The Monarch is the playable character in the Kingdom series. The monarch runs the kingdom by traversing it upon their mount, and organising the work of their subjects, using coins. Players choose their monarch's appearance when first starting the game.


The king wears a crown and a coloured cape while the queen wears a tiara and coloured dress. By pressing the "s" or "down" button (or by tapping the screen in the mobile version) during the loading screen, gender, skin colour, and the colour of the cape or dress will be randomised, letting the player decide on their preference. Once selected, players cannot change their character unless they start a new game.

Players also get their character a banner with random tinctures, ordinaries and charge after they establish a camp in game. The colour of the banner will be the same with the colour of the character's cape or dress.

Steam Logo PC – The pause screen allows the player to alter the banner manually. For details, see blazons.


Two Crowns Kingdom: Two Crowns introduced the possibility to play with a second monarch.

Playing in coop make a lot of things easier, like having two different mounts, doubling the coins and gems carrying capacity, and being able to manage both sides of the kingdom simultaneously.

Both monarchs need to lose their crowns in order to lose the game. If one monarch loses the crown, the other can craft him/her a new one for 8 coins. A crownless monarch isn't able to interact with anything and the Greed ignores him.


  • So far there is no defeat where the monarch outright dies, although they are implied to have died since the ghost has the colour of the previous monarch's dress/cloak.


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