Horse is the first type of mount available in the Kingdom series, the only one in Kingdom: Classic.

Standard horse[edit | edit source]

Monarchs start their journey riding a standard horse[1] with average speed and stamina, and no special ability. Regarding its appearance, the starter horse is:

  • in Classic and New Lands:
    • light brown
  • in the Two Crowns Europe and Shogun campaigns:
    • grey – first player
    • light brown – second player
  • in the Two Crowns Dead Lands campaign:
    • undead (black mane & yellow eyes) – first player
    • undead (purple mane & red eyes) – second player.

The undead horse in Dead Lands—unlike in the Halloween event—is similar to any other standard horse: it has a limited, average stamina that is recharged by grazing.

In Classic monarchs can find and swap to a faster horse.

In New Lands and Two Crowns this horse can be replaced by a variety of mounts—each one with its unique preset advantages and disadvantages—as soon as they are found and/or unlocked.

Superior horse[edit | edit source]

A superior horse[2] is found on an open field with a fence. It has no special ability and has varied speed and stamina, which are listed below, always compared to the values featured by the starter horse of each game.

Classic.png Kingdom: Classic
Black horse [3] faster more
The black horse can be found deep in the wilderness.
New Lands.png Kingdom: New Lands
Black horse [3] faster a bit more
Dark brown horse [4] much faster about half
White horse [5] slightly slower about twice
All superior horse variations are unlocked on the second island, after which they may spawn by pairs of two random horses (including the starter) on any given island.
16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns
Draft horse a bit faster much more
The draft-horse[6] is unlocked on the third island. It is sandy with a dark brown mane in Europe and it is dark brown with a sandy mane in Shogun.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Also known as default horse, basic horse, starter horse, light brown horse (in Classic and New Lands), grey horse (in Two Crowns), or regular horse ("Horse Regular" in game files).
  2. "Superior horses" is a generic—and still meaningful—name adopted by the community during the New Lands first years (e.g.1 and 2) to designate alternative horses. The adjective "superior" is generic because in New Lands the standard horse may also be found on the superior horses' habitat. The expression remains relevant if considering that the simple availability of this equine mount group found on plains, puts the Monarch on a "superior" situation if compared to that of only having the starter horse and no choice.
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  6. Also known as workhorse, hairy horse, stamina horse or chunky horse.

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