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Horse is the first type of mount available in the Kingdom series, and the only one in Kingdom: Classic. A horse has, according to its type, varied speed and amount of stamina. It grazes normally on plains, and has no special ability.

Standard horse[]

Standard horse[2] is the starter mount in all campaigns of the Kingdom series. It has average speed and stamina, and no special ability. Regarding its appearance, as shown in the infobox above, the starter horse is:

Classic Classic & New Lands New Lands
·light brown
TC16 Two CrownsEurope & Shogun
·grey – 1st player
·light brown – 2nd player
TC16 Two Crowns16?format=original Dead Lands
·undead (black mane & yellow eyes) – 1st player
·undead (purple mane & red eyes) – 2nd player

The undead horse in Dead Lands—unlike in the Halloween event—is similar to any other standard horse: it has a limited, average stamina that is recharged by grazing.

In Classic monarchs can find and swap to a faster horse.

In New Lands and Two Crowns this horse can be replaced by a variety of mounts—each one with its unique preset advantages and disadvantages—as soon as they are found and/or unlocked.

Superior horse[]

A superior horse[3] or wild horse is found on an open field with a fence. It has no special ability and has varied speed and stamina, which are listed below, always compared to the values featured by the starter horse of each game.

Classic Kingdom: Classic
Black horse [4] faster more
The black horse can be found deep in the wilderness.
New Lands Kingdom: New Lands
Black horse [4] faster a bit more
Dark brown horse [5] much faster about half
White horse [6] slightly slower about twice
All superior horse variations are unlocked on the second island, after which they may spawn by pairs of two random horses (including the starter) on any given island.
TC16 Kingdom Two Crowns
Draft horse a bit faster much more
The draft horse[7] is unlocked on the third island. It is sandy with a dark brown mane in Europe and it is dark brown with a sandy mane in Shogun.


While the black horse was being test in a beta branch, as the first alternative mount in the Kingdom series, the developer Gordon has posted the following poem while replying to a player who was asking for a confirmation if the new horse was indeed faster:[8]

I ride the night sky
I see the world through a much different eye

Power, beauty
Strength and grace
I feel the spirits of ancestral space

Pride of herd
Sisters and brothers
I live ever watchful standing by others

A rainbow of colors
No two ever the same
The short, the tall, the long of mane

I know the chance
I know the fear
I live on the edge for death crouches near

On my back I carry a load
Through storm and calm
Ever vigilant and bold

I have died in battle
Killed by man
Hunted by predator as I roamed the land

No more room
Not enough grazing
Captured, shot, sold by pound on bills of lading

Yet I survive
Sometimes an insurmountable course
Who am I, Black Beauty the Horse

I am an Equestrian.jpg

The black horse is no longer available in Kingdom Two Crowns, but developers have honored its legacy by using its image in a rearing position to represent the achievement called "I am an Equestrian" in which the Monarch has to ride four different steeds in a single island.

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