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Saved game is a feature present in all Kingdom titles that allows a run to be stored and reloaded at any time the player accesses the game. There are variations between the titles, from their save file locations, to the way each of them perform autosaves.

In general, all Kingdom games have some notable roguelike characteristics, such as:[1]

  • lands are randomly generated
  • the player has to explore the land and discover the purpose of unidentified items, which only offer a vague physical description, with purposes and capabilities left unstated
  • once the main character loses (the Crown), the player must begin a new game
  • several runs are required for the player to learn the appropriate tactics.

This said, Kingdom: Classic is the most roguelike and the most simplistic regarding the saving feature, while Kingdom Two Crowns is the less roguelike of the titles and has more save options.



Kingdom games have been designed to make most of the in-game decisions develop into unavoidable consequences, so players can learn with their own mistakes and make this acquired knowledge to be used by the next Heir(ess), as wisdom refined and accumulated through generations. This is an inherent part of the series' modest—yet existing—lore; and not understanding or not accepting it may somewhat ruin the player experience.

This said, as the informations on this article can heavily break this natural game flow, it's up to each player to take them into consideration or not.

Save file location[]

Classic and New Lands share the same folder and have one file each for the whole game; while the Two Crowns slots are kept in a separate folder, with one file for each island.

Classic Kingdom: Classic
Windows C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\noio\Kingdom\storage_v26_AUTO.dat
Mac OS X /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/noio/Kingdom/storage_v26_AUTO.dat
Linux /home/[USERNAME]/.config/unity3d/noio/Kingdom/storage_v26_AUTO.dat

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands
Windows C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\noio\Kingdom\storage_v34_AUTO.dat
Mac OS X /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/noio/Kingdom/storage_v34_AUTO.dat
Linux /home/[USERNAME]/.config/unity3d/noio/Kingdom/storage_v34_AUTO.dat

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns
Windows C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\noio\KingdomTwoCrowns
Mac OS X /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/noio/KingdomTwoCrowns
Linux /home/[USERNAME]/.config/unity3d/noio/KingdomTwoCrowns

Deleting saves[]

Deleting the saved games is sometimes required when a major update comes out.


To efficiently delete local files in a Steam platform, one should disable the Steam Cloud synchronization.

To do it, follow the steps:

  1. Open your Steam Logo Steam Library
  2. Right-click on the Kingdom title whose files you want to clear
  3. Select “Properties”
  4. Select the “Updates” tab
  5. Uncheck the “Enable Steam Cloud synchronization” option
  6. Click “Close”.

Now, when you delete the saves from the local folder, Steam Cloud will no longer recreate them.


To delete the saved games from the “my games & apps” menu on the home screen, follow the steps:

  1. Press the Xbox One Logo Xbox button to open the guide
  2. Select “my games & apps”
  3. Highlight the game
  4. Press the “menu” button on your controller
  5. Select “manage game”
  6. Scroll down the menu on the left until you reach “saved data”
  7. Highlight the saved data for your gamertag on the right side
  8. Press A on your controller

You’ll see a prompt asking you to confirm the deletion:

  • “Delete from console” – removes the local copy, so you will still be able to access the saved game from the cloud
  • “Delete everywhere” – removes your saves from this console, every other you play on and the cloud
  • “Cancel” – leaves your data intact

Save slots[]

Classic Kingdom: Classic & New Lands Kingdom: New Lands

Each game has only one save slot. Creating a new kingdom overwrites the old one. To do it:

  • open the menu
  • click NEW GAME
  • answer the question: START NEW GAME? (Classic)
    / ARE YOU SURE? (New Lands)


TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns

Save slots.png

There are 3 save slots with an accessible in-game interface for changing between them.

Creating a new kingdom on an already used slot overwrites the old one.

To start a new campaign:

  • open the menu
  • click CAMPAIGN
  • click NEW GAME on an empty slot or RESTART on an already used
  • answer the question: ARE YOU SURE?


Classic Kingdom: Classic – There is no autosave. Saving is only done when the player quits the game, by opening the menu and clicking SAVE + QUIT. It is possible to play long sessions and quit the game without saving. It may be useful to quit from time to time to force the game to save, especially if going for some "Day N" achievement. By doing this, the player has at least one "checkpoint" to use if things go bad.

Spin Crown x2.gif

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands & TC16 Two Crowns – The auto-save is done:

It is possible to play one in-game day and quit the game without saving. This may be useful if the player launches an attack right after an auto-save. The attack can be "undone" by quitting without saving.

