Two Crowns Kingdom Two Crowns is the third and most recent installment in the Kingdom series. It's also promised to be the definitive title and to be expanded with post-release updates, being the day one DLC Shogun just the beginning.

Plot evolutionEdit

NNootthhiinngg llaassttss...... uunnttiill nnooww[1]

This new tagline—firstly used in a pre-release update[2] and then featuring at the title page in Steam Store—is about the most relevant content addition to the series: not only the Kingdom can be expanded towards several new lands, but these lands are hence persistent allowing the existence of a campaign mode with beginning, middle, and end.

In fact, although the original title had no campaign (as it only featured one level/land), the "beginning, middle, and end" was present in Kingdom: Classic. That title could be completed by surviving the final counterattack wave after destroying all small portals, at which occasion monarchs were greeted with the glorious message The Crown is Safe. This message was kept in New Lands, where it would show up each time the Monarch escaped an island by boarding the boat. That feeling of accomplishment though remained dissolved through the six islands and a big final was missing.

That feeling and the big final is partially restored in Kingdom Two Crowns, where the Monarch can kill the Greed in all islands, making them secured for good. The classic message however has been replaced with a new one: The monarch has secured the kingdom. This message also appears on each island, but only when the Greed there has been exterminated, and not each time the Monarch travels away. The message is then followed by a couple of stats boards showing the numbers related to that island (subjects hired, Greed killed, &c). Unlike the big final in Classic, the campaign is not interrupted: monarchs can keep doing all actions unrelated to the Greed.

As for a story wise summary:

  1. Classic: monarchs try to survive on the land where they appear.
  2. New Lands: trying to expand the Kingdom, they end up been forced to flee from each new expansion.
  3. Two Crowns: monarchs can finally establish their domain over a set of lands.
    They are no longer seeking the safety of the Crown as an end in itself.
    They can no longer break the covenant with their people; even new heirs can't do it.
    They either stay and protect the Kingdom or they'll perish all together.
Iron age town center

Iron age: better resistance to decaying.

The persistent islands concept required reworking many of the pre-existing features (the seasons, the overall day count, the power of Greed waves and Blood Moons, the way unlockables were distributed, accessed and kept between islands, &c), and even introducing new mechanics like the decay process of the Kingdom and the cliff portal final assault. A complete list of these features is displayed below.

New featuresEdit

The list below shows only the features introduced in Two Crowns. All Classic and New Lands features continue to be available in Two Crowns, unless they appear in the "removed" list.

Links in italic (and in gray color on desktop) are not new concepts, but replace a previous existing feature with a somewhat different version.

Tutorial Expanded, not restricted to the beginning of the campaign.
Player character 4 alternative Monarchs
NPC Stable Hermit · Horn Hermit · Gem Keeper
Mounts Draft horse · Griffin · Lizard · Dire wolf
Subjects Squire · Pikeman · Ninja
Buildable structures Stable · War horn · Lighthouse · Fire barrel
Iron Age: Iron keep · Iron wall · Roofed tower · Bomb
Natural structures Gem chest · Stone & iron mines · Stone coffer · Central dock · Wharf bell
Enemie structures Cave · Dock portal
Enemy Crown stealer · Armored breeder · Greed-citizen
Geography Berry bush · Wildlife (Catchable fish · Boar)
Real seasons cycle · Unified overall day count · Decay
Mechanic Fire (from fire barrels and the lizard)
Currency Gem
Technology level Iron
Difficulty levels Campaigns (5 regular islands in Europe and Shogun worlds · Dead Lands)
Challenge (Dire Island · Plague Island · Skull Island)
Game modes Local co-op (split screen) · Online co-op (full screen)
Cosmetic Worlds (Shogun · Dead Lands) · 6 Monarch skins
Hermit cottage types have visual clues · Back wall extends to the furthermost wall
User interface Graphical blazon editor
Save game 3 save slots
Achievements 3 internal related to the Challenge Islands · 30 on Steam
Music 40 unique tracks

Removed featureEdit

Natural structure Signpost


For the full update log, see: Patch notes § Two Crowns.

Two Crowns was released on 11 December 2018 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The project was originally intended to be an expansion of Kingdom: New Lands and had been announced to be released in 2017, but it has grown into a full standalone game and the release date was postponed to 2018.

...It won’t be coming out this year like we had originally intended. (...) The vision grew larger than our original scope, to the point that this is no longer just an expansion that adds new content but rather a full-fledged new title.Raw Fury on Steam news. 30 August 2017.

...It won’t be coming out this year like we had originally intended. (...) The vision grew larger than our original scope, to the point that this is no longer just an expansion that adds new content but rather a full-fledged new title.Raw Fury on Steam news. 30 August 2017.


  1. This is a reference to the original tagline used on Kingdom: Classic: Nothing lasts...
  2. It's Time for an Update on Kingdom Two Crowns. 28 May 2018.


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