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The standard horse grazing on the plains

Mounts are animals the Monarchs ride as they travel across the land.

Mount mechanics[]

All mounts can stand still, walk or gallop; and some have a special ability.


Different mounts can have different speeds. Additionally, one mount can have different speeds on different terrains, such as the open grasslands vs the forest. For example, the unicorn is slower in the forest than on open land, while the stag and bear are faster in the forest. And all mounts are faster galloping, but one mount compared to other can have a better performance walking and a worse performance galloping, and vice-versa.[1]


Mounts also differ on their running duration which is limited by their stamina. Stamina levels are different for each mount. As a mount's stamina drops, the animal starts to breathe heavily, and upon total exhaustion it's limited to walking while it regains its stamina. An exhausted mount forced to gallop, may end up rearing. Mounts can regain the consumed stamina quickly and gain an extra stamina pool by stopping to graze.

Special ability[]

This section is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

Most mounts in New Lands and in Two Crowns have a special ability. Some abilities will activate without an action from the player and depending on the situation, like the stag and the unicorn's abilities.

Others like the warhorse and the bear will use their special abilities when sprinting.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – A few others will require a specific trigger to activate their special abilities. These triggers or commands are shown on the table.

Trigger for the mounts' special ability
PC 1st P L.Shift while standing still
2nd Player G
Mobile Swipe up
N. Switch ZL or ZR
Xbox Right trigger
PS4 L2 or R2

Types of special abilities[]

Below are some main types of special abilities:

Economic abilities generate income for the Kingdom.
 E.g.: the stag attracting deer.

Defensive abilities reduce the damage taken or delay an attack from the Greed.
 E.g.: the warhorse buff protection.

Offensive abilities apply direct damage to the Greed.
 E.g.: the lizard spitting fire.

Extra foraging abilities allow some mounts in Two Crowns to feed or rest on all types of terrains.
 E.g.: the griffin can recharge its stamina anywhere.

Note that an ability may be found in more than one group; for example, the charge attack of the bear, that may be used to attack greedlings and to hunt wildlife.

Mount choice[]

Monarchs start their journey riding a horse with average speed and stamina, and no special ability. This horse can be replaced by a variety of mounts—each one with its unique preset advantages and disadvantages—as soon as they are found and/or unlocked.

The Monarch cannot dismount at any point except when changing to a new mount.

Swapping mounts in all games will leave the previous one wandering around the swap area, never disappearing or wandering too far away.

In Classic[]

Classic Kingdom: Classic – The Monarch may choose between two horses: the standard horse and the black horse. Swapping mounts cost three coins.

v Mount Stamina Speed Unlock
Map M Horse.png
Brown horse Average Average Start
Map M Horse.png Black horse More Faster Meadow past a
forest section

In New Lands[]

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – There are a total of ten usable mounts (including the two holiday event mounts and counting each horse type separately). New mounts can be unlocked by finding signposts on the various islands, and mounts can be swapped for three coins at any of their spawn points. These spawn points can be found throughout any of the islands, although the Monarch is more likely to find a more varied selection of mounts on bigger islands. Swapping mounts always cost three coins.

v Mount Stamina Speed Ability Unlock
Map M Horse.png
Light brown horse Average Average Start
Map M Horse.png Superior horses
(4 types)
Varied Varied 2nd island
3 Coin_icon
Map M Stag.png Stag A bit more Faster in forests Seducing deer 3rd island
3 Coin_icon
Map M Bear.png Bear Low Average Charge attack 4th island
3 Coin_icon
Map M Warhorse.png Warhorse High Normal Protective buff for subjects 4th island
3 Coin_icon
Map M Unicorn.png Unicorn Average Faster on plain Pooping coins 5th island
3 Coin_icon
Special events
Map M Stag.png Reindeer same of the stag same of the stag same +
Pull the sleigh
𝖀 Undead horse Infinite Average Tireless Halloween

In Two Crowns[]


Best Mounts (Two Crowns)

