This page aims to provide a style guide for all Kingdom Wiki articles to follow. [1]

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General guidelines

  1. Maintain proper grammar and spelling.
  2. Avoid profane language and slang.
  3. Always portray information as accurately as possible. Not 100% sure?

  4. Try to consistently use entity names so as to maintain some standard nomenclature across the wiki.
  5. Don't use "you" or "I" on articles.
  6. "Imperative" grammatical mood[2] should be restricted to:
    • pages on the categories Strategy and Technical
    • short sections named "Tips" on articles (long sections should be turned into strategy pages).
  7. Avoid gaming terms

  8. Monarchs don't die, they lose their Crown.


  1. Articles must contain enough information to warrant a full page. If they do not have enough content, they should be merged with other similar articles.
  2. Articles must pertain directly to Kingdom in some way.
  3. Features that have been removed from the game should be in the "History" section at the bottom of the article it's related to.
  4. Upcoming features should be in a separate section, at the bottom of the article, along with reliable references and the scheduled dates.
  5. Speculations about a topic already covered by an article should be gathered in a subarticle of Theories.
  6. Strategy pages, containing tutorials and guides, should be in Category:Strategy.


Creating redirects is helpful when there are many different ways a user might search for a topic. Creating redirects for potential titles helps users find the existing page, and also helps to prevent the accidental creation of duplicate articles.

Redirects are exempt from the normal notability, but must redirect to an article that fits the notability guidelines. Redirects can be created if they fit one of the following:

  1. All secondary acceptable names for a given entity (e.g.: "Worker" → "Builder").
  2. Male/female variants of the title (e.g.: "King" → "Monarch")
  3. Cosmetic biome variants of the title (e.g.: "Samurai" → "Knight" and "Tanuki" → "Rabbit").
    In this case, the first released biome will have the article where all other skin variants should redirect to.
See:   How to create a redirect · List of redirects · Double redirects · Broken redirects


Most bugs should not be placed in articles and should instead be reported at Raw Fury Service Desk.

A bug may be included in an article if it meet the following criteria:

  1. It must be properly referenced by including a link to a thread where:
    • a developer or Raw Fury staff member verified the bug's existence, or
    • a multitude of players show agreement that the bug exists (see e.g.).
  2. The bug must be consistently reproducible.
  3. It must cause significant harm in one of the following ways:
    • It causes crashes.
    • It can corrupt save files.
    • It would cause a severe annoyance that could be avoided by warning players in advance.


  1. Kingdom Wiki recognizes the importance of speedruns as an entertaining way of learning about the game. The wiki then shares some of these logs to spread awareness among regular readers about the existence of the speedrun practice in the Kingdom series.
  2. The wiki does not intend to provide a comprehensive list of world records (WR), nor the most up-to-date logs on this matter.

  3. The wiki does not verify world records (WR), and only recognizes those listed in[3]

  4. The logs shared on articles are considered a type of "strategy" content, and should be placed in a section called "Speedrun", after all the descriptive sections (those describing the game mechanics), and before the technical sections (Bug, History, References).

Article titles

For the in-game entity naming process, see: Entity names.

An article title is the large heading displayed above the article's content.

  1. Use sentence case
    Titles are written in sentence case. The initial letter of a title is capitalized by default; otherwise, words are not capitalized unless they would be so in running text. When this is done, the title is simple to link to in other articles: A knight requires the iron mine to be unlocked. Note that the capitalization of the initial letter is ignored in links.
    Entity mention vs. article mention: when talking about the article rather than the entity itself, the initial letter of the title keeps the title format. For example, in Use a coin to free the dog., the word "dog" should be lowercased because the entity is being mentioned. But when talking about the article as in For the best companion ever, see: Dog., the word "dog" must use the exact same format of the article title.
  2. Use the singular form
    • Article titles are generally singular in form, e.g. Archer, not "Archers".
    • Exceptions include:
      1. Collection or list: pages gathering different types of an object, for example: Achievements, Challenge Islands, Game basics, Game controls, Seasons.
      2. Natural plural form: nouns that are always in a plural form, like Ruins, meaning the remains (also usually plural only) of human-made architecture.
  3. Avoid definite and indefinite articles
    Do not place definite or indefinite articles (the, a, and an) at the beginning of titles. They needlessly lengthen article titles, and interfere with sorting and searching. See an extensive explanation here.
  4. Use nouns
    Nouns and noun phrases are normally preferred over titles using other parts of speech. Sometimes the noun corresponding to a verb is the gerund (-ing form), as in Defending the Kingdom.

