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Knight or squad leader is a melee infantry subject that leads a small company of archers while defending the Kingdom, carrying out attacks on portals, escorting bombs to the cave and, in Kingdom: New Lands, escorting the boat to the dock.

They wield a weapon and a shield and dons armor and a helmet.

Squad leader[]

A squad leader may be:

  • a knight, in Classic and in New Lands
  • a squire or knight, in Europe, Two Crowns
  • a ronin or samurai, Shogun, Two Crowns.


A shield is required to hire a squad leader. It is unlocked at the town center sixth tier, the castle keep. Unlike other weapons and tools, there is not a shop or vendor to sell shields.

A shield can be purchased at the castle facade side for six coins each, and will hang on there until a villager takes it up to become a squad leader, after which each shield is replaced by a similarly colored banner, indicating that the troop leader still has his shield.

The squires pick their colors randomly from your two colors. The flag reflects that choice. If you have red and blue for colors, you will get a combo of red/red blue/blue and red/blue squires.Developer Alan[1]

If, without extra coins, he gets hit, unlike archers with their bows, his shield simply disappears when he turns back to being a villager. His banner will appear torn to shreds, indicating that the owner of that shield has fallen in battle, and a new shield can be bought there.

Up to four shields can be waiting on there at a time, two on each side. Kingdoms can normally hire up to four squad leaders per land.

Squad leaders operate on the side their shield was bought. If they go onboard for a next island, they will split evenly after disembarking, with odd numbers favoring the dock side.

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – A shield is not enough to make a knight. Paying a shield to a villager turns him into a knight's or samurai's apprentice. That apprentice, called squire in Europe and ronin in Shogun, is able to perform all the tasks his master can do, but he has a much weaker defense.

Classic & New Lands Vagrant +1 Coin_icon Villager + shield (6 Coin_icon) Knight
TC16 (4 Coin_icon) Squire / ronin

More shields[]

This section is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

It's possible to increase the number of squad leaders on an island by:

  • bringing up to three of them on the boat from another island (see Boat § Leaving the island for details), or
  • by purchasing extra shields from knight towers.

Knight tower[]

For buying even more shields, see: Knight tower.



This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

The forge (or smithy) is required to turn an apprentice squad leader into a master. It is unlocked at the town center last tier, the iron keep and it requires a large enough empty space protected by an iron wall, that is, with an iron back wall (see picture). For this the Kingdom needs the iron technology, found on the fourth island. The forge may appear on the sea side or on the cliff side of the island.

A sword or katana can be purchased there for twelve coins each. Once this is done, the sword attracts one apprentice warrior, who will then become a master.

Up to four swords or katanas can be waiting on the weapon stand at a time. In Europe, a squire will take up a sword and become a knight. While in Shogun, a ronin will take up a katana to become a samurai.

Europe Vagrant +1 Coin_icon Villager + shield (4 Coin_icon) Squire + sword (12 Coin_icon) Knight
Shogun Ronin Samurai

As a knight or samurai the warrior can hold more coins and can benefit from the Statue of Knights (only really useful in Kingdom: New Lands).

For a guide on how to keep improving the assault forces, see: Upgrading an offensive army.

Personal protection[]

Squires and knights hold extra coins in order to buff their defensive capabilities. Each coin acts as a health buffer for them (much like with the Monarch), protecting them against all the greed, including floaters and the boulders thrown by breeders. A squire/knight with no coins will irretrievably lose their shield/sword when hit, becoming again a villager.

Knights will collect up to seven coins in Classic / New Lands and eleven coins in Two Crowns; and squires, up to five coins. This makes the main difference between these units: knights are more resistant in battle if they've received all the coins they can hold.

If the villager already had one or two extra coins with him before taking the shield, these one or two coins will count for the total amount of coins kept for personal protection when he becomes a squire/knight.

Coins used for personal protection are much more effective when held by these melee warriors, than when held by any other character in the game, including the Monarch. When they are hit by a greed, they have a chance to block the attack without losing coins.

Unlike other subjects, they won't drop back the extra coins they have for personal protection, if the Monarch stands by them.

Squires and knights will collect coins dropped by the Monarch, dropped from hunted animals, and from cut trees. They will ignore coins dropped by the banker and from the unicorn.


A squire or a knight's company is formed by up to four soldier archers. They enlist any free archers they pass by, until they have four archers under their control. The soldiers wear the Kingdom's colors on their clothes, much like knights. They still function similarly to regular archers, but they no longer hunt and instead follow their liege and focus on attacking monsters and portals instead of wildlife.

