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For the "night" triggered by the destruction of a portal, see: Counterattack wave.

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We'd better get back because it'll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night. Mostly.Newt, on Aliens (1986)

Night comes when the Moon traverses the skies above.

This period is commonly marked by a timed wave, which means, a wave that is launched to hit the Kingdom walls roughly at midnight. They can be regular waves or the special Blood Moon waves.

Knights and archers will retreat at dusk behind the furthest kingdom wall with the presumption of attack by Greed. Meanwhile, idle builders outside of the kingdom will hurry back, but builders with tasks assigned ignore the coming of night and continue their labors faithfully and, perhaps, foolishly.

A normal night should end with the morning bell.

In Two Crowns, the stars in the night sky begin to form a constellation over time, beginning sometime after day L. This is a hint towards the crown stealer.

Bug of three nights in a row – Since the patch 1.1.13 (Nov-2021), there's an issue where one daytime is replaced by a night, making a total of three nights in a row: a normal night, a bugged day (turned into night), another normal night, and then the regular day-night cycle resumes with a normal daytime.[1][2][3] All things work as they should, but the switched sky may cause confusion, inducing the player into mistakes.[4]


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