Steam Logo.png  Kingdom: Classic is free to play on Steam store.

Classic.png Kingdom: Classic is a 2D side scrolling strategy/resource management hybrid game, with a minimalist feel wrapped in a beautiful, modern pixel art aesthetic.

Premise[edit | edit source]

The game has a clear premise: a Monarch on their horse arrives to a land covered by forests and ruins and people struggling in poverty.

Initially lead by a light trail, the Monarch explores the land and its many mysteries. By using the coins they find, the Monarch establishes a humble campsite that will slowly grow into a thriving kingdom.

Soon enough, the Monarch finds out the reason why there are so many ruins around (hence the maxim "Nothing Lasts...") and prepares to also defend the kingdom from constant attacks by a dark and greedy enemy.

To win the game, the Monarch must use knights and archers to destroy all portals that spawn the Greed before they become too powerful to defeat.

Features[edit | edit source]

Tutorial Guided by a sparkling trail
Player character Monarch (w/ a rudimentary customization at the start)
NPC Merchant
Mounts Brown horse (initial) · Black horse
Subjects Vagrant · Villager · Archer · Builder · Knight
Buildable structures Town center (w/ a tax chest) · Wall · Tower · Farm · Catapult · Teleporter
Natural structures Vagrant camp · Architecture shrine · Statues (Archery · Building) · Ruins
Enemies Greedling · Floater · Breeder · Structure: Small portals
Raids (Nightly · Counterattacks · Blood Moons)
Geography Landscape (Plain · Forest) · Wildlife (Rabbits · Deer)
Day-night cycle · Cosmetic weather variations
Currency Coin · stock: Pouch
Technology levels Wood (initial) · Stone (unlockable)
Difficulty level 1 land with increasing waves of ennemies
Cosmetic Coat of arms and colors of the Kingdom are randomly assigned
Save game 1 save slot · Save when quit
Achievements 34 on Steam
Music 26 unique tracks

History[edit | edit source]


Classic launch trailer (GOG)

For the changelog, see: Patch notes/Classic.

Kingdom: Classic is the older version of Kingdom on Steam. It was released on 21 October 2015, developed by Noio and Licorice and published by Raw Fury. But before making it to Steam, it was a little Flash game. This older version (which is still playable on Noio's website) was polished and expanded into Kingdom: Classic.

Upon the release of Kingdom: New Lands on Aug 9 2016, the original game was renamed from Kingdom to Kingdom: Classic. The graphics were updated to match that of Kingdom: New Lands as well as a few other things, but the gameplay, building/upgrading costs, and general goal of the game have been retained from the original version.

After being given for free for a few days on Epic Store and on Humble Bundle, as of 3rd November 2020, the title was made unavailable for purchasing on Steam Store, and three days later, on 6 November, a note was added on the Steam page explaining the change: At the request of the publisher, Kingdom: Classic is no longer available for sale on Steam. No further details has been shared officially by Raw Fury or the developers.

Interviews and tutorials[edit | edit source]

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