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This is about Kingdom Two Crowns.

The griffin[1] is a fast mount that can push back some ground monsters and recharge its own stamina anywhere.


It is always found in the first island, crashing the first time you approach its spot. It requires two gems to heal and eight coins to mount it. Since Monarchs can not get any gems on the first island, they must first travel to any other island and then come back.


Eating rats[]

Unlike most of the mounts, the griffin does not require grass to refill its stamina and get the well fed buff. Since it grazes anywhere and during any season (especially useful for winter), the griffin is a good mount for exploring and roaming; ideal for larger lands and for escaping the cave.

Flapping wings[]

Trigger for the special ability
PC 1st P L.Shift while standing still
2nd Player G
Mobile Swipe up
N. Switch ZL or ZR
Xbox Right trigger
PS4 L2 or R2

When its ability is activated, it will stand up, spread and flap its pair of wings, pushing and paralyzing momentarily any greedlings (including the masked ones) and breeders within a short distance.

If the wing flap ability is used on the back of a greedling while it's returning to the portal (after sunrise or after grabbing an item), the greedling won’t be pushed farther unlike the Sleipnir's ability. Instead of that, the greedling will be paralyzed for a second.


The griffin is blue and white in Europe, red and black in Shogun, and brown and tan in Skull Island (Two Crowns)


Date       Platf Version
Nov 16, 2021 All 1.1.13
Griffin can also push back breeders.
Aug 29, 2019 All 1.0.4
Fixed texture color on griffin eating bits.

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  1. As found in the game files. Aka griffon or gryphon (Greek: γρύφων, grýphōn; Latin: gryphus).