Redirect titles

Redirects should follow these same rules above. For example:

Vagrant  ← article title
Wanderer Yes.png good redirect to article
Vagrants No.png unwanted redirect: bad title (no plurals)
Vagrant camp Yes.png good redirect to section
Vagrant Camp No.png unwanted redirect: bad title (should use sentence case)

These rules should:

  1. help people to find the existing articles if they type the redirect on the search bar
  2. avoid the creation of new pages with similar content
  3. facilitate the use of singular/plural with wikitext, as in [[vagrant]] and [[vagrant]]s

  4. avoid structures like [[Vagrant Camp|Vagrant camp]] to fix capitalization, as articles and redirects already display the good form to be used in all situations.

Recurrences of the title

In general the subject entity of an article needs to be written in bold for the first time it is mentioned. Other entities need to be written with links to their own pages when they are first mentioned on an article. Creating links for every mention of an entity is inconvenient and unwelcome.

Capital letters

For the in-game entity names format, see: Entity names § Capitalization.

Kingdom Wiki avoids unnecessary capitalization, which is primarily needed for proper names, and for the first letter of a sentence. This type of capitalization is called sentence case and should be used in article titles, section and subsection headings, infoboxes and tables (headings and rows), galleries and captions, hatnotes and footnotes, bulleted and numbered lists; that is: in all instances of text you may think of.

# Do not use for emphasis
Initial capitals or all capitals should not be used for emphasis. For example:

All caps Do NOT activate the Statue of Knights. No.png
Bold Do not activate the Statue of Knights. No.png '''...'''
Underlined Do not activate the Statue of Knights. Yes.png acceptable for short expressions <u>...</u>
Italic Do not activate the Statue of Knights. Yes.png good for most cases ''...''

# All caps and small caps
Avoid writing with all caps (all capital letters); except when referencing excerpts already in all caps.

Type of excerpt Formating on Kingdom Wiki
Quotes with a few words in all caps keep the already existing caps (see example).
Quotes with full sentences in all caps Replace with small caps
Headlines and titles in all caps Replace with small caps

To "replace" with small caps (all caps at a reduced size), use the Template:Smallcaps.

For a headline found on Steam Forums like "KINGDOM THE GAME IS OUT", for example, type: {{Smallcaps|Kingdom: The Game is out}}, which will render as: Kingdom: The Game is out


Italic type (text like this) is produced with double apostrophes around the content to be italicized: ''...''. Italics are used for the specific purposes outlined below:

Instances of “Kingdom”

  • shall be italicized:
    1. when refering to this website-community called Kingdom Wiki.
    2. when refering to the videogame titles: Kingdom series, Kingdom: New Lands, etc.
  • shall not be in italics when refering to the in-game territory over which the Monarch rules.


Use italics or em tags <em>...</em> to draw attention to an important word or phrase within a sentence, when the point or thrust of the sentence may otherwise not be apparent to readers, or to stress a contrast.


Use template {{Inline quote}} for short/inline quotations and {{Quote}} for long/block quotations.


Templates are only really usable while editing in source mode ([ ]), but they open a lot of possibilities for the standard wiki editor.


Icons should serve an wiki purpose and not merely be decorative. They should provide additional useful information on the article subject, serve as visual cues that aid the reader's comprehension, or improve navigation. Icons should not be added only because they look good: one reader's harmless decoration may be another reader's distraction.

Appropriate use
Icons may be helpful in certain situations:

  1. inside infoboxes, replacing words to reduce some sentences length (see example);
  2. on hatnotes, along with the important links they recommend (see example);
  3. at the very begining of a paragraph to mark the transition to a specific context (mostly with the games versions; see examples: good 1, good 2 and bad).
    • The only exception happens when the paragraph describes two games at a time. In this case the second icon is not "at the very beginning" (see example).
    • Note that the transition to describe another game version should always start a new paragraph.
    • There may be rarer situations where the game name is only been cited in a paragraph for which the game is not the main container (e.g.: To download the Skull Island DLC, one must own Kingdom: New Lands.) For these situations, it is enough to use the italic markup only and/or the link. Using icons here is unnecessary.

