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The Monarch is the playable character in the Kingdom series. The Monarch runs the kingdom by traversing it upon their mount, and organising the work of their subjects, using coins.


The King wears the Crown and a coloured cape while the Queen wears the Tiara and coloured dress.

Players choose their monarch's appearance when first starting the game. By pressing the S or button (or by tapping the screen in the mobile version) during the loading screen, sex, skin colour, and the colour of the cape or dress will be randomised, letting the player decide on their preference. Once selected, players cannot change their character unless they start a new game.

Players also get their character a banner with random tinctures, ordinaries and charge after they establish a camp in game. The colour of the banner will be the same with the colour of the character's cape or dress.

PC & console – The pause screen allows the player to alter the banner manually. For details, see Coat of arms.

16?format=original Two Crowns co-op – There is no way to customize the appearance of the second player. They will just get their characteristics randomized when they join the campaign for the first time.

16?format=original Dead Lands – It's not possible to customize the appearance of Miriam, the starter Monarch. This cosmetic customization has been replaced with the possibility of changing Monarchs.


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For the technical details of the multiplayer mode in Kingdom Two Crowns, see: Co-op.

Dead Lands[]


This section is about Dead Lands.

Main article: Monarchs (Dead Lands).

For the first time in Kingdom, players will not only be able to change which mount they roam around on while they explore and expand their kingdom but they’ll also be able to switch between four different Monarchs, each with a unique powerful trait. These four new monarchs in Dead Lands all come from Bloodstained.

New rulers will start out as the shardbinder Miriam, and during their journey unlock the demon hunter Zangetsu, the summoner Gebel, and the alchemist Alfred.

Dead Lands Alfred stag.gif Dead Lands Miriam gamigin.gif Dead Lands Zangetsu beetle.gif Dead Lands Gebel golem.gif
Alfred on a stag Miriam on a gamigin Zangetsu on a beetle Gebel on a golem


  • So far there is no defeat where the Monarch outright dies, although they are implied to have died since the Ghost has the colour of the previous monarch's dress/cloak.



Date       Game Platf Version
Nov 3, 2020 16?format=original All 1.1.5
FIXED: a multiplayer bug where the joining ruler could lose their coins and gems while sailing away.
Apr 28, 2020 16?format=original All 1.1.0 - R9972
NEW: Four monarchs with their own specific abilities replace the regular monarchs on Dead Lands.
BUG: On online co-op, whenever the 2nd Monarch (client) rejoins the campaign or when they travel to a new island, his/her pouch is completely emptied.

Dec 11, 2018 16?format=original All 1.0.0
3 monarch skins on Europe (1 male and 2 females) and 3 other on Shogun (2 males and 1 female), replaced the young king and the long hair queen skins.
Oct 21, 2015 Classic All 1.0.0
Introduced, w/ 2 skin options: a young king and a long hair queen.

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