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The lizard is a large and slow mount which is able to spit fire. It has very low stamina but a higher than normal walk speed.


It is always on the fourth island, it costs three gems to unlock and ten coins to ride it. Its habitat can be recognized by a fountain surrounded with rock formations bearing Aztec symbols and drawings. Under the fountain lies an egg which hatches into the lizard once the gems are paid.


Instead of grazing, the lizard sunbathes to recharge stamina.

Sunbathing conditions

Like all other mounts, the lizard can only recharge its stamina while it's not moving. And while all other mounts need to be least a bit hungry to graze, the lizard needs to be a bit discharged to sunbathe. The special condition for the lizard is that it doesn't require a patch of grass, but a minimum amount of sunlight.

20?format=original It can be done 20?format=original It can not be done
PLACE Only on plains
· including plains w/ or w/o grass [1]
· Inside forests
· inside the cave
TIME Only during daytime
· including the winter daytime [1]
· including cloudy, rainy or snowy days
· during the night
· during the eclipse of retaliation waves


The amount of solar energy available is tied to a variety of factors and circumstances. The most obvious is related to time: precisely the day-night cycle, which means that during nighttime the required amount of sunlight will never be provided, while during daytime that amount may or may not be available, depending on other factors.

Open field[]

The second most evident condition is related to space: inside forests and inside the cave there will never be enough sunlight, while on plains, the Sun's energy available may or may not be enough for sunbathing, depending on other factors.

Other factors that modify the intensity of tangible sunlight include:

Position of Sun[]

The more the Sun approaches the highest point in the sky, also know as noon, the more sunlight will reach the mount; and the more the Sun is close to the horizon line, in either dawn or dusk, the less sunlight will be provided. The Sun does not have to be directly visible to offer a good amount of light. Sometimes (depending on the weather) the lizard can recharge stamina even during twilight, that happens a few seconds before the sunrise, or after the sunset.


Fog, clouds, rain and snow can reduce the overall amount of daylight; not to the point of making the entire daytime unsuitable for recharging, but definitely making the suitable time shorter. At noon, on an open field, the lizard will always be able to take advantage of sunlight, no matter the weather or the season. Even during foggy, cloudy, snowy days the lizard can sunbathe around noon. So, the time for sunbathing can be shortened from about two minutes and twenty seconds during good weather days, to only one minute on days with really bad weather.

Sunbathing animation[]

The sunbathing animation consists of the animal relaxing its hind legs, slightly raising its head, opening the mouth and closing the eyes. It takes about four to five seconds to do so.

Spitting fire[]

Trigger for the special ability
PC 1st P L.Shift while standing still
2nd Player G
Mobile Swipe up
N. Switch ZL or ZR
Xbox Right trigger
PS4 L2 or R2

Its special ability is to spit fire onto the ground in front of it (covering an area spanning the same length of the lizard). This lasts for five seconds, burning any greedling which steps on it. Greedlings which make contact with burning greedlings (not in its dying animation) will catch on fire as well, making it extremely powerful for base defense where greedlings are clumped up behind walls. Greedlings which are on fire take damage after every second. One tick of damage is enough to incinerate a greedling. Masked greedlings take around three to five ticks of damage. Breeders and crown stealers take significant damage from the fire.

To activate ability, double tap a directional key or hold Shift then tap a directional key. On Xbox/PS4 hold a trigger/sprint button. Once the ability is activated, the lizard will be immobile for a second to charge up before performing the ability (this may lead to dangerous situations if being chased). The direction of the ability can be changed an unlimited amount of times during its charge up animation (be careful not to change direction before ability is resolved). The ability can be used up to two times in quick succession (before running out of the required stamina). If the ability is activated twice without letting the first activation resolve, the result will be the ability releasing one second after the latter activation, and the two activations merge into one (this proves to be a waste as both duration of the fire as well as a greedling's burning instance do not double, but would require twice the amount of stamina).


Surviving a Breeder and a Crown Stealer with a Stone Wall and the Lizard

To sprint without activating the ability, hold a directional key first, then hold shift. This is important due to the fact that the ability uses up stamina, and immobilizes you for a second.

The fire does not affect wildlife (rabbits or deer) or structures (walls, portals or greed nests). It also does not interact with snow (during winter). The fire will not harm subjects, but will instead immobilize any caught in the fire for its duration. Subjects will also be immobilized before walking into the fire. This may turn out to be counter productive when attempting to save subjects being chased by greedlings.

The fire does not affect floaters even when swooping down to pick up subjects.

Video guide[]



Guide for the lizard mount


Date       Platf Version
Nov 3, 2020 All 1.1.5
FIXED: The lizard has acclimatized and is now able to sunbathe in Dead Lands.
Apr 28, 2020 All 1.1.0
Introduced in Dead Lands. BUG: The Lizard does not sunbathe in Dead Lands, thus not fully recharging its stamina.[2]
Dec 19, 2018 Steam Logo 1.0.1
Reduced the cost to ride from 14 to 10 coins.

Dec 11, 2018 All 1.0.0

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  1. 1.0 1.1 On the very early versions of the game, there was a bug that included grass as one of the requirements for sunbathing. That bug would lead to the misconception that the Sun wasn't able to provide enough irradiation during winter. This has been fixed in one of the 2020 updates.
  2. As confirmed by dev: Dead Lands is way too dark for the Lizard to be able to sunbathe. Next update will have a fix for this. Raw Fury developer Angelica on Steam.