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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.
For the previous version, see: Skull Island (NL).

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Skull island belongs to the Greed. All that come perish in its forest!

Defeat cond. Hourglass is fully depleted

Pawn single icon Single
21?format=originalDestroy a portal
21?format=originalDestroy 4 portals
21?format=originalDestroy 6 portals
21?format=originalOnly the bravest rulers will find this crown!

Pawn co-op icon Co-op
21?format=originalEach player must pay five tributes to the Statue of Time.
21?format=originalEach player must pay for two shields and two swords.
21?format=originalEach player must send three troops on a banner charge.
21?format=originalOnly for the brave and prudent rulers!

Skull island in Kingdom Two Crowns[1] is a challenge island where the Monarch has to destroy all small portals before the upper bulb of the Hourglass Statue is empty.

Raw Fury description[]

Time is running out and you must destroy the Greed Lairs, that’s right “Lairs”, PLURAL! With a Greed Lair on each side and several Greed Portals in between this challenge is fit for only the gods that walk amongst Monarchs. And don’t forget about the volcano that is waiting to explode!Raw Fury[2]

Island layout[]

Skull Island cave.png
Technologies No mines. Techs are already enabled.
Statue Hourglass Statue
Mount Griffin
Dog 20?format=original
Hermit 20?format=original
Vag. camps 3 or 4
Merchant 20?format=original
Chests 20?format=original Coin chests 4
26?format=original Gem chests 20?format=original
Boat 20?format=original

On this island, there are no coins on the ground near the unlit campfire, so the Monarch has to find a coin chest on the first day in order to start the camp and to recruit people.

Unlike other islands, there are no additional mounts to switch to thus making the Monarch stuck with the griffin from the start.

The goal on this island is to destroy all greed portals.


On this island, there is a giant volcano visible in the background. After a certain time, it will erupt, throwing giant rocks on the field that explode when they touch the ground, spawning greedlings, along with multiple blood moons occurring if there are still portals intact. The game continues until the Monarch loses the crown, which usually happens within seconds.

The volcano's time counter can be frozen by using coins at the Hourglass Statue, which is the only statue on this island. Each offering of three coins gives one more day of delay, adding a light on each side of the statue. One light disappears each day and the volcano erupts when there are no lights remaining. The statue starts with five lights, and it's easy to delay the explosion forever once the kingdom has reached a good productivity.

The volcano can still erupt even after all portals are destroyed and will spawn greedlings (via the boulders coming from the volcano).


There are three small portals on both sides of the town.

Cursed crown[]


This section is missing important information about the requirements for the Cursed Crown in cooperative mode.

Crown Cursed big.png

Pawn single icon Single playOnly the bravest rulers will find this crown!

To get the cursed crown in Skull Island in single player mode, both caves have to be destroyed on the same day.[3]

Pawn co-op icon CooperativeOnly for the brave and prudent rulers!

[ ??? - Unknown ]


These are the current single player speedrun world records held on Skull Island:[4]

Rank Player Days Time Date VID
1st One Dragon 11 0h 43m 15 Jun 2021 🎥
2nd navanax 20 1h 25m 13 Dec 2020 🎥
3rd JanitormanV2 24 1h 39m 19 Nov 2020 🎥

Currently all records were held on PC on the European setting, and they do not aim the cursed crown.


With inspiration from Kingdom: Classic where it’s a single land with a single attempt to master it, the Skull Island was world premiered at the Japanese indie game show BitSummit 7 Spirits on June 1-2.[5]

Video guide[]

The following video is a guide for earning the gold crown in Skull Island:


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