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This is about New Lands & Two Crowns.


Throughout the reign of the Kingdom, the Sun and Moon will rise and set, and with time comes the changing seasons and the conditions they bring. Each Kingdom starts in spring, and slowly progresses into winter. These mechanics heavily affect the behavior of NPCs within the game.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – There are various types of weather but no seasons.

Seasons cycle[]

In New Lands[]

There are four seasons that do not cycle, so once winter hits the kingdom it will stay forever. However seasons reset each time a new Monarch arises and each time this Monarch moves to a new island. The table below shows when exactly is the first day of autumn and winter on each island:[1]

Island 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Skull Island
1st day of autumn 47 14 22 32 42 32
1st day of winter 67 27 32 42 52 52

In Two Crowns[]

The four seasons cycle like in real life. Each season lasts for sixteen days, using the overall day count. Consequently, the season cycle will reset if the Monarch loses the crown (or their crowns in coop).

Blood Moons have a high probability of happening by the end of each season.

The table below shows the starting-ending days of seasons in the first five years:

Optionally, players can use the web app Daeg-Mael for better dealing with days and seasons.
Year Spring Summer Autumn Winter
1 116 1732 3348 4964
2 6580 8196 97112 113128
3 129144 145160 161176 177192
4 193208 209224 225240 241256
5 257272 273288 289304 305320

Year – In Two Crowns, four consecutive seasons counted from the spring form the concept of a "year". The word itself isn't displayed on any in game feature, but is commonly used by players, especially when talking about late game mechanics. The table above helps to find the relation between days, seasons, and years.


Every year starts with spring. Green grass grows on every plain and trees have green leaves. Wildlife spawns, and farms work well. Occasional rain.


Wildlife and tall grasses spawn naturally, and farms work at peak perfection. Animal spawns become more frequent as more tall grass generates. No rain. The Kingdom can generate income to its full potential, and should either stockpile coin with the Banker during this time or work on reconstructing the boat.


Tree leaves and the cattails by the river start to turn red. This is useful for signalling the impending coming of winter.


For the duration of winter, see: § Seasons cycle.

Winter Farm.jpg

By far the hardest season in the game, as almost every source of income disappear. During the Winter, all trees lose their leaves and the snow begins to fall and coat the ground, freezing away the tall grass bushes and destroying all rabbit dens. Deer also cease spawning from the forest. The Kingdom river starts to freeze over.

There is also a major impact on farm activity. For the first couple of days, crops take a little while longer to grow and mature. After that, the running water in the stream freezes, and crops start to die. The now-jobless farmers return to the center of town.

In New Lands, after a couple of days idling, farmers give up and throw their scythes into the water, preferring any other tool available a few days after. In Two Crowns, they keep their profession, as berry bushes may grow outside the Kingdom's walls and Spring will eventually return.

Almost every source of income diminishes to zero, with the exception of Merchant shipments, Banker interest if money is stored there and (in Two Crowns in the European and Shogun biome) fishing pikemen and shinobi. Since the Winter Update, hunting and berry picking are another source of incomes. Therefore, winter survival becomes incredibly more difficult but plausible.

Since snow has replaced the grass on the ground, the Monarch's mount cannot benefit from the well-fed buff from grassy patches anymore, therefore making travel harder to all types of mounts (with few exceptions in Two Crowns). Furthermore, losing people is much more costly, because of the very fragile economy and all other problems that come with a loss of income.

Miri it is while sumer i-last
With foulës song;
Oc now neghëth windës blast
And weder strong.
Ei, ei, what this night is long,
And Ich with wel michel wrong
Sorwe and murne and fast.

Medieval poem[2][3]

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – Nightly raids from the Greed will regularly become more intense as usual, so the Monarch will be more heavily pressed than ever to escape the island.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – Every winter, the boar's shrub spawns somewhere in a forest (not necessarily outside the Kingdom's walls). If the Monarch stays too close to it for a few seconds, the giant boar will spawn and chase the player. Even though it is rather hard to kill, it's a great source of income (thirty coins) but it only spawns once per winter.

Norse Lands – During winter the daylight hours wane. It becomes increasingly more common for the sun to set while the calendar day remains the same.

The Northern Lights also start to appear during winter, gradually becoming visible the near the entirety of the night.

Berry bushes provide fewer coins than in the European and Shogun settings.


  1. A code line in New Lands game files containing "seasonChangeDays": 3.0 suggests that it takes 3 days for a season to fully set. Values in the table refer to "fully-set" seasons, meaning that those are not really the "first days".
  2. “Mighty Ballista” Steam trading card.
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