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – In the campaign there are two base horses on each setting—basically one for the first, and the other for the second player—all with the same statistics. The availability of other mounts depends on the setting. All new mounts have to be unlocked (once) with gems and can be switched to with coins. Having a stable may help when switching mounts is an important part of the strategy. A few mounts have a very distinct way to restore stamina, and a few others have a special attack. The mounts available in the Challenge Islands are mostly similar to their campaign counterparts.

v Mount Stamina Speed Rest Ability Unlock
Regular campaign
Map M Horse.png
Average Average Grazing Start
Map M Griffin.png Griffin Good Fast Eating
1st island
2 Gem_icon + 8 Coin_icon
Map M Stag.png Stag A bit
Faster in forests Grazing Seducing
2nd &
16?format=original 2nd
1 Gem_icon + 3 Coin_icon
Map M Horse.png Draft horse Much
A bit
Grazing 3rd island
1 Gem_icon + 3 Coin_icon
Map M Warhorse.png Warhorse Low Slow Grazing Protective buff for subjects 3rd island
2 Gem_icon + 8 Coin_icon
Map M Bear.png Bear Low Average Grazing Charge
4th &
16?format=original 3rd
3 Gem_icon + 10 Coin_icon
Map M Lizard.png Lizard Low Slow Sunbathing Spit fire 4th &
16?format=original 4th
3 Gem_icon + 10 Coin_icon
Map M Unicorn.png Unicorn Average Faster on plain Grazing Pooping
5th &
16?format=original 5th
4 Gem_icon + 12 Coin_icon
16?format=original Dead Lands
Map M Horse.png Undead
Average Average Grazing Start
Map M Gamigin.png Gamigin Below
Slow Grazing
1st island
1 Gem_icon + 3 Coin_icon
Map M Golem.png Golem Low Slow Grazing Summon a barrier 3rd island
2 Gem_icon + 3 Coin_icon
Map M Beetle.png Beetle Above
Faster in forests Grazing Larva
4th island
2 Gem_icon + 3 Coin_icon
Challenge Islands
𝖂 Wolf Good Average Howling to the moon Charge attack Start
(Dire Island)

In Norse Lands[]

The newly added Norse Lands setting (also for Two Crowns) introduces the following unique mounts.

v Mount Stamina Speed Rest Ability Unlock
Map M Day-night horse.png
High Faster in
Grazing Changes color 1st island
1 Gem_icon + 4 Coin_icon
Map M Cat chariot.png Cat chariot Below
Average Eating
Speed burst &
recruit cats
2nd island
3 Gem_icon + 7 Coin_icon
Map M Sleipnir.png Sleipnir Fast Above
Grazing Knock back
& fire trail
3rd island
3 Gem_icon + 12 Coin_icon
Map M Water horse.png Water
Slow Soaking up
Water waves
& ice walls
4th island
3 Gem_icon + 10 Coin_icon
Map M Golden boar.png Golden boar Low Very slow Rooting Digs coins &
buffs farm
5th island
3 Gem_icon + 12 Coin_icon
Map M Wolf.png Fenrir Slighty above
Fast Howling to
the Moon
Charge attack &
defensive buff
6th island
3 Gem_icon + 10 Coin_icon

ve Norse Lands content


The following is a list of the changes related to the ensemble of the mounts. For the changes related to each mount, see their specific article.

Date       Game Platf Version
Dec 11, 2018 16?format=original All 1.0.0
Different ways of recharging the stamina (besides the classical grazing on grass) were introduced.
Aug 9, 2016 New Lands All 1.0.0
A bunch of new mounts were introduced, with 3 types of special abilities: economic, defensive, and offensive abilities.
Apr 11, 2016 Classic All 1.2.0
The first unlockable mount was introduced: the black horse (faster and more resistant).
Oct 21, 2015 Classic All 1.0.0
Only one horse existed and the Monarch could not change it.

A poster for New Lands, w/ the goat that was cut for launch

A goat mount was planned in addition to all the others in Kingdom: New Lands but eventually didn't make it to the final release. The goat had no special ability. On Twitter Noio wrote that : "one of the ideas was 'worse in every way but cute'. Like a 'hard mode' for the game."[2]

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