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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.
For the European equivalent, see: Pikeman.

Ninja or shinobi is a military and economic subject, hired at a dojo in Shogun, that:

  • fish during the day, and
  • ambush the Greed in the bamboo during nighttime.

If there is no bamboo near the castle wall, ninjas will fight close range or low range outside of the wall until they get hit or lose their weapons.


The dojo is required to hire ninjas. It is unlocked at the town center fifth tier, the stone fortifications. Once unlocked, it appears toward the outer wall, usually before the siege workshop. There can be one dojo per side of the kingdom; and the ninjas trained on one side will perform all their activities on that side.

A ninja kit (fishing pole, shurikens, ninjato and uniform) can be purchased at the banner with a shuriken for two coins each. Up to four ninjatos—each one representing a ninja kit—can be waiting on the weapon stand at a time. If a villager picks up a ninjato, he is assigned to being a ninja.


Ninjas start each day by changing their clothes and equipment at the dojo. Then they wander around the town in a casual look, occasionally casting their rods and catching fish, which they sell for one coin each. Like pikemen, the ninjas do not hold extra coins either, relying on the archers or the Monarch to grab them, before they disappear.

As fish do not disappear during winter, all fishing activity can be carried on during this season.


Ninjas trained on one side of the kingdom do not cross the town to defend the other side. Hiring a large group of ninjas, all on one side, will make them all ambush the Greed in the same forest section.

In the evening they go in the bamboo forest to hide and wait for the greed to attack and then, at night, they fight them from behind. They have a katana for melee attacks and shurikens for low-range attacks.

Ninjato durability[]

Once they've killed enough Greed or if they are attacked and lose their weapons they disappear in a puff of smoke and reappear at the dojo as villagers.

Ninjas sunset.png

A group of ten ninjas heading to the bamboo at the sunset during the winter.

Immunity to plague[]

On Plague Island they do not get infected when attacked by greedlings. They do receive damage and escape back to town when their weapons are gone, but without ever becoming a greed-citizen. This turns out to be a great advantage over all other types of military subjects on this island.


The ninja was designed to somewhat replace the pikeman from the European biome.[1] The fact that he did not generate any sort of income in the release version, while his counterpart did it even during the scarcity of winter, provoked some negative reactions on players and made devs tweak this subject a couple of times, before finally giving him the ability to fish during the day.


  • Ninjas originally had no daytime activity - They used to not fish during the day, making them “inferior“ to pikemen in the Kingdom setting.
  • There is a small patch of grass under where the sensei is sitting, but the mounts won't graze on it.
  • Ninjas might run to a far away bamboo patch if there are none near the wall in some cases. This might be a bug or intentional feature.
  • Ninjas are best used if there are bamboo patches right outside the wall for them to ambush the greed.
  • The ninja is the only military unit that fights the greed outside the walls during regular nightly waves.

See also

Date       Platf Version
Apr 4, 2019 All 1.0.3
Added a day time hobby for the shinobi.
Feb 4, 2019 All 1.0.2 - R6338
Doubled the amount of hits the ninja can take.
Ninjato price was reduced from four to two coins.
Dec 19, 2018 Steam Logo 1.0.1
"Buffed the ninja" (?)
Ninjato price was reduced from eight to four coins.
May 25, 2021 All (version unknown)
Patched so Ninjas hold 2 coins
May 25, 2021 All (update uknown)
Fixed Bug where ninjas would destroy portals in their free time (one shot portals)


  1. Gordon van Dyke's interview (3′32″) with Game Reactor.