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Pikemen are, like the archers, military and productive subjects only hireable in the european biome. They fish on the riverside during the day and help defending the walls at night. They do not travel with the monarch when leaving the island.

To hire a pikeman, the Monarch must pay 2 coins for a spear. The villager taking that spear becomes a pikeman. Each spear can be used for fishing or stabbing greeds a limited amount of times, after which the weapon breaks and the pikeman returns to be a common villager. The fish they catch during the day more than pays for one pike, making them economical.


Pikemen formation

Pikemen formation

Like other military subjects at the sunset, the pikemen run to protect the outer walls on both sides. On each side, only one pikeman pierce the Greed through the wall. As long as the greedlings are there, this pikeman will stab until his spear breaks. If there are more pikemen at that side, up to 3 others stand waiting in a row for their time to engage, as soon as the first man's weapon deteriorates. More pikemen will be organized in groups of 4 men per wall: if there is too many at a wall, the rest will set up at the wall behind; if there's too many there as well, they will make a defensive line at the town center.

Pikeman defend

Pikemen defending the town center

A pikeman thrust has an area of effect damaging by 1 hit point all (or many)[MISSING INFO] greedlings at the reach of the spear. This means that a large group tier one greedlings bunching up at the wall vanishes at the first pikeman blow. This ability fills a relevant gap left by the ballistic units (archers, catapults and ballista towers), which couldn't hit targets too close to the wall, specially the tier 4 tall stone wall.

It appears that they are also good defenders against floaters and leapers thanks to their spear length.

Spear durabilityEdit

Spears have a durability based on the number of greedlings killed. If greeds approach sparsely, pikemen will perform multiple hits before their weapons disappear. If greedlings press against the wall in dense groups though, pikemen will kill a great number of them in a single thrust, after which the spears break unavoidably. So, the spear durability is tied to the number of creatures killed and not to the number of thrusts performed.

In any case, pikemen are not only military units.

Pikeman two walls

Pikemen defending multiple walls


Pikeman fishing

A pikeman fishing

Once the bell knell rings announcing a new day, the pikemen start their profitable activity. While archers hunt deer and rabbits with their bows, pikemen use their spear to catch fish from dawn to dusk. They can do it inside or outside the walls perimeter, but never too far from the realm. They sell each fish right after catching it for one coin, and drop the coin at the fishing spot. The coins from fishing though will remain there waiting for archers or for the Monarch to gather them, because, unlike other subjects, the pikemen do not grab coins.

Fishes do not disappear nor diminishes with the winter, and the fishing activity becomes a good source of income during this season.


They wear medieval pikemen helmets, a leather/wood chest plate and wield an incredibly long pike more than twice their size made of stone or iron.

Possible glitchEdit

  • Villagers that picked up coins previously and takes a pike will resulting coins losing since they do not store or drop coins. It is possible that the coins are erased from their inventory at the time of becoming a pikeman, since pikemen store no coins. [Testing needed]
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