Defense with knights[]

During the day, idle squires and knights guard the borders by walking to or standing near the Kingdom's defensive line at the outer wall. As night falls, they pull just inside the outer wall along with their soldiers.

When the Greed attacks the outer wall, squires and knights will stand ready as their soldiers shoot arrows over the wall. If the leaders sense, that the outer wall is going to fall, they will retreat with their companies to the next wall. Consequently the soldiers will be able to continue fighting wall by wall without being attacked by ground monsters, although they are still vulnerable to floaters. The squires and knights, if they have enough coins, are also able to block the rocks thrown by breeders, preventing the archers (hunters and soldiers) behind them from being hit.

Assaulting portals[]

Defensive Wall with Banner.jpg

A knight’s and squire's primary purpose is to lead the offenses to destroy portals. During the day, they remain positioned at the banner by the Kingdom's defensive line, ready to launch an attack at the Monarch's command. When four coins are paid to the banner, knights or squires start a charge towards the nearest portal in that direction. The soldiers will immediately follow their liege into battle.

Classic Kingdom: Classic – All knights for that side are sent at once.

New Lands Kingdom: New Lands & TC16 Two Crowns – Spending four coins at the banner, only sends one squire/knight including their soldiers to attack. Sending more groups to battle requires additional four coins payments.

At the portal, squires/knights stand in front of their soldiers, protecting them while they shoot at the portal frame. Incoming greedlings will attack the squire/knight, sometimes being slain immediately, sometimes being blocked by them, and sometimes knocking one of their coins away. The soldiers might accidentally shoot the monsters coming out of the portal. Occasionally one or two monsters will temporarily break through a squire's/knight's defense and knock a soldier's bow off; however, if his bow is not stolen by a greedling, the villager will try to pick it back up and, as long as the squire/knight still stands, return to the fight. If said villager had his coin taken away (and turned into a vagrant), then a new soldier will immediately be recruited from the central kingdom and run towards the portal to replace the fallen one. Fighting continues until either the portal is destroyed or the attack party is eliminated.

Cancel an assault order[]

25?format=original It is not possible to cancel any assault order. Players must be careful when launching an attack to a portal, mainly by evaluating if the troops would have enough time to accomplish that task.

Players should also pay attention when upgrading a wall, so they do not unintentionaly use the banner coin slots, instead of the wall coin slots.

Once they go hope they survive!Raw Fury [2]

Reinforcements for next island[]

It's possible to request additional troops to board the boat, so they go on defending the Kingdom on the next island. Up to three squad leaders along with their company will engage on this journey.

Escort the bomb[]

TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns – Two melee warriors are needed to escort the bomb towards the cave and destroy it.


Date       Game Platf Version
May 25, 2021 TC16 All 1.1.11
FIXED: Encouraged the samurai to start picking up coins again.
May 4, 2021 TC16 All 1.1.10
FIXED: An issue that prevented players from buying squires and ronin when playing on an older save file.
Apr 20, 2021 TC16 All 1.1.9
NEW: Knight Statue was redesigned. Knights no longer jump to their ruin—instead, all squad leaders gain faster attacks and can carry more coins when the Statue is activated.
BUG: Monarchs cannot hire any new squire or ronin, even with the main building upgraded to tier 6 or 7. There is no banner, shield, or coin slots on the building façade.[3][4][5]
BUG: Samurai won't accept any extra coin for their personal protection, becoming one hit away from being turned back to villagers.[6][7]
Apr 4, 2019 TC16 All 1.0.3
FIXED: Client purchasing sync issues (squires, forge and bomb).
Dec 11, 2018 TC16 All 1.0.0
NEW: Squires were introduced in Europe, and ronin and samurai, in Shogun.
Dec 19, 2017 New Lands All 1.2.8
FIXED: Only up to 3 knights can board on the boat. (See details).
Feb 20, 2017 New Lands All 1.2.3
FIXED: Bug that caused knights to walk off the boat after embarking.
Sep 21, 2016 New Lands All 1.0.2
FIXED: Several issues with knights and the boat.
Apr 11, 2016 Classic Steam Logo 1.2.0
NEW: Knights will retreat to an intact wall if the outer wall takes too much damage.
BALANCE: Knight attack procedure makes them more consistent.
BALANCE: Increased the number of archers per knight from 3 to 4.
FIXED: Prevent paying twice for border banner knight charge.
FIXED: Knights not immediately showing up in right color after load.
FIXED: Knights not retreating from an almost broken wall.
Oct. 25, 2015 Classic Steam Logo 1.0.1
BALANCE: Cost for knights to attack portals increased from 1 to 6 coins.
Oct 21, 2015 Classic Steam Logo 1.0.0
Knights were introduced.

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