Portals are gateways through which the Greed enter our earthly realm. small portals are scattered throughout the forest, and large portal(s) exist(s) in the cliff face at the edge of the land. Active portals appear as stone arches made of black stone similar to that of the cliffs, and they are filled with swirling, purple goo. Inactive portals appear as empty arches which make mysterious groaning noises.

Destroying PortalsEdit

Main article: Destroying Portals.

Portals can only be destroyed by sending out knights and their party to attack it. Portals do not regenerate health, so any damage inflicted by a knight's party is permanent. Portals that are under attack release a few greedlings. The longer the kingdom has existed, the more greedlings will appear.

Common WavesEdit

Every night, active portals send out a number of greedlings. As the Kingdom progresses, the attacks become more and more powerful, eventually including floaters as well as breeders. Every day at noon, portal activity shuffles to keep the Kingdom on its toes.

Active or Inactive StateEdit

A portal switches between active and inactive state at the beginning of the day. An active portal lashes out at approaching townsfolk and the Monarch, and at night it serves as a spawn point for the Greed's nightly invasions. Inactive portals remain completely dormant until reactivated.

Active portals send out several greedlings when approached by the Monarch or any townsfolk, day or night. They spawn at a relatively slow rate, making it easy to run past the portal if necessary. This mechanic makes it dangerous and wasteful to recruit villagers whose camp is past an active portal, as they'll be hunted down once they near the active portal.

Inactive portals won't spawn any of the Greed if a subject or the Monarch approaches, but they do light up and defend themselves when attacked by knights. If you manage to destroy all portals on one side, no monsters will attack from that side except, in Kingdom: Classic and in the Skull Island, during final wave when all portals have been destroyed.

A portal will become inactive after a night wave spawns from the portal and will stay inactive until the next day noon.

The second portal on each side is always inactive as long as the first portal hasn't been destroyed.

On a Blood Moon day, there is a guaranteed chance that one of the nearby portals will be inactive.

Small PortalEdit

Portal GIF

Portal progressing through the 4 stages of destruction.

Small portals are always found in the woods and are the first kind of portal the Monarch will have contact with. There may be zero to 4 of these portals in one side of the Kingdom, depending on the game/island. For accuracy, see Island Portal Count section below.

Portals have 4 different appearances which correspond to their remaining health.

Description HP remaining[1]
1. Full arch 160
2. Loses one top stone 101
3. Loses front stones 80
4. Loses back stones 64

Unlike cliff portals, small portals have no way of coming back once they have been destroyed.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – Small portals' destruction is the main objective required to complete the game.

Skull Island Skull Island and Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns – It's part of the main objective.

After a small portal have been destroyed, a counterattack wave is triggered.


Kingdom portal

Once a small portal has been destroyed, the Kingdom's own teleporter can be built on the site of the destroyed portal for:

  • 5 coins in New Lands or
  • 8 coins in Two Crowns.

The teleporters appears circular and made of gray stones, with a translucent swirling material inside. Once construction is complete, the Monarch can spend:

  • 1 coins in New Lands or
  • 2 coins in Two Crowns.


  • fast spy regions where the monarch doesn't want to move to; or
  • instantly teleport to a specific location after having spied it.
To spy only: use right and left arrow keys.
To teleport: press the down arrow key.

Permanent Teleportation LinkEdit

After teleporting, crackly purple lightning appears at the exit location. When this location is not obstructed by something else, a permanent teleportation link can be established for:

  • 5 coins in New Lands or
  • 8 coins in Two Crowns.

When you don't pay the coins, the purple lighning goes away after a while, and the destination can be selected once more using the source portal.

Permanent links can only be established once per portal and cannot be undone. Paying the coins at the destination creates a scaffold for builders to construct the other portal frame. The Monarch can use the resulting teleporter pair at either end for the cost of a common teleport. This is incredibly useful in mid to late-game stages as continual movement between the left and right sides of the kingdom becomes time consuming.

No matter how it is used, using a portal frame will make it unusable for the next few minutes while the portal recharges.

Cliff PortalEdit

Assaulting Mother Portal
Portal Reconstruction

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands, Skull Island Skull Island & Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns only.

Cliffs portals are similar to small portals but take more damage to destroy, it is a longer run for the soldiers than any other portal and, (the biggest difference) it reconstructs itself in three days if destroyed.

