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Skull Island Skull Island is the sixth accessible island in Kingdom: New Lands, added in via the Skull Island DLC. The island itself bears a distinctive skull shape, owing to its eponymous name, and can only be accessed after all five other islands have been conquered.

Skull Island

The island is significantly harder to survive on than the other islands: The Greed comes in large numbers straight away from the first night, and unlike on all other islands, they also come on the nights following Blood Moon nights. Furthermore, the Monarch has to race against time while facing the island's harsh layout.

It is highly recommended to pack a boat with three knights, (the maximum number) and bringing a good mount along with a hermit, when setting sail for Skull Island.

This (island) will present the greatest challenge never-before-seen in Kingdom, and will put the monarch's every skill to the test.
—DLC description on Steam Store


The first timeEdit

6th Island

The boat repaired on the 5th island and the Skull island revealed.

To access the Skull Island for the first time, the monarch must conquer the 5th island. Once on the boat and looking for the next adventure at the map, the 6th island appears above the first, in a skull shape, becoming a selectable option. Selecting it and clicking the Continue button will transport the monarch and the crew to the new island. To immediately verify the arrival on the Skull Island, see that the broken ship doesn't accept coins.


Blazon with skulls

A blazon of a monarch who conquered the Skull Island.

Upon visiting the Skull Island once, it will be available at the map as any other island, following though the same general condition: the same island cannot be chosen twice consecutively. So after finishing the 6th island, in order to play it again, another island (any other, not only the 5th) must be chosen before.

Creating new characters from the map (by clicking the "New Game" button), does not erase the fact you've accomplished the 6th island challenge. This may be immediately verified by opening the Menu and seeing the 4 little skulls encrusted under the blazon. However, to travel to Skull Island again in a new game, the Monarch needs to escape from one other island first.


The skull island consists of 2 vagrant camps, 3 monster portals on each side, a builder shrine, archer shrine, and hourglass shrine. There is no boat to repair; securing the crown instead requires destroying all monster portals AND cliffside portals (one on each side).

Statues and Shrine


Not available:


The only mount available is the horse. If the monarch wants to ride any special mount, it's recommended to bring it from the previous island.


There is no hermit cottage in the Skull Island. So, the only hermit available will be the one the monarch bring in the boat from the previous island.

Vagrant camps

There are only two vagrant camps, one to the left, the other to the right of the Town Center. It will mostly follow the 5th island standard, where the camps are very far from the Town, almost on the Cliff Portals' adjacency; but RNG may spawn one of them nearer sometimes.

Skull Island
Left side Town
Right side
3 Small
3 Small

Win conditionEdit

Unlike all other islands, which contain a dock at one end, both ends of the island are capped by Cliff Face Portals, meaning that the only way to defeat Skull Island is for the monarch to eliminate all portals on both sides, rather than the usual strategy of constructing a boat and sailing away.

This condition along with the absence of hermits, special mounts and some statues ensure that the island is made to be the most challenging encounter for the monarch thus far, leaving them with no choice but to use their survival skills to the fullest.

Instant defeat conditionEdit

Apart from having the crown stolen by the greedlings the Skull Island brings an additional defeat condition, which is associated with the new sculpture: the Hourglass Statue. If the hourglass is fully depleted, the monarch loses the challenge. The default time for the hourglass to deplete (i.e. if no coins are given to it) is 50 days, more precisely it'll deplete during the night of the 49th day. If this happens, the game stops, says "All is lost" and the monarch will have to start again choosing a new island.


The Skull Island DLC is available for New Lands owners, as an optional DLC on:

Steam Logo Steam.

And, as an embed feature, on the following platforms:

Switch Logo Switch,
PlayStation Logo PS4,
Xbox One Logo Xbox One,
Android Logo Android, and
Apple Logo iOS smartphones and tablets.

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