Portals are gateways through which the Greed enter the Kingdom's earthly realm.


There are three types of portals:

Type Location Classic New Lands Two Crowns
ASPL2 60 Small portal scattered throughout the forest Yes Yes Yes
CL 60 100 Cliff portal at the cliff face Yes Yes Yes
DockPL 60 100 Dock portal at the far side dock No No Yes

The first two appear as arches made of black stone, while the last one resembles a slimy creature.


This section describes the general behavior of portals throughout their regular day-night cycle.

The table below defines the states in which a portal may be found. It can be used to describe any portal at a given moment. Opposite states are displayed side by side. A full description of a portal's behavior can be composed by choosing one (and only one) adjective from each row.

Inactive Active
Any portal that is not the closest one to the town on that side of the Kingdom. It can never recognize a hostile presence, it can't be attacked and never opens.


In Two Crowns the wolf, bear or gamigin can attack an inactive portal, forcing it to open.


The closest portal on each side of the Kingdom. If non-exhausted, it remains sensitive to any hostile presence, being able to open to counter it, even during the day. It opens at night for the regular waves.
Exhausted Non-exhausted
Active portals become exhausted right after a regular wave has been lauched. They remain insensitive to any hostile presence until the next day noon. They're still able to react and open if attacked. Every day after noon, active portals recover their ability to recognize hostile presences, remaining on this state of alert until the nightime moment when the Greed wave has been fully launched.
Open Closed
An open portal is filled with swirling, pink and purple goo, and hums menacingly. It is about to or is already delivering monsters to the Kingdom's realm. It launches the waves of Greed at night and spawns a greedling at a time to counter a hostile presence.


In Two Crowns if there are still portals on the sea side when the cave is destroyed, those portals may open as any other active portal, but cannot spawn any Greed.


A closed portal has no fluid inside. The Greed cannot pass through it to enter the Kingdom's land. They can go across a closed portal though, if returning to their world (e.g.: a greedling with a coin). Active portals may be closed if exhausted or not disturbed by a hostile presence.


Nightly waveEdit

Every night, active portals send out a number of greedlings. As the Kingdom progresses, the attacks become more and more powerful, eventually including floaters as well as breeders. Every day at noon, portal activity shuffles to keep the Kingdom on its toes.

Counterattack waveEdit

Classic Kingdom: Classic – When a portal is destroyed, an immediate swarm of greedlings, floaters, and breeders pours forth from the closing portal. The knights and their archers can often perish, especially if they lack the blessing from the Statue of Archery. These waves get more massive the more portals have been destroyed, and can level an unprepared Kingdom. Being a long way from the outer wall may result in the attack troops being destroyed.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands and Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns – When a portal is destroyed, the sky is blacked out as if by solar eclipse, and the next Moon appears red. These are indicators that the Greed are preparing a counterattack. Unlike in Kingdom Classic, the Monarch troops here will always have enough time to run back to safety, no matter how far they are from the walls. With a deep rumbling/grinding sound, a random portal spawns dozens of greedlings and possibly floaters or breeders to attack the Kingdom. The solar eclipse remains until the counterattack is dealt with, at which time the normal day-night-cycle resumes from where it should be. Time still passes, so the sun can be just setting when the shadowy sky lifts. The sound of bells indicates that the Kingdom is safe again. The more portals are destroyed, the stronger the retaliation waves become.

Skull Island Skull Island (New Lands) – There is a final counterattack after destroying the cliff portals. Resisting to this assault is the win condition for this island.

Hostile presenceEdit

An archer (soldier or hunter) hitting with one arrow an active portal (exhausted or not), at any time of the day or the night, is immediately considered a hostile presence.

The Monarch or any subject approaching a non-exhausted active portal within a distance of half of screen and remaining on that area enough time (a few seconds) to trigger that portal to open is also considered a hostile presence. E.g.: Monarchs that pass by an active portal galloping on a Stag will not be considered hostile by an active portal because they're too fast.

In Classic and New Lands, villagers recruited deep in the forest, are never considered hostile by portals. They can be caught by regular Greed waves, but they never provoke themselves a portal. In Two Crowns though, it is not uncommon to see villagers triggering portals while trying to make their way home.

Destroying portalsEdit

For the step-by-step, see: Knight § Assaulting portals.

Portals can only be destroyed by sending out knights and their party to attack it. Portals do not regenerate health, so any damage inflicted by a knight's party is permanent. Portals that are under attack release a few greedlings. The longer the kingdom has existed, the more greedlings will appear.

When a small or dock portal has been destroyed, a teleporter can be created in its place.
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