This article features informations about the Kingdom games' save files.



Kingdom games have been designed to make most of the in-game decisions develop into unavoidable consequences, so players can learn with their own mistakes and make this acquired knowledge to be used by the next Heir(ess), as wisdom refined and accumulated through generations. This is an inherent part of the series' modest—yet existing—lore; and not understanding or not accepting it may somewhat ruin the player experience.

This said, as the informations on this article can heavily break this natural game flow, it's up to each player to take them into consideration or not.

Save file locationEdit

Classic and New Lands share the same folder and have one file each for the whole game; while the Two Crowns slots are kept in a separate folder, with one file for each island.

Classic Kingdom: Classic
Windows C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\noio\Kingdom\storage_v26_AUTO.dat
Mac OS X /Users/[USERNAME]/Libary/Application Support/noio/Kingdom/storage_v26_AUTO.dat
Linux /home/[USERNAME]/.config/unity3d/noio/Kingdom/storage_v26_AUTO.dat

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands
Windows C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\noio\Kingdom\storage_v34_AUTO.dat
Mac OS X /Users/[USERNAME]/Libary/Application Support/noio/Kingdom/storage_v34_AUTO.dat
Linux /home/[USERNAME]/.config/unity3d/noio/Kingdom/storage_v34_AUTO.dat

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns
Windows C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\noio\KingdomTwoCrowns
Mac OS X /Users/[USERNAME]/Libary/Application Support/noio/KingdomTwoCrowns
Linux /home/[USERNAME]/.config/unity3d/noio/KingdomTwoCrowns

Deleting savesEdit

Deleting the saved games is sometimes required when a major update comes out.


To efficiently delete local files in a Steam platform, one should disable the Steam Cloud synchronization.

To do it, follow the steps:

  1. Open your Steam Logo Steam Library
  2. Right-click on the Kingdom title whose files you want to clear
  3. Select “Properties”
  4. Select the “Updates” tab
  5. Uncheck the “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization” option
  6. Click “Close”.

Now, when you delete the saves from the local folder, Steam Cloud will no longer recreate them.


To delete the saved games from the “my games & apps” menu on the home screen, follow the steps:

  1. Press the Xbox One Logo Xbox button to open the guide
  2. Select “my games & apps”
  3. Highlight the game
  4. Press the “menu” button on your controller
  5. Select “manage game”
  6. Scroll down the menu on the left until you reach “saved data”
  7. Highlight the saved data for your gamertag on the right side
  8. Press A on your controller

You’ll see a prompt asking you to confirm the deletion:

  • “Delete from console” – removes the local copy, so you will still be able to access the saved game from the cloud
  • “Delete everywhere” – removes your saves from this console, every other you play on and the cloud
  • “Cancel” – leaves your data intact

Save slotsEdit

Classic Kingdom: Classic & New Lands Kingdom: New Lands

Each game has only one save slot. Creating a new kingdom overwrites the old one. To do it:

  • open the menu
  • click NEW GAME
  • answer the question: START NEW GAME? (Classic)

    / ARE YOU SURE? (New Lands)


Save slots

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns

There are 3 save slots with an accessible in-game interface for changing between them.

Creating a new kingdom on an already used slot overwrites the old one.

To start a new campaign:

  • open the menu
  • click CAMPAIGN
  • click NEW GAME on an empty slot or RESTART on an already used
  • answer the question: ARE YOU SURE?


Classic Kingdom: Classic – There is no autosave. Saving is only done when the player quits the game, by opening the menu and clicking SAVE + QUIT. It is possible to play long sessions and quit the game without saving. It may be useful to quit from time to time to force the game to save, especially if going for some "Survive past Day #" achievement. By doing this, the player has at least one "checkpoint" to use if things go bad.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – The auto-save is done at the dawn of every new day. It is possible to play one in-game day and quit the game without saving. This may be useful if the player launches an attack right after an auto-save. The attack can be "undone" by quitting without saving.

Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – An auto-save occurs:

Quit without saveEdit

As mentioned above, quit without saving may be useful in certain situations.

System Shortcut
Windows Alt + F4
Mac ⌘ Cmd + Q
Linux Ctrl + C   or   Ctrl + Q [Needs confirmation]

Infinite "Saving" bugEdit

Spin Crown x2

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands on   Steam Logo Steam &   Switch Logo Nintendo Switch.

  • The game indefinitely displays the "Saving" message at the bottom right corner.
  • All auto-save tasks will fail, no matter how many in-game days are played.
  • The SAVE + QUIT button does nothing and the player is unable to normally quit the game.
  • Forcing the game to close through other methods spoil all the progress since the bug has been triggered.

Trigger: If you call an hermit—any hermit, in any island—out of his house and do not take him to a ride, the next time the game will try to save, it will never finish the task: the infinite "Saving" bug is triggered.

Workaround: Take the same hermit up on your mount. After this, the next time the auto-save will run (i.e., the next dawn), it will save normally.


Droping the hermit out of your mount has no influence to this: you can build some special structure with him, you can drop him by running out of the camp during the night, before or after the auto-save, it doesn't matter. What fixes the bug is the action of taking the hermit for at least one 1st ride.


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