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A Norse town.

Norse Lands is a setting and a campaign inspired by the Norse Viking culture.[1] Just like the other settings, Norse Lands has its own heavily reskinned aesthetics. But unlike the others, it features a considerable amount of new gameplay mechanics, noticeably more than those brought with Dead Lands.


Norse Lands logo

The Viking setting was introduced as a fourth optional campaign.[2] Its logo appears on the left of the European campaign logo.

Similar to Dead Lands setting (first released as a campaign, and later used as the world of Trade Routes), the Norse culture is expected to appear on at least one future Challenge Island, but that has not been mentioned by the developers yet.

Developers' description[]

Set in a domain inspired by Norse Viking culture 1000 C.E, Norse Lands is a full new campaign that expands the world of Kingdom Two Crowns with a unique setting to build, defend, explore, and conquer. In Norse Lands, players can look forward to unleashing abilities drawn upon from Norse gods, commanding mighty units, building Viking- inspired armaments, solving challenging puzzles, and facing a new enemy Greed.

With Norse Lands, the award-winning Kingdom Two Crowns world vastly grows in scope. Notable additions offered in this premium DLC include:

Unique features[]

  • A sixth land to explore.
  • Norse Rulers: sit atop mighty Norse steeds and wield the powers of the Norse gods themselves. Viking-influenced rulers offer a whole different way for players to explore, build, defend and conquer the lands of the ice and snow.
  • Unlocking those special powers requires solving puzzles.
  • Norse townspeople jobs: best exemplified by the powerful berserker, an exceptional warrior, the people of Norse Lands will defend their Kingdom and defeat the Greed at all costs with a shield in hand.
  • Shield wall
  • All subjects defend: in accordance with the Norse warrior culture, the people of Norse Lands stand at the ready to protect the realm against looming threats. Whether a peasant, vanguard, farmer, archer, or builder, they will defend their land or go to Valhalla trying![3]
  • The Harsh North: the weather effects are sure to make players feel both the beauty and the unrelenting nature of Norse Lands to their very bones. And when cold winter sets in, rulers need to consider their strategies for survival wisely.
  • Six unique mounts
  • Crusher: a whole different breed of Greed to defend against.

Mechanical differences[]

  • Islands with their own order of unlockables
  • The banker is available for a very short time during the day.
  • While in Dead Lands new Monarchs with inherent powers can be rescued from cages, in Norse Lands, the initial Monarchs can acquire new abilities from solving the enigmas on puzzle monuments.
  • While in Dead Lands the different Monarchs can be switched at the Ruler Shrine, in Norse Lands, the initial Monarchs can switch between the learned abilities at the Stones of Power.[4]

Cosmetic differences[]

Some cosmetic changes highlighted

There is a great amount of cosmetic differences, meaning in-game elements that function just like in the other settings, but that have their own unique appearance in Norse Lands. For example:


The Norse Lands DLC is available as a premium content for all Two Crowns owners on the following platforms:

It requires the base game Kingdom Two Crowns.

In game purchase option

ᚠᛟᛏᛞ (FOTD: Flavour Of The Day?)

Other than visiting the online store page for the DLC, users may purchase it through the links provided in-game. The links can be found on the following places:

  • Main menu > Norse shield (showed on picture), or
  • Main menu > Campaign > Norse Lands logo.

Steam Logo Steam – If the user accquired the DLC, but has disabled it in the Steam library game otpions, the same in-game purchase options will appear.

Apple Logo Apple Store & Play Store Logo Google Play Store – Norse Lands on app stores do not have a specific showcase page for its content. The premium DLC is available for mobile only as an in-app purchase after owning and loading the base game. The purchase links are similar to the ones listed above.

Online co-op[]

If you want to play online with someone, you own Norse Lands, (...) and they don't own it, as long as the host owns Norse Lands, you can invite them to play an online session with you. So not everybody has to own it. [That goes for all platforms?] All platforms that have online play, yeah.Developer Gordon[5]

Official media[]



On 21 October 2021 a demo of the Norse Lands campaign was made available for free for Windows users on Steam.[6][7] The demo version tried to mimic a full campaign in one modded island full of random unlockables, and with no boat. After destroying the cave there, the player was prompted with the options to buy the game or restart the demo. On 12 November 2021, it was made available also for Mac and Linux users.[8]


Four days later, on 16 November 2021, the demo was removed from the store,[9] and the full version of Norse Lands was released as a premium DLC, along with the "Conquest Update", that brought several changes to all settings.[10][11][12]

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