Inappropriate use
Do not put icons in headings (editing in source mode: ==This is a heading==). Doing so can break links to sections and cause other problems. Using only text on headings is the way to go (see e.g.).

Icons should not be used in prose in the article body, as in:

"Vagrants can be recruited by dropping a single Coin icon.gif nearby."
This breaks up the continuity of the text, distracting the reader (see e.g.).

Do not re-purpose icons to represent something else, as in:

"Crown Stealer / Damage: Attacks directly the Monarch's New Lands.png."
The symbol of New Lands is a crown, but it should not be used to represent the in-game object.

List of icons

Code Result Description
{{KC}} Classic.png Marks information only applying to Kingdom: Classic.
{{Kingdom Classic}} Classic.png Kingdom: Classic
{{KNL}} New Lands.png Marks information only applying to Kingdom: New Lands.
{{Kingdom New Lands}} New Lands.png Kingdom: New Lands
{{SkI}} Skull Island.png Marks information only applying to Skull Island.
{{Skull Island}} Skull Island.png Skull Island (New Lands)
{{KTC}} Two Crowns icon.png Marks information only applying to Kingdom: Two Crowns.
{{Kingdom Two Crowns}} Two Crowns icon.png Kingdom Two Crowns
{{Coin}} Coin icon.gif To replace the word coins inside infoboxes and tables.
{{Gem}} Gem icon.gif To replace the word gems inside infoboxes and tables.

Context banners

Context banners are simple boxes to be inserted at the very beginning of articles or sections. For further details, click on each template call below. For info on how to create other context banners, see Template:Context.

Typing Results in...

This is about Kingdom: Classic.

New Lands.png

This is about Kingdom: New Lands.

Two Crowns.png

This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.


This is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

{{Page|all}} No visual cue. Categorizes for all games.

This is a strategy page. For the descriptive article, see: [[RELATED ARTICLE]].


This is a theory page. For the factual article, see: [[RELATED ARTICLE]].

Notice boards

Notice boards are large notices to be inserted at the very beginning of articles, even before the "context banners". For info on how to create other notice boards, see Template:Notice.

Use... If...
{{NeedsAttention}} The article is needs attention, major editing or is missing sections.
{{Delete}} The article is a candidate for deletion.

Modifying templates

To assist you in breaking down and understanding certain templates, give these articles a read:


Kingdom Wiki is an English site built for and used by an international community.[4] In practice, this means that:

  1. English is the only language allowed in articles [1]
  2. Other national languages are welcome and should be encouraged in all conversation and user related spaces [5], providing they are written clearly enough for automatic translators like Google to give us at least their general sense.
  3. A comment, blog post or forum thread writen in other national languages, can be answered in the original poster language or in English. Comments or answers to that post in languages other than these two, may be deleted by an admin to avoid confusion.
    For example: someone asks in the comments “Dónde puedo encontrar un nuevo perro?” As the question was made in Spanish, we expect the replies to be writen in Spanish or in English. An answer like “Si tu as perdu ton chien, tu n'est plus un roi.”, that is in French, may be deleted, even if it's correct content wise.

Other languages

We encourage non-English speakers to create other "Kingdom Wiki's" in their own language. The English wiki community is glad to share images, templates and any other content to help build those other communities. Users from other Fandom wikis related to the Kingdom series do not need any kind of permission to take, copy, translate or modify content from the English wiki.

For now there is only one active non-English wiki: the Flag ru.png Russian Wiki.


  1. 1.0 1.1 A Kingdom Wiki article is a page on this site that has information about the Kingdom series. Most articles consist of a title, paragraphs, an infobox (or table, or infographic) and images (or videos). These pages are included in the Main/Article namespace, the one without a title prefix followed by a colon (:).
  2. Imperative mood on Wikipedia.
  3. for Kingdom: Classic, New Lands, and Two Crowns.
  4. As of May 2020, approximately one quarter of the visits to Kingdom Wiki come from non-English countries like Brazil, Germany, France, Turkey, and Russia.
  5. The conversation and user related spaces are:
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.