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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

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When there's no more room in Hell the dead will walk the Earth. [1]

Pawn single icon Single
21?format=originalSurvive 10 days
21?format=originalSurvive 20 days
21?format=originalSurvive 40 days
21?format=originalOnly resolute rulers will find this crown!

Pawn co-op icon Co-op
21?format=originalSurvive 10 nights and each upgrade 2 wooden walls
21?format=originalSurvive 20 nights and each upgrade 2 stone walls
21?format=originalSurvive 40 nights and each upgrade 4 walls to iron
21?format=originalOnly for resolute and innoxious rulers!

Plague Island is a challenge island where the Monarch riding a warhorse will try to avoid the plague and survive a certain number of days.

Raw Fury description[]

This land has been overrun and on the brink of succumbing to the Greed… FOREVER! And now a fearsome pandemic is transforming citizens into Greed. The only thing you can do is try to survive as long as possible until your Kingdom is nothing but Greed.Raw Fury [2]

Island layout[]

Cliff Portal Plague.png
Mines Stone icon Stone 20?format=original
24?format=original Iron 20?format=original
Statues 20?format=original
Mount Warhorse
Dog 20?format=original
Hermit 20?format=original
Vag. camps 6
Merchant 20?format=original
Chests 20?format=original Coin chests 6
26?format=original Gem chests 20?format=original
Boat 20?format=original

About ten vagrants wander by the unlit campfire when the Monarch arrives, allowing the recruitment of a good number of subjects on the first day. However, the initial coins is not enough for paying tools and/or weapons to them all.

The stone and iron technologies are available on this island.

There are no gems, hermits or statues. There is no boat either.



The Greed on this island are stronger and faster than the faction found in the campaign.[3] Breeders start to spawn in Blood Moons after day fifteen, but there are no floaters. Crown stealers can spawn during blood moons after day 60, but only when riding breeders.

Blood Moons take place with the same frequency of those in Classic and New Lands—i.e. every five or six days followed by a truce the day after as usual.

Greedlings on this island infect any Kingdom subject they touch, instantly transforming them into greed-citizens. When a citizen gets infected, a strange sound can be heard, regardless of the distance between the Monarch and the infected subject. However, the sound doesn't play multiple times if more than one citizen gets attacked.


Although greed-citizens have a distinct appearance, they behave as regular greedlings:

  • bumping the walls (albeit more quickly and in a swarm)
  • attacking and infecting other townspeople
  • stealing the Crown
  • fleeing at Daylight.


  • they do not steal tools, weapons and coins
  • they move slower than regular greedlings
  • they deal more damage per hit [3]
  • hitting them does not make them vanish,
    but turns them back to their vagrant state instead.

The plague can quickly snowball out of control if one of the outer walls is breached.

If the Monarch recruits a citizen at a vagrant camp too far away from the outer wall, it will become infected and then killed by archers. So there will be a vagrant waiting for a coin right next to the outer wall, and it only costs one more coin.


There are no small portals on this island.

Cliff portals are preceded by a small stone pyramid with a purple tentacle that behaves like a dock portal but cannot be destroyed.

On the island horizon there is a volcano with a purple root or tentacle coming out of it.

Left side Town center Right side
Cliff portal Cliff portal


Warhorse plague.png

There are no alternative mounts on this island.

The warhorse the Monarch rides from the beginning, has an odd purple skin, but behaves as usual, with the penurious stamina and the ability to buff the townspeople with protection.

The buff protection has been significantly nerfed though. Folks hit by the Greed are not contaminated, but they do lose their tools and are thrown on the ground, lying for a few seconds before resuming their normal activity.

Cursed crown[]

Crown Cursed big.png

Pawn single icon Single playerOnly resolute rulers will find this crown!

To get the cursed crown in Plague Island in single player mode, the Monarch has to survive sixty nights.[5]

Pawn co-op icon CooperativeOnly for resolute and innoxious rulers!

To get the cursed crown in Plague Island in cooperation mode, both Monarchs must survive sixty nights and each upgrade six walls to iron.[6][7]

Video tutorials[]

Gold crown


Plague Island

A general overview of the challenge, looking at its mechanics and some tips for getting the gold crown.

Cursed crown


Plague Island - Cursed Crown

A guide covering how to unlock the cursed crown in the challenge, and a few tips to help you get it.

Bug - difficulty reduced[]

Timer icon.png

This section may be outdated due to a recent update.

Version 1.1.3 changed the behavior of breeders on Plague Island accidentally making the island much less of a challenge. And apparently developers have considered the introduction of the cursed crown to be a fix (or a compensating tweak) to this bug: Challenge too easy for ya, huh? Let's continue this discussion after the next patch.—dev. Angelica, exactly one month before the release of update 1.1.5, which introduced the cursed crowns.[8] See details on History.


For patch notes related to all Challenge Islands, see: Challenge Islands – History.

Date       Platf Version
Nov 3, 2020 All 1.1.5
NEW: Cursed crown was introduced.
May 7, 2020 All 1.1.3
FIX / BUG: "Large greed will no longer make any surprise visits during the daytime on Plague Island."

Sep 12, 2019 All
FIX: Balancing of difficulty level to make it achievable.

Aug 29, 2019 All 1.0.4
BUG: Mistimed breeders

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