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This is about New Lands & Two Crowns.

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A hermit is a reclusive small individual living in an old cottage deep in the forest who can be coaxed to upgrade a specific kind of Kingdom structure, frequently granting it a completely new function. Their appearance, unlocking conditions, and the structure they can interact with depends on their type.


New Lands Kingdom: New Lands – The Monarch has first to unlock a type of hermit on a certain island (see below) by purchasing the signpost of that island. Afterwards, the cottage of that hermit will have a chance of appearing in the forest of all next islands the Monarch visits. Upon finding an hermit cottage, the hermit can be coaxed outside of it, by paying four coins.


Hermits (Two Crowns)

A video tutorial for the hermits in Two Crowns.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – Various amounts of gems are required to coax hermits. Each hermit has their own type of cottage and can only be found on a certain island (see the details on the table below).

The hermits will slowly wander their way towards the town center and choose a spot to idle. Paying one coin directly to the hermit allows them to ride alongside the Monarch on his or her mount. Once they're taken back to town, the hermit enables the option to reconstruct a building into a special structure, dependent on which hermit type they are.



The hermit must be riding alongside you in order to upgrade a building. They will jump off your mount if you go outside the borders of your kingdom at night.[1] You just have to pay one coin to have them ride alongside you again, but if you go in the wrong direction they will jump off again. They can also be taken to the next island, if you have them on the back of your mount when you sail with the boat.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – You don't need to have them with you in order to carry them to the other islands: all hermits alive on the island will come with you upon departure.

When a tower is upgraded with a hermit, the archers on that tower are released and return to their regular role of archers, hunting during the day and guarding the outer wall during the night. So, other than giving to towers a special ability, the Monarch may want upgrade them for the simple purpose of releasing these archers; either because of economic needs (if the number of archers hunting is insufficient), or because the outer wall has advanced and these towers have little use as defensive structures.

16?format=original Kingdom Two Crowns – A monarch can manually dismount a hermit, by flipping back and forth rapidly.


Hermit Stolen.jpg

A greedling can capture a hermit and take them through their portals.

If the greedling holding the hermit is killed or stunned before they pass through the portal, the hermit will be free.

If the hermit is taken through the portal, they will not appear in their cottage on that island again.

Note that in New Lands, traveling to another island and coming back to the "same", actually generates a different island with similar layout. A new hermit (of the same type or not) may then appear on that new island.

In Two Crowns though the islands are persistent, and this method does not work. See the section below for the alternatives.



This section is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

Kidnapped hermits will be inaccessible and cannot be recruited again from their cottage; instead, they can be rescued. The most honorable way to regain access to a hermit is to use a bomb and destroy the cave on the island where the hermit has been kidnapped. If the Monarch escapes the bomb explosion, the lost hermit will be waiting outside the cave, along with any gems and the dog, if these were also been taken by the Greed on that island. If desperate however, the Monarch can simply lose the Crown. The kidnapped hermit is then lost for good, and a new one can now be recruited at his respective cottage by repaying the coin cost.

Leaving the island[]

In New Lands, the Monarchs may carry on their mount one hermit to the next island. In Two Crowns, all hermits will rush in a simplified cinematic and board on time. And if the Monarch has a dog, at the last moment it will jump on, and the boat departs.


For the hermit locations in Norse Lands, see: Islands in Norse Lands.

There are six unique hermit types: the Ballista Hermit, the Bakery Hermit, the Knight Hermit, the Signal Hermit, the Stable Hermit, and the Fire Tower Hermit. Some colors of the Hermits' cloths depend on the Monarch's own colors, and the appearances of hermits change in different settings. As a notable example, the Bakery Hermit is a plague doctor offering elixirs in Dead Lands and a brewer offering drinks in Norse Lands.

Hermit Base building Special building Unlock in New Lands Unlock in 16?format=original
Map H Ballista.png Ballista Hermit Triplet tower Ballista tower 3rd island
4 Coin_icon
1st island
3 Gem_icon
Map H Stable.png Stable Hermit Mill house Stable 2nd island
1 Gem_icon
Map H Baker.png Bakery Hermit Triplet tower Bakery 4th island
4 Coin_icon
3rd island
4 Gem_icon
Map H Warrior.png Warrior Hermit Triplet tower Knight tower 5th island
4 Coin_icon
4th island
2 Gem_icon
Map H Horn.png Horn Hermit Tall stone wall Rally wall 5th island
3 Gem_icon
Map H Fire.png Fire Tower Hermit Triplet tower Fire tower - Norse Lands
3th island
3 Gem_icon
Map H Berserker.png Berserker Hermit Triplet tower Berserker tower - Norse Lands
6th island
3 Gem_icon
New Lands = Kingdom: New Lands 16?format=original = Two Crowns



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