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This is how to take a screenshot and upload it to the wiki.

Taking a screenshot[]


For capturing the image of your computer display while playing Kingdom on Steam, press the screenshot shortcut key (default F12), and a screenshot is taken and saved to the screenshots folder.

Screenshots folder[]

With the default Steam settings, all screenshots created will be compressed, that means, they won't have the best quality possible. So here we'll show you two methods for taking screenshots. The first one, for the regular, and the second for the best quality images. The difference is that images used on articles should be uploaded to the wiki with the best quality possible (uncompressed); while images used on comments may have a regular quality (compressed).

Method Settings Image quality To be used on
Compressed Use the default Regular quality images All user related spaces
Uncompressed Require customization Best quality images Main namespace (articles)

Compressed images[]

Manage screenshots.png

The compressed method may be used to capture all kinds of user images. It generates image files with a fairly good quality, which is usually enough for images used on forums and comment sections.

To find the screenshots folder:

  1. open the Steam application
  2. select the Library tab
  3. select the Kingdom game
  4. on the right column,
    look for the "Screenshots" section
  5. click the "Manage my screenshots" button
  6. on the popup click the "Show on Disk" button.

This will open the folder with the compressed screenshots for the selected game.

Finding the screenshots folder without using the Steam program.

The folder path varies according to your operating system:


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[SteamID3]\760\remote\[SteamAppID]\screenshots

Mac OS

Users/[UserName]/Library/Application Support/Steam/userdata/[SteamID3]/760/remote/[SteamAppID]/screenshots



Copy and paste this path doing the following adjustments:

  • [SteamID3] placeholds a number unique to each Steam user. It can be 6 to 9 digits long.
    Copy and paste the URL of your Steam profile here to find your own.
  • [SteamAppID] is the game number:
    • 368230 for Kingdom: Classic
    • 496300 for Kingdom: New Lands
    • 701160 for Kingdom Two Crowns

The Kingdom screenshots folder is one to be bookmarked if you're a frequent uploader of screenshots.

Uncompressed images[]

The uncompressed method should be used to capture images that may be placed on articles. It generates lossless image files, with great fidelity to the original in-game graphics. To capture images with this quality, before you use the F12 key in-game, you have to customize your settings:

  1. On the top menu click on "Steam", and then on "Settings"
    Steam settings.png
  2. On the left column select the "In-Game" tab
  3. Check the "Save an uncompressed copy" option
    Save uncompressed.png
  4. Click the "Screenshots Folder" button
  5. Choose an easy to find folder (or create a new one)
    Custom screenshots folder.png
  6. Click "Select", and then "Ok"

Now when you capture screenshots with the F12 key, an uncompressed version will be created on that folder.


Cropping an image in MS Paint.

Screenshots can be uploaded to the wiki as is, but preferably they're first cropped and brightened if necessary. Cropping an image to include just the subject of the photo can be done in as simple a program as Microsoft Paint. Nighttime images without proper lighting should be brightened somewhat using a more functioning program like GIMP or Adobe Photoshop. These can also be used to create more complex images such as animated GIFs. Save your file somewhere that you'll remember.


To upload to the wiki, go to Special:Upload. Click Browse and navigate to wherever you saved your edited image. A summary for the photo is nice, but not necessary. For screenshots from the game, selecting either "No Licensing" or the "Fair Use" license. For copyright images taken directly from game files or the developer's websites, mark it with the "Permission" license. Click "Upload" and you're done!

Adding a photo to a page[]

To add a thumbnail photo to the body of an article, the Wikia Visual Editor has a photo button on the top banner. If you're using the Classic Editor, the right column has a photo button under the "Add features and media" heading.

Alternatively, in source mode, you can type the following into the text body. The first parameter is the file name on the wiki. Add a pipe (|), then add "thumb" (This makes it a thumbnail to the right of the article and not a full-size image. You can leave it as is, but adding another pipe and a third parameter is for if you want a neat caption on the image.

[[File:Cropping.png|thumb|Cropping an image in MS Paint.]]

Using source mode to do this can make it easier to organize the page. Or if you're a nerd like User:JavaRogers and like doing that anyway.

The importance of images on Kingdom Wiki[]

The Kingdom games are not only masterpieces of pixel art, but also almost entirely based on visual content, with sparse support of textual messages. Kingdom Wiki then attempts to present itself as a visually rich environment, as an aesthetic choice to come closer to how users feel the game. But far beyond an aesthetic choice, the use of images end up being, in many situations, the only way to communicate with users (especially the newcomers) and to deliver information to them. Most of the in-game items and entities do not have official names. For example: the very first time the word "greed" has ever appeared in the entire series was in the stats board shown when a cave is destroyed in Kingdom Two Crows; in the first two titles (2015–2018) the word "greed" has never been employed. In short: this wiki needs images, so users can clearly understand what's the subject of each page, section and paragraph.