New Lands The information on this page pertains solely to Kingdom: New Lands.

The signpost is a naturally generated structure found deep in the forest biome. The Monarch may "buy" the map hanging from it for 2 coins, starting the unlocking process of a new feature for future Kingdoms.

This new feature is successfully unlocked and revealed only at the end of the current kingdom, either through escaping to new lands or being defeated by the Greed. The unlocked feature might appear the next time the Monarch gets shipwrecked. Restarting the game (pressing New Game at the map menu when pausing) will not conclude the unlocking process, and the Monarch will have to pay for the signpost to start the unlocking process of the same feature once more.

The upgrade that a signpost unlocks is randomly selected but constrained to the possibilities of the island it's on and each feature can be unlocked only once. Once all upgrades on an island have been purchased, the signpost can still appear in the forest but without a map attached, and it cannot be interacted with.


Islands and unlockables

Map of Unlockables

For details about each islands' unlockables, see Islands/New Lands.

There are various kinds of unlockable features in the game, including new NPCs, special tower upgrades, shrines, and mounts. A total of 13 different structures and NPCs can be unlocked. Each island has one to four different unlocks, but only one can be found at a time.

Island Unlockable(s)
1st Statue of Archery
2nd Statue of Building, Dog, Superior Horses
3rd Statue of Scythe, Ballista Hermit, Great Stag
4th Statue of Knights, Bakery Hermit, Warhorse, Great Bear
5th Knight Hermit, Unicorn
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