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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

Lighthouse is a buildable structure near the far side dock.


A lighthouse allows for a safe return to the island it's built on without the boat being destroyed.

Exception: if the Monarch loses the Crown, the boat will break, even if there is a lighthouse on the first island—that is where heirs start their journey.


In order to build it, the Monarch must send troops to destroy the dock portal, and pay six coins while at the very end of the dock to build the wooden lighthouse.[1]

The structure is built and upgraded instantly and without the need of builders.


After that, the lighthouse can be upgraded to stone for twelve additional coins, and finally to iron for eighteen additional coins.

The purposes of the lighthouse upgrades are unconfirmed. For the speculations, see: Lighthouse tiers in the comment section.

Safe landing

When arriving at an island with a lighthouse of any tier, the boat will arrive, intact, at the far side dock.

All the crew—except the archers in the crow's nest and on the tower—will disembark; and the accompanying builders will push the boat to the central dock, closer to the town center. [2]


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