Except in the Skull Island, when the portal is destroyed, the sky darkens but the Greed can mount no counter-assault, and so the Kingdom is safe for three nights. Periodically throughout those three nights, the portal's bricks lift into the air, marked with the Greed's purple magic, and smash back into place in the cliffs. Once the last block is replaced, the portal cracks back to life with the swirling purple goo, and the Greed resume their nightly raids on the Kingdom.

If a Blood Moon should occur on any of the three nights when the portal is incapacitated, the evil music plays, but the moon appears normal and no Greed attack the Kingdom.

Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns: A destroyed cliff portal may grant the access to the Cave.

The CaveEdit

Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns content only.
Main article: The Cave.
Strategy guide: Destroying Portals - The Cave

The Cave is the greed home base on each island. It's accessed through the cliff portal.

Destroying the cave secures that island and stops the greed spawning on it, even if there are still small portals on the sea side.

Dock PortalEdit

Dock Portal
Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns content only.

On each island, at the edge of the far side dock, there is a dock portal[2]. Dock portals behave almost the same as small portals, except they can take more arrows from archers and spawn greedlings more regularly. After it is destroyed, the Monarch can spend 6 coins to immediately purchase a lighthouse to allow safe travel between the two islands without breaking the ship and requiring a rebuilding. It can also be upgraded to stone (12 coins) and iron (18 coins) to increase the time it is lit.

Counterattack WavesEdit

Classic Kingdom: Classic: When a portal is destroyed, an immediate swarm of greedlings, floaters, and breeders pours forth from the closing portal. The knights and their archers can often perish, especially if they lack the blessing from the Statue of Archery. These waves get more massive as the game progresses, and can level an unprepared Kingdom. Being a long way from your outer wall may result in your attack troops being destroyed.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands and Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns: When a portal is destroyed, the sky is blacked out as if by solar eclipse, and the next moon appears red. These are indicators that the Greed are preparing a counterattack. Unlike in Kingdom Classic, the monarch troops here will always have enough time to run back to safety, no matter how far they are from the walls. With a deep rumbling/grinding sound, a random portal spawns dozens of greedlings and possibly floaters or breeders to attack the Kingdom. The solar eclipse remains until the counterattack is dealt with, at which time the normal day-night-cycle resumes from where it should be. Time still passes, so the sun can be just setting when the shadowy sky lifts. The sound of bells indicates that the kingdom is safe again. The more portals are destroyed, the stronger become the counterattack waves.

Skull Island Skull Island: There is a final counterattack after detroying the cliff portals. Resisting to this assault is the win condition for this island.

Island Portal CountEdit

New Lands

New Lands

Classic Kingdom: Classic

Left side Town
Right side
2 Small
2 Small
¹ - Although cliffs have not the appearance of a portal, they do spawn greed for the final counterattack wave. Cliff Portals cannot be destroyed.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands
Cliff and sea sides are random for all lands.

Island Cliff side Sea side
1st 1 Cliff Portal free
2nd 1 Cliff Portal, 1 Small Portal 1 Small Portal
3rd 1 Cliff Portal, 2 Small Portals 2 Small Portals
4th 1 Cliff Portal, 3 Small Portals 3 Small Portals[3]
5th 1 Cliff Portal, 3 Small Portals 3 Small Portals
Skull Island Skull Island
Left side Town
Right side
3 Small
3 Small
² - Cliff portals have to be destroyed.

Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns
Cliff and sea sides are random for all lands.

Island Cliff side Sea side
1st 1 Cliff Portal 1 Dock Portal
2nd 1 Cliff Portal, 1 Small Portals 1 Dock Portal, 1 Small Portals
3rd 1 Cliff Portal, 2 Small Portals 1 Dock Portal, 2 Small Portals
4th 1 Cliff Portal, 3 Small Portals 1 Dock Portal, 3 Small Portals
5th 1 Cliff Portal, 3 Small Portals 1 Dock Portal, 3 Small Portals



  1. Hit points calculated in game by counting arrows hitting the portal, i.e., very inaccurate.
  2. Also called mini-boss by dev.
  3. The New Lands update 1.2.8, brings a change to the 4th island layout. Before, there was only 2 small portals at the seaside, between the Town and the dock; now there are 3. To escape with the boat from this island then, the player must destroy at least 3 portals now. This video shows the current layout.
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