tandem with it's ability to knockback enemies makes Sleipnir one of the best mount to deal with Blood Moon waves.

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