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – In addition to the mentioned above, an auto-save occurs:

Clicking the 'Back' button after changing any of the game options or the coat of arms will trigger a type of auto save that register the player's preferences and the changes on the crest only, without overriding the last save, nor creating a new checkpoint.

Quit without save[]

As mentioned above, quit without saving may be useful in certain situations.

System Shortcut
Windows Alt + F4
Mac ⌘ Cmd + Q
Linux Ctrl + C   or   Ctrl + Q [Needs confirmation]



This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

Not to be confused with the non-existent cross-platform play.


Cross-saves is an optional service offered by PlayFab[2] for players who own the game on more than one platform, and wish to play with the same save files on those platforms.

This feature was introduced in November 2020 with the Continue Anywhere update.

Kingdom account[]


Continue Anywhere demo trailer

Addicted player whose life has been consumed throughout cross-saves.

To enable the cross-platform cloud synchronization of save files, players have to create a Kingdom account:

  1. On the pause menu, under the Kingdom's escutcheon, click/tap on the "Account" button, to open the player's account window.
  2. Select one of the options:
    • Login, if you already have a Kingdom account
    • Register, to create an account
    • Recover, if you forgot your credentials
    • Skip, to close that window, and go back to the main menu.
  3. Follow the in-game steps required for that option.
    Only the following steps require you to go outside the game environment:
    • read the Raw Fury's privacy policy (link is provided in game)[3]
    • confirm your email adress (go to your email service).

Players should avoid going directly on the PlayFab site to create an account there, as those aren't really "Kingdom accounts", but accounts for game developers.

PlayFab bugs[]

PlayFab provides the following services:
Start with frictionless (player) authentication...Microsoft, on the PlayFab's 1st service.[4]

25?format=original Despite this self-description, creating and accessing PlayFab accounts have not been smooth for a lot of players. If you find any of the following error messages, you should know that you're not alone:[5][6]

  • The username you have entered is already registered.
  • The email address you have entered is already registered.
  • Wrong username/email or password. Please try again.
  • Your account needs verification. Please check your inbox and verify the account before logging in.
  • Your Steam account is either linked to another profile or the Steam client is offline.
  • Your account is not linked to Playfab. Please login or create an account first.[7]
  • Something went wrong while logging you in. Please try again later.[7][8]

At that point, there's not much to do other than just keep trying, or try again later. In most cases (if not all), these PlayFab related bugs simply solve themselves after a couple of hours, or by the next day.

Cross-saves with premium DLC[]

A player must own the DLC on the platform they wish to play the game on. However, some players have reported that they were able to start a Norse campaign on a platform where they had purchased the DLC, and continue the same run on another, where they hadn't.[9]

Infinite "Saving" bug[]

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands on   Steam Logo Steam &   Switch Logo Nintendo Switch.

  • The game indefinitely displays the "Saving" message at the bottom right corner.
  • All auto-save tasks will fail, no matter how many in-game days are played.
  • The SAVE + QUIT button does nothing and the player is unable to normally quit the game.
  • Forcing the game to close through other methods spoil all the progress since the bug has been triggered.

Trigger: If you call a hermit—any hermit, in any island—out of his house and do not take him to a ride, the next time the game will try to save, it will never finish the task: the infinite "Saving" bug is triggered.

Workaround: Take the same hermit up on your mount. After this, the next time the auto-save will run (i.e., the next dawn), it will save normally.

Merging saves bug[]


This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

That means the previous save didn’t delete properly and merged with the new game session.Gordon on Reddit

Since the release of Two Crowns with the three available save slots the merging of saved files for different campaigns has been a possible bug. This can cause:

  • a new island to have the town center already built upon arrival for the first time on that campaign
  • sprites of mounts and subjects to show off with those of an unrelated setting
  • anything from a previous campaign to appear on the current one.

Workaround: use only one save slot and delete the save files before starting a more "serious" campaign.

Save and reload[]

“Sometimes this will get fixed if you save and reload your game”

…Said once the developers to a Steam user that couldn't find a way to make their farmers work.[10] In fact, throughout the years, since Kingom: Classic, "save and reload" has just become an inherent part of the game, especially during the few weeks after the release of a major update. Bugs related to the seasons mechanics and the subjects' A.I., along with their assigned tasks, and shops not appearing in Kingdom Two Crowns, are among the most common problems to be solved (at least momentarily) with this Kingdom "feature".[11]

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