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A plain full of potential: hunting, farming, and defense.

Plain is the walkable area with no trees on it, and where, under certain circunstances, grass can grow. Along with forests, plains form the totality of the natural environment in Kingdom.

Plains are the common place used for the expansion of the Kingdom, where most of its structures are built. They may exist inside or outside the Kingdom borders.

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – Due to several important differences, the space inside the cave is not considered a plain.

Initial plains[]

Upon arriving on a new land, the Monarch will find it almost fully occupied by forests, which generally obstruct the expansion of the Kingdom. Plains represent at this stage only a small percentage of the land. Below, these initial plains are classified according to their locations and the way they're used by the Monarch.

Central plain[]

The central plain is the big open space roughly located at the middle of the land. It has the unlit campfire, from where most Kingdoms start their expansion process. It's by far the largest strech of initial plain.


A typical clearing

Clearings are all the other open spaces found between two extents of forest. The trees around them are far enough to allow for the growth of at least a tiny patch of grass. Larger clearings only occur if they're the habitat of some typical mounts. Clearings are mostly used on expasion strategies where deforesting is done past a wooland containing a vagrant camp and/or a Merchant settlement, so those structures can be preserved.

In Two Crowns some islands are generated with no clearings in one of the sides of the Kingdom.

Extremity plains[]

All lands are surrounded by two cliffs, or by a cliff and a beach. In New Lands and in Two Crowns, cliffs are notable for their cliff portals, and beaches, for the docks—in Two Crowns also for the dock portals. Just before each cliff and each beach, there is always a small plain with a tiny patch of grass.

When scouting the land on early stages, the extremity plains are remarkably useful for grazing, especially if there is no clearing in the way from the town, or if the mount wasn't allowed to graze in the clearings. On extremity plains, if the grass patch is too close to an active portal, there's a risk of being considered a threat by the portal, which could meanwhile release one or two greedlings. Due to the distance from the Kingdom borders, the risk is usually worth taking, unless the Monarch has no coins to pay off the incoming monsters.

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – The extremity plains may lack grass, even outside the winter. It's unknown if this is caused by the cycling seasons, the land layout generation, or a bug. This occasional absence becomes irrelevant when riding a griffin, which can restore its stamina anywhere.


Monarchs can expand a plain by cutting the trees around it. After the edge of a forest is felled, it is slowly replaced by plains biome. The buffer of fellable trees moves inwards, and the Kingdom is allowed to expand. Boulders, streams, and dirt mounds can only be constructed upon in the plains.

  • The grass grows enough for mounts to graze and restore their stamina.
  • Travel is easy across the plains, except for the stag.
  • Rabbit dens spawn in any grassy parts of the plains unless it's wintertime. These grassy areas stop growing near any structures a kingdom has built on.
  • Vagrant camps and the Merchant settlement disappear if the trees around are cut. These structures cannot exist within the open plains.

If there's a clearing in a forest, it can be widened enough for walls & towers to be built there, effectively including some forest within a kingdom.


Structures occurring naturally in a plain include:

Mounts habitats[]

The table below shows the few mounts that have their original habitats in the plains:

Mount Habitat Classic New Lands TC16
Superior horses Hitch post 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Warhorse Abandoned battlefield 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Reindeer Christmas-y cottage 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Undead horse Haunted house w/ a noose 20?format=original 20?format=original 20?format=original
Classic = Kingdom: Classic New Lands = New Lands TC16 = Two Crowns


Grass spreading to the right

  • Grass patches can be found around in plains inside or outside the Kingdom borders.
    • Small patches can usually be found at the town center at any of its levels.
    • Farm plots can only have grass patches between them if they're not belongin to the same farm.
  • Grass cannot be introduced to an area unless it is outside the forest and next to an existing grass patch.
  • The grass patches can be extended by clearing forest areas around it by cutting trees and then waiting for the grass to slowly grow.
  • Grass patches will grow to the right and left as long as there are no obstacles.
  • Some buildings like walls, farms, and shops interrupt grass.
  • In Kingdom: Classic, the water stream will permanently block the grass patch expanding.
    • Building them clears the grass around, and the obstacle stops grass from growing across it, causing large open areas with no grass at all.

  • When a grass patch is wide enough, it sprouts tall grass, which allows rabbits to emerge. In New Lands and Two Crown, the grass must also be outside the outer walls for the bushes to spawn.
  • The grass dies in winter, usually after the first time the snow covers the ground. Thus, not being able to graze is one of the many hardships of winter.
  • In Two Crowns the grass regrows on all plains during the sixteen days of the spring.


Horse grazing grass.jpg

The horse or another mount can start grazing on grass (eating it) to regain its lost stamina, as well as receiving further benefits.

Mounts graze only:

  • On green grass that covers open fields, with no forest above it.

  • If they're hungry, like when it has been at least ten seconds since the last time they grazed.
  • If they're not moving. They need to stop completely to start eating. And they cannot be interrupted by a move order for at least three seconds to complete the action.

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – Opening the menu before this time makes the grazing in course ineffective. The animation is completed after unpausing, but, unlike the previous game, the mount remains tired, requiring an extra animation cycle.

A mount's stamina is fully restored as soon as it is done grazing. In addition, the grazing temporarily largely increases stamina. The effect is represented by a white trail left behind by the mount's feet as it runs. The effect lasts for forty-five seconds for the original horse (replacing its normal sprint duration of fifteen seconds), while other mounts are affected according to their own stamina. For example, the bear receives about twelve seconds of stamina that helps with both running and recovering from attacks. The effect depletes over time regardless of running, walking, or standing still.