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The purse or pouch, sometimes called coin purse for more clarity,[1] is where Monarchs keep their coins, and (in Kingdom Two Crowns) their gems.

The pouch fills up as the Monarch picks up coins or gems and empties when they are dropped, showing the Monarch's precise coin and gem count at all times. A monarch releases gems only after all the coins in the pouch have been dropped.

At the start of their reign the Monarch has an empty pouch, while in Kingdom: New Lands and Kingdom Two Crowns they bring with them the coins they had when leaving the previous island.


A full pouch

The coin pouch can comfortably hold up to about forty coins, becoming "full". However, it is possible to overfill the pouch, making the capacity effectively about fifty coins. Coins picked up while overfilling are increasingly likely to slip off the overflowing pile, falling onto the ground or into the river irretrievably.

Gems hold more space than coins, and so holding many gems significantly reduces the pouch capacity. After you find him it is best that you give all your gems to the Gem Keeper, it may be a good idea to leave gem chests unopened until they are needed. It is also possible sometimes for gems to form barriers that prevent coins from reaching the bottom of the pouch although this can easily be remedied by reshuffling the pouch by emptying it.

Overflowing purse[]

An overflowing pouch

A monarch with an overflowing pouch has a number of options to consider:

  • They can run past subjects in order to not let them stop and deliver coins.
  • They can spend the coins right away on good investments such as building walls or paying statues.
  • They can drop a few coins to archers or farmers for temporary safekeeping (In Kingdom: Classic villagers and builders do not give back more than two coins although picking up more, while in New Lands they don't pick up more than two coins).
  • They can drop coins outside the outer walls to have fewer attacking greedlings that night.
  • In New Lands and Two Crowns, they can give as many coins as they wish to the Banker for safekeeping.
Bug – There is a bug in Kingdom Two Crowns where a coin that has just been picked up by the Monarch will fall directly into the river, even if the purse is very far from overflowing, more specificaly when the purse is visibly less than half full.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Colors of coins and gems[]

Pouch coins and gems.png

Coins and gems inside the pouch can be different colors, but they all function as normal coins and gems when removed.

Coins can be bronze, silver, and gold, while gems can be blue, green, and red.


On the Sixth Day.jpg

These are the achievements directly related to the pouch:

Overflowing the coin pouch by day VI grants:

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An ancient Roman leather purse.
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    Other names used by the community are: coin pouch, coin bag (used in game files), or simply bag; and yet, but less common, all the variants replacing the word "coin" with "gold", as in "gold purse".

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